Those involved with the project are not ordinary researchers.  I include here all those authors of works I cite in my extensive bibliography as well as those who have more direct involvement.  We take a more Gnostic approach to the study of human antiquities, a mindset some would call spiritual that is older than Christianity but maintained fragments of records from even older belief systems and histories.  As students of the Gnosis we agree that we do not agree on everything.  Each walks his own path and deals with their own demons.
We also all have our own gifts, and mine is my ability to see whole sequential pictures out of what others merely see as thousands of pieces.  My gift is evident in the writings of

 Jason M. Breshears is a Chronologist

jason m. Breshears

The study of history is today so strictly disciplined as to render it almost meaningless.  Its like studying a clown while ignoring the circus.  Such rigid compartmentalization of knowledge by today's scientifica has abstracted the past in to a series of indefinites.  The once-unified histories of earth are now so tangled that seemingly disparate realities are no longer recognized as orders within the same series of events.
The Big Bang...Creationism...natural selection...evolution, either phyletic gradualism or puncuated equilibrium, two  versions supporting a bogus theory ...directed panspermia...quantum mechanics...superstring theory- so many nicely packaged theories with supporting "facts" that morph into mere suppositions under scrutiny...all of them wrong,  victims of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Murphy's Law and the occasional maverick genius.  We are condemned to exult in feigned intelligence, to construct beliefs from the wisps of phenomena, causes unknown.  Scientist and religionist locked in combat with facts as amorphous as fictions, both victims of a programming designed to delude.  The astronomer envisions galaxies beyond sight as the faithful hope in an even more distant heaven.  Both are in error.  The truth lies in none of these; prisoners of a nightmare in disguise.  The truth is astonishing.
I present to you a disturbing idea, a new theory that does not practice exclusions in its effort to be persuasive, a sort of unified field theory of calendrics.  Uncomfortable information but not overwhelming, not without its use.  But theories require thinkers, those rare individuals with the acuity to assess an idea's viability to perceive its merit.  The world is full of critics, those imaginatively-impaired deniers whose implacable distrust of the unconventional serves only to impede real investigation.  The earnest searcher in reading these posts would do well to intellectually disengage from any preconceived notions.  Paradigms are products of our programming, intricate veils designed to conceal more than they convey.  Only by choosing to look more closely will we begin to see the cracks in the holosphere.
My expertise is chronology.  Anyone who has gazed upon my 510-page Chronicon can easily see that I have spent two decades reading and data-mining 1157 nonfiction books.  And 10,000+ hours studying the annals of antiquity guided me to a startling discovery.  The records of the distant past were originally three separate chronologies of events but only two of these timelines were human.  This site,, serves to disentangle these histories, identify their participants and expose, remove and explain the misinformation manufactured to hide historical chronology from modern discovery.
Relative dating methods are all heavily dependent upon a number of assumptions whether they be radiocarbon dating,  potassium-argon, thermoluminescence, thermal ionization mass spectrometry, dendrochronology or ice core drilling- such methods produce at best only approximates.  But today we have a much more reliable way of dating ancient historical events, one that science has virtually ignored.  There are thousands of old chronologies, annals, traditional datings, archeological texts, dated monuments and religious writings preserving dated events all today translated into English, German and French.
Today we are overwhelmed with new books offering new theories or new explanations for the failure of older models now threatened by the accruing of modern discoveries.  Scores of variant historical models all supported by convincing cherry-picked data has done little but engender confusion and promote a vast knowledge gulf where the majority of even the learned know relatively nothing at all about the astonishing events of the ancient world.  A novel idea is introduced and again the curious public is left with more questions than answers.
Every genre of science and history has been analyzed to support one model or another except one... chronology.  The last published chronologist was 360 years ago and a staunch religionist which hurt his credibility with Establishment historians.  He was Archbishop James Ussher and over three and a half centuries ago he did not have the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of modern discoveries and translated, dated monuments and texts of the 18th, 19th, 20 and 21st centuries.
Our prestigious universities would never deign to acknowledge the importance of so meticulous a study because it is the opinion of academics today to assume that our predecessors were simpletons unable to accurately record observed events, even when two different peoples from opposite hemispheres writing in different languages reported the same events and dated it at the same time.
Anti-Establishment historians tend to be an unpopular lot and my work will undoubtedly serve to reinforce this attitude by those who have published garbage adorned as history.  It is my intent to make academic enemies, to topple their cherished pillars, to silence those charlatans who have sold their fictions off as facts.  My mission is to educate those willing to know, having no doubt I will lock horns with many along the way.



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Jason Breshears is 44, never married and has no children.  He has devoted his life to unravelling the truth about the ancient world and the mystery of mankind's existence.  This is not to say he's not looking...  While all of his non-fiction works, published and unpublished are on, Breshears has also authored The Oraclon Chronicles fantasy epic series, available on Amazon.  See Jason Breshears Author Page

The Oraclon Chronicles novels are interwoven with the deep philosophies and enigmas Breshears has unearthed in his research, giving a life and energy to the stories not found in other fantasy works.

Jason is the developer and of the Ophis algorithm used in his company, Ophis.  To learn more go to


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About Uprising

Dark Tales of Dagothar

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About Dark Tales of Dagothar

Acquisitions Coordinator Mickey Nicholson

Few men can claim to have spent so many years poring through books and source materials as Mickey.  He has spent a small fortune in acquiring difficult-to-find books and developed contacts with authors, publishers and radio hosts.  An relentless and exhaustive researcher, reading and discovery is Mickey's hobby.
A few years ago Mickey purchased a book written by Breshears in a California Book Tree bookstore.  This single book drove Mickey onto a life-long pursuit.  All of Breshears' books have very extensive bibliographies and Mickey decided that the information was so profound that he had to do the research himself.  He ordered the books listed in Breshears' bibliographies, ordered all of Breshears' other published works and contacted the publisher and was awarded with the gift of receiving unpublished books Breshears had written.
Mickey has ordered several rare and old books that he has read and passed on to Breshears.  This help has significantly added to the body of knowledge Breshears has been able to analyze.  Since then Breshears and Mickey have forged a friendship and continue today exchanging information and books.
Few people take such a direct approach to learning, to order the same books an author used in the development of his theories.  Mickey has even gone out of his way to communicate with other authors he likes, like Andy Llyod of the UK, author of Dark Star.  

If you are among the unfortunate souls who chooses to debate Mickey be ready to answer his most frequently asked question- "And how many books have you read on the subject?"

J.M. Breshears

Mickey Nicholson can be contacted via


"What?  NASA hasn't ever been in space...the only ones who've gone to space is Hollywood." 

Mickey Nicholson, 2017

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Paul Tice, Publisher of Book Tree in San Diego, author & videographer

Paul Tice is the publisher for such writers as Zecharia Sitchin, Neil Freer, Jordan Maxwell, Jason Breshears, Jack Barranger, Joan D'Arc, Trevor James Constable, Dr. Roger Leir, Bill Marder, Dr. Hugh Montgomery, and many more. His background in television production allowed him to travel the world with Zecharia Sitchin as a personal cameraman while he shifted careers from television into publishing and writing in the 1990s. He did graduate level work in Philosophy during this time while seeking the wisdom of the world's greatest thinkers. He has written or co-written nine books of his own, with his main focus being on the spiritual evolution of mankind and the secrets of the human soul.  Paul publishes original works by modern authors and rare, old reprints on a variety of interesting topics found in his

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[LEFT] Paul Tice in his travels around the world's most mysterious sites working for Zechariah Sitchin {on RIGHT]

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