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For those of you still sending me emails about who I am and where I work, this post is for you.   While I can't answer each individual email, I do read them all and will cover all the questions asked of me in this post.

Life is a chess match...sometimes you have to play the pawn to become the master.  More importantly, life is about LIVING.  So many people merely exist.  Breathing, eating, working, sleeping.  An incessant pattern.  Easy to spot those people, the spark of their spirit has waned.  So many animated carcasses moving about urgently doing nothing.  Pleasure, spontaneity, free-spirited, no restrictions- the dictates of our societal norms do not constrain me.  Others may choose to live in a box but I will be free.  The media teaches people how to criticize and condemn, the church teaches its followers how to live pleasureless lives and call it holy, government instructs its subjects to believe that it knows best while it steals your money and calls it taxes and sends your sons off to die in foreign lands to empower the position of international banks and corporations while spreading the lie of national security.

Me, I worked at Phils Roadhouse six days a week recently, surrounded by interesting people who I hardly talk to.    But while I was there I was often very far away, intellectually disengaged from the duties I was performing.  I struggled to connect because my mind never stops.  At this time, November 2017, I'm editing my 11th book readying it for my publisher in San Diego.  I'm also writing the final draft of my next Oraclon Chronicles novel, which is already written but needs some touch-ups and editing.  Ideas for new posts and articles plague me as I have over two thousand pages of research notes I can extract new data from.  Two of my readers have sent me very intriguing books published overseas and want my opinion so I have to read these and write posts on my findings.  Between projects I still pressure wash as contracts come my way.  Ever busy and never bored, I'm equally pressed for time because the final stage of my long-term planning is about to be engaged.  Those of you familiar with my Ophis software development and designs for my company don't have long to wait- I'm finished.  In December I'll have the Ophis website complete.  I've already purchased the DBA, email and domains.  That site will be easier to build than this one was.

So everything is a stepping stone.  My company Woodlands Residential Pressure Wash, my five published books by Book Tree of San Diego, my six published works by Amazon, my www.nephilimarchives.com website, working at Phils Roadhouse, my new company Ophis...these are merely milestones on a road I'm travelling toward that will put me in the position to do what I really want to do in life, mere aspects of the workings of my personality casting about to accomplish my goals.

We humans are complicated creatures and capable of some astonishing feats if we will just apply ourselves and quit listening to the idiots around us who know they will never have nor do anything in life worth remembering and hope that you won't either.  Misery loves company.

For those of you of my beloved readership, I will not disappoint.  Someone started a Facebook page for Nephilim Archives so I have been providing new material for it.  For those waiting on new posts, they're coming soon.  A variety of topics-

...The Post-Technolithic Period Before the Flood...Our Deceptive Stellasphere: How the Heavens Lie...Nemesis and Sol: Our Original Binary Solar System...Technolithic Anomalies of a Lunar Civilization...Mystery of the Megafauna...Southern Supercontinent of the Marsupials...China's PreFlood History of the Dragon Kings...Calendars of the Antediluvian World...Stonehenge: A Technolithic Calendar...Followers of Horus: Shemsu Hor...Great Pyramid: A Geopolymer Construction...What the Coffin Texts Conceal...Egyptian Saqqara is the Sippar of Sumer...Secret of the Nazca Agriglyphs...Hieroglyphics and Quipus: PreCaucasian Methods of Communication...Sphinx Erosion Solved: Giza Undersea 340 Years...Ancient American Tower of Babel Story...The Moon is a Hollow World...PreOlmec Heliolithic Civilization...Strange Parallels and Odd Coincidences in History...Mystery of the Mound Builders...Quick Death of the Ancient World, and many other subjects.  The research is already finished.

I know who I am, the faults that stain my soul and the good I often conceal.  I'm witty with a dark sense of humor, my pendulum swings between gladiator and goofball. I value smartasses. A free spirit, humor my ally, I embrace my deviance, finding solace among the shadows. I recognize that I see the world around me through a lens different than my peers. A pirate philosopher playing both sinister and sacred, I honor no God- my spirituality is measured in my actions toward others. Implacable in my beliefs until overwhelmed with new information, love meatballs but dislike spagetti, scrape the good stuff out of tacos and subway sandwiches and the toppings off of pizza. Life's too short for shells and crusts. I sing in the shower, drink my coffee black, love short-haired dogs and I'm hoping heaven has grilled-cheese sandwiches. I'm all-American, a patriot who has studied and admired the history of this great nation and I'm upset with the morons who are ruining it. My friends are few, but genuine. In a world that thrives on artificiality I take care to identify friends from fictions. In summary, I've never been accused of being normal.

My Philosophy- Though all men are created equal, they do not remain that way. In this age males are many but men are few. But there are some of us that rise above the rest and have the right to represent our gender as a whole...men of peace with capacity for war, we who speak what others are afraid to say, the apex of both the sacred and the profane. I a

m one of these men, just as evil as I am holy, separated by sin but bound to God, a student and teacher

from the occult to Christianity. Poets and philosophers, visionaries and vikings, we few have a divine right to claim that we are men...all others are merely males. The following are my beliefs, the architecture of my personality:

"The man of principle never forgets what he is, because of what others are." -Baltasar Gracian

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes." -Marcel Proust

"I am something more than I suppose myself to be, and perhaps all those perfections which I attribute to God are in some way potentially in me." -Rene Descartes

"A man's worth is not measured by his accomplishments, but in what he strives to accomplish." -Cicero, 1st cent. BCE

LIVING is the purpose of life

"A person who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will some day experience in the outer what he so faithfully sees within." -Ernest Holmes, 1919

Though we all live in the same world there are some of us who exist within an entirely different Universe- Me

The beauty of our existence is that no matter who we are or where we come from, WE DO NOT HAVE TO CONFORM.  You change your frequency, you change your world.  Simple as that.  The ego, the belief that we are more important than someone else, that we are special while others are not, is a hindrance.

     The only qualifications I needed to write this material was the pattern of my life.  The greatest leaps are made by those who strip away the gloss to see themselves as they really are.  Only one who truly knows who they are can know others better than they know themselves.  I know me, and have little difficulty describing me to you.

> I am knowledgeable; and yet, I cannot fathom how little I know.

> I am evil; and yet, being evil I am compassionate, with morals.

> I am good; and yet, being good I enjoy also my wickedness.

> I am devilish and divine; and yet, I have favor with God.

> I am powerful; and yet, my strength is not my own.

> I am irreligious; and yet, my spirituality is secure.

> I am creative; and yet, with words I destroy.

> I am destructive; and yet, my words do bring healing.

> I am a man; and yet, I am as immortal as God.

In response to your emails, I give you the following-

Yes, I believe in God, but I don't think any preacher is qualified to tell me about Him.

Yes, I'm straight, single, no kids, never been in love.  I've been busy but recently I've started to look

No, I do not allow guest posting or affiliate marketing on my website.  No advertisements and no offensive posts from groups trying to hide their true agendas

No, I do not believe in Little Green Men as aliens; all my own research shows that the extraterrestrials in ancient times were HUMANS from somewhere else

Yes, I do hold seminars from time to time.   My last speech was before 560 people on the topic of ancient Bronze Age sophisticated technolithic engineering

No, you can not come to my house and "Bang me."  Thanks for the pic, and I admit you are hot, but this is not a social network site.  No more nude pics please.  That's only fun if I know you

Yes, just about my whole body is tattooed.  I've provided pics.

No, I will not accept payment to link your site to mine.  Nephilim Archives is exclusively my intellectual property and will remain FREE of advertising

No, I will not accept payment to blog about the products/services of others; I will not perform it

At the end of the day I meditate in the jacuzzi listening to the twin waterfalls of the koi pond.  In that state I plan my next day, my next moves, what I write, organize, where I'll go, who I'll call.  My life is structured, defined by what I strive to accomplish.  Everything a part of my life right now is a part of my story.  A narrative to a whole other book of life I am about to become.


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