The Flat Earth Model, Globular Theory and the Holosphere

I have often written that the world is a complex construct, a closed system designed to produce evidence for any barrage of beliefs impressed upon it.  The holographic nature of reality allows for not only differing view points and perspectives to coexist without conflict, but entire world views antithetical to one another overlap with such perfection that observers only see what they want to see or believe is there.  What is true for me is a part of TRUTH though you may disbelieve, and your beliefs have structured for you an existence built of TRUTHS that are axiomatic to you but unknown to me.  This amazing Universe, this holospheric medium we are enmeshed within, REACTS to us in proportion to our expectations of what reality should be.

I refuse to be as one who writes about subjects I am unfamiliar with.  The Flat Earth movement has gained ground and I decided to read two of its greatest published works to educate myself on what precisely Flat Earthers are claiming, and how.

nephilim archives

nephilim archives

I found an old book originally published in 1890 written by Alex Gleason titled Is the Earth a Globe?  and found to my surprise that there was so much scientific evidence and experimenting conducted providing what to them were proofs that the world was flat and not a spherical globe.  The controversy raged since the release of a book called Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe in 1849 by Samuel Birley Rowbotham (1816–1884).  I studied Gleason's book cover-to-cover which prompted me to acquire and read the one book that brought the whole Flat Earth movement back to the front lines in recent years- 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay, a man who has gone on to make Youtube videos and maintain a whole entourage of copycats.

nephilim archivesnephilim archives

This is a hardback book and PACKED literally with 200 pieces of evidence just as the title promises.  Professionals of all kinds, engineers, pilots, astronauts, specialists and scientists are cited and 200 pictures are provided.  We will not get into the details of all of the tests that showed the absolute flatness of the earth because this does not in any way surprise me.  As one who views reality as a hologram, the world can produce indirect and direct evidence that it is both flat and globular because the filter is ALWAYS the perceiver.  I will say that Eric did an impressive job of elucidating the facts without wasting space or energy on tangents.  Here are some pages out of  200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball- 

As an antiquarian familiar with many of the world's historical anomalies I found myself reviewing many of the things I held to be true when considering this new idea that we exist within a closed system, beneath some strange holographic firmament dome.  I found that the modern Flat Earth map, called the Azimuthal Equidistant map of Gleason was by far not the oldest map of the Flat Earth model.  In fact, the oldest maps of the world conformed in many ways remarkably to the Flat Earth model and in no way did they comport with the globe models.  Longitudinal anomalies south of the Equator now made sense, why pilots of old and modern navigators found themselves further and further off course the further south of the Equator they traveled.  Charles Hapgood's book I read many years ago came to mind, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, filled with historical cartography which makes little sense on a globular planet but provides dead accurate distances on a plane projection world map.  Old maps are intriguing and century-old renditions are more so.

Looking at the Flat Earth topography I now see that many of the ancient Bronze Age migrations of whole races and nations make more sense; impossible distances to traverse across a globe were now attainable, land made more accessible by sea.  We have blindly accepted so much from the "learned" when all along they were as ignorant as we.  Reality tends to maintain the quality of making its denizens look like fools.  But the Flat Earth controversy is up against so much resistance not because the idea of living under a dome on a flat plane is particularly offensive, but simply because the awareness that we just might not be on a ball of rock hurling through space completely undermines almost every single scientific position that has been foisted upon us.

The dome concept also solves for us many historical riddles.  There has been a deluge of recorded instances of men and materials, even whole ships, vanished not into the sea, but UPWARD into the sky.  Many famous "crashed" airlines never truly hit the ground or water.  The media has for a long time now sensored actual facts and replaced them with fictions that we would believe because insiders in governments are aware that something unseen in the sky often plucks up people and things without returning them.

I have often said we are a species in love with our illusions, unable to process that we just might be the mice in the maze.

Here are a few pics of my office where I conduct my research, data-mine good materials and write these posts as well as my books.  Those thick binders are full of unpublished discoveries, facts, observations, the meat and potatoes to a hundred posts but I can only release so many a month.  No money bags here.  I do wish I could write blogs and books every day and fill this website but the reality is that like everyone else I have to make a living.   The stack of books in the pic are all awaiting my review before I data-mine them and then return them to my Acquisitions Coordinator, Mickey Nicholson.  He purchases rare and good books, sends them to me and I return them.

The Flat Earth model raises many questions about the world we live in and brings to mind several passages from ancient texts, including the Bible, which now make sense.  That people can produce evidence and "proofs" that the world is flat or round makes no difference; the gem to behold here is the realization that our Universe reflects exactly what we mentally project into it.  Our interpretations are not objective, but the subjective result of what we projected as belief to begin with.  The Universe will give you what you EXPECT.  That's the lesson use this jewel to your advantage.

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