The Living Dead Know Nothing…Don’t Be One of Them

Few people see reality as it is as opposed to how it appears.  But in 22 more years none of that will matter.

I look around my city, The Woodlands, Texas.  People everywhere. Walking about, chatting, sitting in coffee shops, jogging the myriads of trails.  Here in Montgomery county we live in a world of trees. Whole shopping centers, malls, neighborhoods, business districts, colleges- hidden from the streets by barriers of wood and leaves.  I am constantly amazed to turn onto a street and enter a vast complex of structures I didn't know were there.  Our whole community is like infrastructure concealed within a forest.

We have built a beautiful world.  But we won't keep it.

There is another aspect of our existence well hidden from us, known only by pouring through the seemingly countless records of the Old World, more contemporary histories and the scientific literature of today.  Many of us have spent our lives traversing the roads carefully laid out before us without ever turning into one of these hidden courts full of things we did not know existed.  We are victims of a vast infrastructure meticulously designed to keep us moving in many directions.  To pass secret entrances unaware.

We have been saturated with mere belief systems imposed upon us as facts by our educational overseers.  If you knew just how much of what you have accepted as true are actually cleverly contrived lies you would be horrified.  The infrastructure of deceit is spread across the entire world, from all four corners of our existence to the unobtainable vault above us that sparkles with beautiful luminaries.

But the stars lie.

From above we are watched...studied.  Our egos disallow entertaining the idea that we might be rats in a maze.

But our predecessors knew it.  When they had reached their apex of creativity an object having set protocols activated only at fixed times suddenly rained a destruction upon this civilization that collapsed their happy world into small bands of survivors forced to hunt and fish for food.  Had this only occurred once we could have dismissed this as some natural disaster of great magnitude.

But we do not get that luxury.  This object that so terrified our ancestors went by many names in antiquity, the most popular being the Phoenix.  It visited and destroyed whole civilizations of humans in 4309 BCE, 2647, 2239, 1687 and 1135 BCE.  It was witnessed and recorded in 721 and 583 BCE.  It again returned in 31 BCE, 246 CE, 384 and 522 CE.  During its next two visitations it wiped out the Mayan civilization.  The Dark Ages was a period of slow to no development and the Phoenix was silent, each pass it remained deactivated.

In 1764 CE it passed again just as our Industrial Age was beginning.  Millions of Europeans looked up into the sky in May and saw this vast object obscure a fifth of the sun's surface.  Astronomer Hoffman studied it through a telescope.  But the Phoenix did not activate, vanishing back into the vault of blackness above.  Scientists were baffled for this was in defiance of the Copernican and Newtonian models, that an object that large could descend out of northern space, cross over the ecliptic plane and disappear into southern space.  It was forgotten.

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But it reappeared again in 1902 in the month of May, bringing with it a new comet.  Anyone having known this history could have predicted its return.  A fixed mathematical orbit.  But in 1902 we were still in our technological infancy.  Phoenix remained deactivated.

Things have changed.  When it returns in May 2040 it will again reactivate.  A worldwide epic cataclysm will set us back to Year 0.  A new calendar will have to begin.  The Vikings prophecies of the Ragnarok predicted this event, it is mentioned in the Revelation as the Sixth Seal, a sun darkening episode of quakes and rocks falling from the sky with the moon turning blood red just as Phoenix was recorded to do several times in the Early to Late Bronze Age as documented in my books and posts.  The Sybilline Oracles, Old Testament prophecies, Nostradamus quatrains and even the enigmatic and highly plagiarized Mother Shipton foretold of this single catastrophic year.  This is the fundamental secret about the Old World calendrical systems...calendars of antiquity marked Year One almost always after a major disaster marked the passage of an age.

You may think me insane, a doomsayer, some wingnut with just another wild theory.  But I'm none of those.

My research bibliography is 1157 nonfiction books and scientific, archeological and specialist sources.  I NEVER cite the internet as source material.  I provide a lot of this research absolutely free on because of its import, that we are SCHEDULED for destruction in 23 more years in the month of May in 2040.  But my books on the subject are so well-researched I challenge ANYONE to attempt to refute my findings- in print or in person, on radio or television.

It is important that you know about this FIXED chronology of world destructions because lots of events, preplanned by the Cryptocracy that runs our governments have already occurred in preparation of this cataclysm.  More news events will begin to make sense to you once you are aware that there are already high-positioned goverment people who know about this phenomenon.   A period of 22 years may seem too long to worry about, but what's planned to occur BEFORE this event you do need to worry about.

The living dead know nothing.  A civilization of zombies, so many lemmings running headlong toward their deaths.  Learn what others are afraid to know and leave the ranks of the undead.

Jason M. Breshears

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4 thoughts on “The Living Dead Know Nothing…Don’t Be One of Them”

  1. This civilization is pretty easy to knock down.
    A few dozen or so high yield nukes in low Earth orbit would produce emf pulses which would effectively fry the world’s electrical grids.
    No fresh running water, no transportation, pony express communication, no refrigeration.
    No motor or generators, no power tools, no motors with wire windings in them, no printed circuit boards would be operable.
    And we nearly got hit by a natural cause of this emf effect, a large coronal plasma mass ejection from the Sun, missed frying earth by 9 days.
    But our grids are still not hardened against this.
    Maybe your doomsday device has agents here, ensuring we don’t armour up our power grids.

    1. Three separate operations in 1962 (one called Fishbowl) did just that; detonated nuclear weapons at high altitude. Apparently there is something there, a shielding preventing us to get out. Some theorize we are inside a dome, a containment field. My Phoenix research is chronological, perfectly demonstrating a 138 year orbit of an object that appears routinely and destroys whole hemispheres at a time. My Home page has lots of free data of this

  2. Anybody else get the feeling that Americans are Stupid for believing the Government when it comes to anything including spending, Alien/UFO coverups, or even Russian Collusion. Smoke and Mirrors folks….

    1. It is well known that the news outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, BBC are all scripted, that news is not reported but manufactured. How the world really operates and how we can take advantage of this awareness is the subject of my book, Awaken the Immortal Within

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