The following is the new business designed by Jason M. Breshears, a consultation-based service soon to be operative January 2018

Ophis, LLC


See farther, know more
Advance your business with Ophis


Pattern-recognition event-prediction software for business applications


Companies are inundated with software, apps and specialists telling them what to do.  But Ophis can tell you when to do it.  Ophis provides next-generation business planning, the science of informed decision-making, a service technology tailored to specific client requests.  Ophis' one-of-a-kind search algorithms will provide the most advantageous and profitable times to-

  • buy, sell or trade
  • increase advertising
  • approach a difficult prospect
  • settle a legal dispute
  • hire good employees
  • make important announcement
  • submit a bid
  • negotiate a contract
  • expect a development
  • break an unproductive cycle

Several species of pattern-recognition systems are combined to build the Ophis search algorithms- PREPS, or Pattern Recognition Event Prediction System,  allowing Ophis to see problems from a different vantage point and offer cheap, quick solutions.

Traditional models of guesswork are not enough.  In today's business world you must eliminate uncertainty.  Ophis is a one-of-a-kind consultation service working to provide you the exact future dates you need to know, employing state-of-the-art pattern recognition systems that empower businesses to navigate more accurately into their own future affairs.  Ophis search algorithms provide customized solutions for clients and companies, guiding them through indecision to provide the most profitable and advantageous days to perform or render a decision.

Without vision we are unable to move forward.  While we may not be last, our inability to see ahead guarantees that we will never be first.  As opportunities arise they will be spotted by others, blindness sapping our initiative.  Where the eyes go the body follows, but eyes unable to see will lead you nowhere.   In business we create problems by making blind decisions.  We often spend more money than we're making, waste time we cannot afford and pass up opportunities by not recognizing them.

Stop making uninformed decisions.  Rely on Ophis to see opportunities and gains you've been missing.


The Ophis search algorithms are designed to remove the blindfold, to provide clarity and the incredible advantage of knowing what to do and when to do it.  The PREPS software produces the client a custom calendar up to four months into the future that-

  • predicts outcomes to events on known/planned future dates
  • predicts most favorable date(s) to act or to refrain from action
  • predicts most favorable date(s) a past event will occur again
  • predicts the timing of developments concerning specific past events or actions that had set things in motion

In providing companies definitive pathways into the future allowing a business to reach its true potential, Ophis publishes the date-instructions for success on customized calendars in response to inquiries.  The company or individual seeking to better strategize, to plan and prepare, to learn when events can be expected to occur, need only provide Ophis a tweet-sized inquiry with a single relevant date.  Here are some examples:


Ophis Predictions Requests


Dear Ophis...Last good bid our company made was on ________.  We want a calendar of future
dates most favorable to bid on.

Dear Ophis...Our store had unbelievable sales spike on ________.  We need to know the right time to      invest in advertising to acquire more sales days like that one.

Dear Ophis...As a realtor I make a sale once or twice a month wasting weeks at a time.  Last good sale on ________.  What days in near future am I most likely to secure more sales?

Dear Ophis...Another company has opted to settle a financial dispute and I get to set the date.  Decision to settle on _______.  What dates in the future are more advantageous to my company?

Dear Ophis...Due to nondisclosure agreement I can tell you no details, but on _______ something important happened.  I need Ophis to identify the future dates this same event is most likely to occur again.

Dear Ophis...I have to give a presentation.  I was informed of this on ________.  I want to know those future days when I'm more likely to perform exceptionally.

Dear Ophis...Last two hires were fired.  One fired on ________.  We need to BREAK this pattern.  Tell us the best days next month to do our hiring.

These are only a few ways Ophis can help your business.  If you need to stay ahead of competitors, decrease expenses and maximize profit, better manage time and resources, then simply contact Ophis using the formula above.

Ophis...Futuring Your Business.


Making an important decision or acquisition? Acquiring maximum advantage is secured by taking action on the right days.   Read Knowing When to Act.

Knowing When to Act


Time, labor and expenses are resources often going to waste because critical times to act are missed, or decisions, acquisitions, meetings and agreements are made during dead zones.

What actions your company has already taken has set in motion dynamics you can not ignore.  If repeat efforts are not working despite adoption of new strategies then your project suffers from dissonance.

Businesses today need to take a more scientific approach.  Everything in nature progresses according to fixed proportions and human activity in the business world is no different.  Our lives are governed by precise mathematical coding just as our biology is codified in function-specific chromosomes.  Dead zones appear in our DNA, strands of latent genes, marking a cessation of activity just as the ever-in-motion structure of space-time is filled with sequences of episodes when you must not take action. 

The dead zones.

Failures have little to do with ability, planning, competitors or effort.  Timing is the most critical factor in the securing of success.  Few are they who are gifted with an innate genius to seize the moment, to intuit precisely when to act.  For the rest of us there is Ophis.

Individual and group actions are imbued with an inertial momentum for which entropy applies; human actions propagate through the continuum as signals that resonate with the timing of their inception.  The distance in time between related developments moors those actions to future structuring (dates) that are in resonance.  If you are unsatisfied with your progress then break the pattern of dissonance.

Ophis will tell you your windows of opportunity.  Let us guide you out of the dead zones and into success.


  More Ophis Predictions Requests


Dear Ophis...I'm an okay day trader.  Some days I just can't do wrong!  My last real good day was ______ and I want to know what days in the future I'll be potentially my best.

Dear Ophis...Advertising is expensive for my company, especially because it seems it is effective only sometimes.  Last effective advertising was paid for on _______ and we want to know when in the coming weeks we should pay for more advertising.

Dear Ophis...I opened for business on ______ and made my most profitable contract on ______.  I want to know what days in next month I need to take action to expand my business.

Dear Ophis...Without explanation on _______ our company stock soared.  We have options and opportunities to explore but need Ophis to generate a calendar of dates providing us the best windows to act to see similar stock spikes.

Dear Ophis...I'm into salvage, most days finding little of worth.  On _______ I did make a small fortune.  Wanting to spend less time foraging, I want to know what dates in next six weeks I'm most likely to find a wealth of material.

Dear Ophis...My team initiated a secret project on ________ and our first major development occurred on ________.  We want Ophis to provide us the dates we can expect further developments relative to this project.

Stop making uninformed decisions.  Open an Ophis account and begin seeing opportunities and gains you've been missing.

Whether you tinker with the markets or are a serious day trader following numerous companies, Ophis can provide you the unique dates when your opportunities are their greatest


Don't Let This Be You

Don't shoot arrows in the dark...guessing is the same as gambling.  Read Minimize Your Risks.

Minimize Your Risks


Many of us have gone to Vegas and lost money.  In fact, the majority who go to Vegas lose money.   Some believe the reason is simple and not well known.  They hold that casinos employ sophisticated pattern-recognition software to watchdog their tables and machines, knowing that people unconsciously act in accordance to mathematical patterns.  It is believed that recognizable patterns leading toward a big win are noted by algorithmic software routines allowing the casino to break the pattern by-

> changing the dealer

> providing a free drink

> sudden proximity of a beautiful woman

> closing table to open another

> changing a house player

> sudden congratulations from floor manager

Casinos would never risk rigging machines or games today.  Pattern-recognition software does not harm the gambler's chances directly, but indicates when casino staff have to act with a disruption that alters the pattern dynamic in to the casino's financial favor.

Casinos are a business.  Whether they employ pattern-recognition software or not, they know how to disrupt positive pattern dynamics to avoid risking financial loss.  Casinos are wildly successful because they minimize their risks.  Guessing is what keeps gamblers broke and Vegas rich.

Ophis provides pattern-recognition event prediction projections unlike anything Vegas or the IT industry have ever seen.  Developed entirely in Texas, Ophis gives great advantages to the small business, corporate and personal user community.  Ophis weighs the dice in your favor.

We're not in Vegas.  Here in Texas we're helping companies prepare, adapt to and even alter negative pattern dynamics that have hindered success by predicting future dates when negative influences relative to the client are minimal or nonexistent.

Rely on Ophis to minimize your risks.

If you can't solve a problem it's because you're playing by the rules- Paul ArdenOphisIf your company suffers from the Law of Diminishing Returns, break pattern with Ophis.


How to Request Predictions


Predictions requests are made to Ophis via email at  Once payment or account verified your request(s) will be processed.  See the Ophis Predictions Requests sections and simply follow the formula tailored to your specific situation.  You MUST give us 1, 2 or 3 relative back dates to operate our software.  Here are two examples:

Dear Ophis...I made a lot of money through new contacts on ______ and _______.   Tell me what days in next quarter I can increase my chances of securing more lucrative contacts.

Dear Ophis...On some days I do everything wrong.  I need to break this pattern.  Last terrible day was ______.  I need to know what dates in the future I need to AVOID making any important decisions.

Here is an impossible request:

Dear Ophis...I landed a profitable contract on ________ and then I lost a valuable client on ______.  Tell me when I can expect to land more good contracts.  [note: this request lacks relativity, the two back dates have nothing in common].

Ophis...In securing you the highest probabilities for success, results are all that matter



Personal Ophis Requests


The Ophis system did not begin as a business tool but was developed with personal predictions requests, and the system can still be used in our personal lives to great advantage.  The fee is the same as in business applications.  Here are examples:

Dear Ophis...I'm a victim of online dating losers- I can't seem to meet anyone of substance.  I need to break this pattern.  My last date was on _________ and it was awful.   Tell me the best days in the future for me to actively look for the right person.

Dear Ophis...I bet on horses, losing most of the time.  But on _____ and ______ I won a small and a big bet.  I want to know the dates I'm most likely to make good bets.

Dear Ophis...I'm into competition archery.  As reigning champion of my chapter I get to choose date I will face my challengers.  I won last meets on _______.  Tell me the most ideal date I can set to my advantage.

Dear Ophis...I'm dating several women but only one is on my mind.  She's dating others too.  We met on _______.  Tell me the future dates she would be most receptive to my proposal that we date only each other.

Dear Ophis...I set up a deer-feeder on my ranch but this beautiful buck and his deer only come two or three times a month, last visit on _______.  Tell me what nights I can expect to see that buck.

There exists no better tool for the organization of our personal lives than Ophis.

Do you have too many uncertain choices?  Eliminate dead ends with Ophis

Sustainable business growth requires that companies see farther ...Ophis clients secure a competitive advantage by knowing when to act in advance

   Ophis Rights and Privileges


  • Requests for services, business or private, are confidential. Client identities and requests will not be public domain;
  • Ophis PREPS Pattern-Recognition Event Prediction System was developed and is owned by Jason M. Breshears and remains his intellectual property and will not be made public domain;
  • Reserves right to refuse business if legality of client request is in question;
  • Reserves right to refuse business requests once attaining our saturation point;
  • A consultations service striving to provide the most accurate data possible, Ophis disclaims any loss or liability, either directly or indirectly, as a consequence of applying information provided.  No guarantee is given, either expressed or implied in regard to the accuracy or acceptability of the information; clients are responsible for their own actions.  Ophis will not be held liable for anything happening from use of its data;
  • Just as military analysts, weathermen and sportscasters sometimes err, Ophis reserves the right to be wrong; subject to the Heisenberg  Uncertainty Principle of quantum mechanics and Von Neumanns's Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress which shows that even if adding an infinite number of instruments we can never get rid of some degree of indeterminacy.

Everyone's needs and situation are different but the science is the same.  For the technical physics descriptions continue below to PREPS: Pattern Recognition Event Prediction System.


PREPS: Pattern-Recognition Event Prediction System

Time is measured not by the calendar but by the events that occupy it - Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization

 Core Algorithm


 This mathematical construct may be the greatest event-prediction tool ever developed.  The core algorithm measures past date-coordinates used as controls and calculates their trajectories through a moving curvature [holographic dodecahedron] to plot the future date-coordinates that are relative to the controls- a combination of unconventional formulae employed in simple operations.  After extensive trials and development, we agree with Ervin Laslo-

    The laws of nature are, in the last count, information-based algorithms governing how manifest entities in space and time act, react, and coevolve.

The Core Algorithm measures the distance in time between the events used as controls and deconstructs this information to reconstruct it through a lens of twelve algorithms before subjecting them to further analysis in the following subroutines and filters.

The most simplified explanation of what Ophis accomplishes: The precise distance in time between the events used as controls are run through Ophis to map 12 future date-coordinates [evoked potential] thus instantly eliminating hundreds and sometimes thousands of future dates when events similar in nature to the controls will not occur.  Events similar to the controls will not all occur during these 12 projected dates but will transpire on one, two or three of them.   To narrow down which dates are the correct ones, or which dates similar control-events can be influenced, Ophis then runs these date-coordinates through its several subroutines and filters.  Further, there is a hierarchy of accuracy within the 12 initial Ophis algorithms.  Two of the projections together are the correct projections about 50% of the time while the other 10 make up the other 50%.


Holofractal-Recognition Projections

            The Universe is itself a kind of giant flowing hologram.  David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

This subroutine is unprecedented in pattern-recognition technology and serves as an event-prediction tool independent of the core algorithm.  We observe order in nature; phenomena follow protocols.  Pattern breaks are conceived as chaos.  But we misunderstand.  Other dimensions of awareness coexist with ours and they all exchange information.  A system of sums in our reality are moored to numeric counterparts in another dimension interspersed along the framework of an entirely different system of equations.


Two opposing orders of arithmetic in alternate dimensions in a holosphere reflect one another- to one side is the mathematical trajectory of a problem and on the other lies the photo-negative solution.  From our vantage point such a destination-solution is unrecognizable because we are unaware that phenomena we perceive is generated elsewhere.

Massimo Citro in The Basic Code in the Universe wrote that reality is the result of coding from "the other side," or perceived reality.   He wrote that "Creation is born and grows and then dies following precise formulas.   It continues to recreate because the codes, the formulas, are NOT in the creations themselves but are rather OUTSIDE of them."

Holofractal-Recognition Projections show us what a sum in our dimension becomes on these "other sides."  A sum is the distance between two relative events.  But this fixed distance undergoes a startling transformation when viewed from outside of our vantage point.  Holospheric reality is a mirror of fractals and this routine follows event-trajectories through mathematical discontinuities, from our perspective, to future date-coordinates when relative events can be expected to occur again.

From our vantage point no mathematical connections exist linking the past analyzed event-dates to the projected future date(s).  We perceive an apparent chaos while in truth order is preserved on the other side.


  Isometric Projection Analysis

 Every geometrical construct, even a holography fashioned of all curves and unequal proportions, will have noticeable equidistant parts.  Everything in nature maintains epicentral points that are uniform in proportion and distance from their perimeters or similar objects, phenomena or even other epicentral points.  Relative reflections of one another are often equidistant and this allows Ophis to predict future dates when similar events will occur again.


Massimo Citro asserts that "matter is organized with mathematical precision."   It is the tenet of Ophis that both states of matter are thus organized, physical matter and matter-in-motion, or time.  The beautifully complex geometry of the snowflake is such mathematical precision and it would be an absurdity to assume its formation, which requires even a small lapse of time, not be governed by precise arithmetic.

That very similar events often occur isometrically is proof of this precision and order.

The fundamental process of nature lies outside space-time, but generates events than can be located in space-time.   Henry Stapp, Physicist


Multidimensional Spatial Recognition Filters

 Physicists can demonstrate principles of laws known and effects of those unknown operative in all measureable phenomena- mass, gravity, kinetics, orbital velocity, obliquity, axial rotation, precession, entropy and even nonlocality- the very forces of nature governing our physical world provide the foundational arithmetic to all physical activities that occur within it...even to the timing of human actions.  Randomness in nature and human activity is illusory, chaos and order are two phases of the same phenomenon made separate and distinct only by one's specific vantage point.

Multidimensional Spatial Recognition Filters analyze this foundations arithmetic in a variety of ways.  These independent systems are sophisticated logarithmic filters designed to eliminate potentia, or phantom dates, that manifest in the principal Ophis operations.  The Core Algorithm, Isometric Projections and Holofractal Recognition are three independent methods of event-prediction, often supporting one another though they all cast forth phantom dates as well.

The operations of the MSRF are exactly that, filters, serving to identify which future projections are the correct ones, for "ghost projections" will not be supported by filters.   The filters work in tandem serving to link separated space-time coordinates from the past to the future through any two or more of eleven dimensions.   100% precision with every projection is unachievable in event-prediction because the 12th dimension is impenetrable to our arithmetic.   

The Ophis operator will see where filters support predicted outcomes and where they do not.


PMSRF...Primary Multidimensional Spatial Recognition Filter

While much of Ophis development was a series of constructive accidental discoveries, the PMSRF is the product of over 10,000 hours of meticulous analysis of the time-distances between relative events in 4000 years of recorded history.  While many will not agree with my findings, my 510- page Chronicon, three other unpublished books available on my site and my eight published nonfiction works are proof that I conducted extensive chronological research.

In this 17 year period of analysis I was shocked to find the SAME numbers over and over appearing between relative events.  I documented these 376 sums and catalogued their magnitudes and frequency.   This list of numbers is none other than the pattern of our holospheric reality, the architecture of relativity, the planed distances to a fixed order we cannot perceive otherwise.  These numbers or their significance have never been published because their discovery required an exhausting mathematical scrutiny of thousands of historical events that I personally conducted.


Annular Chronometric Filter

Nothing is more fundamental to physics than the axial rotation of the planet and its orbit around Sol, both movements producing the time-lengths for the day and the year, which are the foundational constants for all time-space measurements in the realm of human phenomena.

Nothing is more obvious to the antiquarian than that the oldest calendars in the world measured the passage of days- Vedic, Sumerian and Mayan and in denominations of 360.  For thousands of years all civilizations measured the year as 360 days until the end of the 8th century BCE when ALL calendars were changed adding 5.25 days to the end of their 360 day calendars.

The addition of 5.25 days to our orbit was by cataclysm, this lengthening of the solar year to 365.25 axial rotations being an introduced interference pattern that compliment the older 360 day annual period.

The Annular Chronometric Filter reduces the sum of 360 and 365.25 days into proportionate mathematical fractals of varying dimensions to determine the viability of target dates projected by the principal Ophis operations.  Extinct methods of calculation still propagate through the holospheric matrix and must be accounted for in modern operations.


Phoenix Sequence Filter

The mechanics of our holospheric reality tend toward repetitive routines and physicists have identified many of the fragments operative within the holofield as the Golden Section, Fibonacci series, phi and pi.  As Massimo Citro notes, the Universe is full of codes that define and inform the nature of things.  These codes appear to play important roles in the architecture of bodies: their structure, characteristics, quality and functions.  They also regulate growth and development.

But nowhere in the applied science of today can be found the Phoenix Sequence, a series of sums, their reflective and fractal equivalents, that form one of the most observable codes in the holosphere.  The Phoenix Sequence is not the product of a fertile imagination but a rediscovery recently made.  This series of numbers is perfectly preserved today in the interior rectilinear measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, was known to Thales and later Aristarchus and in late antiquity the code was hinted at by the highly controversial Michel de Nostradame.

Employed as a filter the Phoenix Sequence is an invaluable addition.


Hydrogen Angle Spacing

The molecular cohesiveness and flow of water compared to the fluidity of our time-space continuum share more in common than mere analogy.  When two hydrogen molecules attach to an oxygen molecule, the two H-molecules will always be arranged at an angle of 105 degrees from one another.  What applies to space equally applies to space-in-motion [time], making our water-dominant planetary environment  and H2O-based anatomy to be fundamentally interactive within a holofield constructed of 105 degree angles.  As information is distributed throughout a hologram, water is known to be an excellent medium for the transfer of all sorts of information it comes in contact with.

The fractals produced from all sums divisible by 105 are reconstructed into a plane marking future date-coordinates, allowing Ophis to employ this as a filter for the narrowing down of ghost projections.


IntraDecimal Matrix Filter

In recognition of our fractal-based holospheric cosmos, this filter employs the 47 most prevalent sums appearing in nature and multiplies them into fractals of their own whole number equivalents.  Fractals are forms that repeat at every order of dimension.  What is true to a whole is true to its fractal equivalent and the IntraDecimal Matrix Filter targets future dates of relativity to past date-controls using the fractal distances of the measured date-events.


Golden Sexagesimal Filter

As the Golden Proportion is a mathematical ratio between two components such that the larger is the same proportion of the whole as the smaller is of the larger, phi is a fundamental aspect of our physical existence.   In the 3rd millennium BCE the Sumerians had already divided the day into hours, minutes and seconds, called the sexagesimal system.  Alone, the Golden Proportion nor the dividing of the passage of time into divisions of 60 parts are of little to no useful significance.  But when these are unified into a third kind of coding they produce an excellent filter isolating ghost projections that can be eliminated from the core Ophis operations.


Vortex Holography Filter

An astounding unanticipated discovery stopped all Ophis development for a while as I  investigated what I now call Vortex Numbers.  Running the numbers 1 through 15,000 through a reflective hologram program several discoveries were made simultaneously-

  1. 99% of ALL numbers reduce to a 9 before collapsing to zero
  2. .99% of all numbers instantly collapse to zero
  3. the remaining numbers DO NOT COLLAPSE but fold back upon themselves in an ETERNAL loop: Vortex Numbers
  4. the closer we approach 15,000 the lower the frequency of Vortex Number appearances.  Translation: the Holosphere we call reality has a terminal collapse point- proof of the Time-Wave Zero Theory
  5. Vortex Number distribution exhibits evidence that material reality is less than .05% and diminishing 
  6. these immortal numbers are patterned in 9 and 11-dimensional distributions

Vortex Numbers moor the holosphere to something else.   They are operative up through eleven dimensions but we cannot know further.  If a twelfth dimension exists it cannot be reached by our arithmetic.   Though unknown to science, Vortex Numbers are easily demonstrable.  Using them as a simple filter has greatly improved the precision of Ophis.


Orbital Composite Specs

This is a unique series of only 14 numbers that actually bridge together several different systems and species of arithmetic.  These numbers serve to merge-

>  precessional number of 72

>  Golden Section [1.618]

>  decimal construction of the Phoenix Sequence

>  fractal equivalents of solar year of 365.25 days

>  sexagesimal system

The Orbital Composite Specs numbers are holospheric nexus points marking time-space coordinates where seemingly disparate numeric systems coalesce.   This is not a filter, but an ALERT.  When these numbers occur in synch with Core Algorithmic projections they are of paramount import.


Technics of a Psi-Based System

The future cannot be predicted with a total degree of certainty.  But it can be influenced.  Imagine that future events exists as a superimposed series of templates, potentia, and that an AWARENESS of the existence of these possibilities coupled with ACTION now allows us to influence which template solidifies into experience as the others dissolve into the architecture of OTHER EVENTS. All this model would require is a system that can approximate when these potential templates are at their PEAK.  This is answered in Ophis.

As a relativity-based system, Ophis' differential algorithms utilize the date(s) a client contacts Ophis as well as the back dates provided by the client concerning his or her issue.  This means, as a psi-interfacing mathematical construct, the very act of contacting Ophis somewhat empowers its predictive ability.  If something is going to occur it can be seen from several mathematical vantage points.  If our arithmetic is unable to afford us a definitive outcome then the timing and outcome of an event can be influenced.

Ophis projections are proof of Benoit Mandelbrot's fractal geometry theory in the existence of an underlying aesthetic order to seemingly chaotic manifestations.  When an event occurs again we are confronted with the reemergence of a patterned whole that in our dimension is perceived only in part.  In a multidimensional hologram events are all connected- discontinuities are illusory.  We become aware of phenomena as it collapses back in to another order of existence.  Patterns are whole from beginning to end but our perception is in fragments, collapse discontinuities giving us our flow of events.  The pattern is whole and complete but desiccated as it flows through dimensions, governed by arithmetic that accurately measures its trajectory.  In the mental realm this same phenomenon is referred to as cognitive drift.   Despite even intense concentration our thoughts collapse out of our conscious state as others reemerge from our sub/un-conscious or from a totally external source.

P.D. Ouspensky notes that since time is the measure of the Earth through space, time itself is structured as a spiral.

Pattern recognition systems relying on mechanical time- seconds, minutes, hours are wholly unreliable; artificiality only produces the arbitrary.  Ophis differs fundamentally because it relies solely on the user-selected controls.  These controls are two or more similar events in time-space that provide a quantum signature, a nonlocal wavelength marking the distance through the medium of space to the timing of its/their quantum echo [a similar event].

Ordinary pattern recognition systems explain what is and what has been but never with any degree of consistency, what is to be.  Ordinary pattern recognition models cannot see beyond the barrier of quantum collapse, the sudden emergences in all systems measureable of discontinuities that fracture patterns like glass.  But even in the most chaotic manifestations of nature there is still a patterned order

The geometrical architecture of our space-time continuum is entirely patterned but due to quantum collapse of all things observable/perceivable, discontinuities arise collapsing a pattern back into randomness.  Our systems rely on rectilinear models inconsistent with our perception of all things in material existence being immersed within,  or subject to, a curve.   Our awareness is tantamount to photographing surface ice fractures on a frozen river unmindful of the rapidly flowing water beneath [continuum of events].

Our perception of time is based solely on our planet's axial rotation of 360 degrees roughly 1000 mph  providing us day time and night while our spinning world also travels 33,000 mph (20 miles per second) around the sun in an elliptical orbit taking 365.25 days to give us our year all the while as the sun we orbit is also moving through space.  These facts demonstrate that the Golden Section [phi] of the spiral [1.618], 360 degrees of a full circle, the length of the day and the cycle of 365.25 days are integral parts to time-space phenomena.  As Earth, the sun and interconnected macro and microcosmic structuring is fundamentally spherical, curvatures in motion, the universal constant pi [3.1416], the periphery of a circle or sphere, likewise is of paramount import in this event-prediction model.


We tend to forget that everything in nature is moving, and each object of our environment or perceived phenomena is moving in accordance with mathematical principles.  We are on a thin skin of a giant rock spinning like a top maintaining an obliquity of 23.5 degrees moving in a circle that never closes.  This movement is reflected in the movement of a hurricane, a draining funnel  of water and even the growing petals of a flower.   This motion of our environment on a cosmic scale affects each of us on a mental level.  The forces of nature progress with activity followed by inactivity, a flow followed by a cessation.  The greatest metaphor for this spiraling cycle of GROWTH and STASIS is day and night.  The key is to isolate your growth days and navigate around your stasis dates- to target future dates when nature is no barrier to your actions, when nature is moving with you.

We don't know how gravity works but we provide explanations for its existence.

Ophis is Greek for serpent in the sense of unveiling oracles, from the Greek optesthai (to see). (Babylonian Influence p. 107)

Ophis recognizes that time is but the reflection of an illusion, an illusory matrix that is structured of discernable properties, a series of fundamental constants that govern the vast realm of unobservable probabilities.  Ophis operations confirm the Anthropic Principle, that there is a link between the overall design of the universe and the human mind, which can recognize the design and mathematical constants to both the quantum and cosmological planes.  Ophis operation identifies that reality is built on a framework of probabilities, structures of potentia that are not exact certainties; as potencia they can be influenced.  

As a psi-based technology, Ophis analyzes the mathematical subquantum substrate of reality, a living, interactive medium of fixed probabilities that react to processes empowered strictly by the intent of an Ophis operator's interpretation of the algorithmic projections and the desired outcome of the client.  Ophis as active interpretation of meticulously constructed information allows the operator to predict the behavior of physical and psychological constructs.  The Ophis operations are strong evidence for Paul LaViolettes's theory of subquantum kinetics, for Ophis projections induce order from disorder, conceiving process, not structure, to be the very basis of physical existence.  Ophis projections involve active interpretation of patterns, not passive re-actions but actual creative transactions.

Ophis is thus a reality-construction technology; its awesome complexity deconstructs numerous probabilities in to a simplified reality-tunnel that eliminates other possibilities from happening- projections become events.  It is similar in effect to the consciousness-assisted technology of Dr. Steven Greer but very different in execution, being a cerebral-interface system where search algorithms based on precise mathematical physics constants construct new reality-tunnels.  This system first intuits the probable time-space coordinates of what is being analyzed before sophisticated filters narrow down the more probable outcomes so that a future date is accurately discovered by the inverse process of interpretation being projected.

The Ophis algorithms interface between the participants of a projection.  The question of the location of the mind as an aspect of event-construction must be taken into account [see Transcending the Speed of Light p. 117].  In an Ophis operation the date a client contacts Ophis and the date the Ophis operator performs the projection is a part of the whole algorithmic construct.

Whether men know it or not, their actions, reinforced by thought, cast waveforms of informations on trajectories into the future.  Every day we are immersed in a deceitful medium bent on forging fantasy into reality.  The blind lived subjectively under conditions caused by others but the knowing observer builds his own world through want and imagination, for the holosphere best propagates truths through lies...absorbing fictions to reflect back in to physical reality as facts.   

The majority spent their lives lost in the mirrored maze, but there are few who move beyond its confines through different corridors.  A knowledge of these unseen paths affords one the ability to not only predict an outcome, but also cause a future event.


The future on a personal level is not fixed, however, quantum pathways of information relative to past events ARE FIXED.  These pathways, or evoked potentia, are time-space coordinates targeting the future dates when developments will occur concerning a past event.   Example:  Event A is very similar to Event B.  The distance between A and B is FIXED, measureable, this distance between two instants in our linear perception are moored to a dimensional architecture that connects these two events to EVERY future event that is also very similar to A and B.  This spatial holography OBEYS FIXED LAWS but our scientists have mistaken them as phenomena unrelated to A and B unaware that they perceive, measure and interpret a mere shell (physics) without penetrating the interior.   Our spatial holography maintains the structure of a pentagonal dodecahedron and as such EVERY two perceivable events in our "universe" that are similar in nature/effect instantly cast forth 12 pathways into the future; evoked potential time-space coordinates.  There are multiple electron streams in a storm but at a single instant of time lightning manifests through only one or two of these paths.  All existed as potentia but collapsed into improbability once nature chose a conduit (the lightning) that bridged the nonexistent (fiction) to actual existence (fact).

The principle message of quantum mechanics is that the world is NOT determined by initial conditions, once and for all; every event of measurement is potentially creative and may open new possibilities.  Quantum nonlocality, the existence of a thing suspended outside of time-space, reveals that the fundamental process of nature lies outside space -time but generates events that can BE LOCATED in space-time [physicist Henry Stapp].

The quantum nature of brainwave activity and our cerebral interfacing with the not-real-becoming-real reality is the reason events are generated along pathways that only appear random to those who are unaware of the space-time mathematics of potentia.  The twelve pathways of information stemming from two measured events are governed by fixed arithmetic though which potentia will manifest into physical reflection of the measured past events is controlled by-

  1. conditions relative to each potentia's ability to appear at the coordinates and remain relative; or
  2. the fixed intention, expectation of one who is aware of potential presence of what he wants and its ability to occur at that time.

The problem for scientists is that they are observing and trying to describe effects due to something which they refuse to believe can exist [magical structure of reality] and the problem for magicians is that they refuse to believe that the effects they create or observe could be due to something for which EQUATIONS COULD BE WRITTEN. (Liber Kaos p. 40)

The etheric medium encourages events similar in nature to follow certain paths [potentia].  By intent and desire with an AWARENESS of what we are doing we can easily influence events BEFORE nature has made up her mind.  Paths of potentia are time-space gates influenced by the mental to the material.  Knowing this operations affords one great power in selecting the most favored timing/outcome.  Two or more minds in agreement can-

Ophis Systems, LLC

  1. modify/alter future activity of systems and individuals, and/or
  2. create new circumstances/conditions WHERE NONE EXISTED BEFORE.

Performing informed projections well in advance allows a greater chance of influencing favored potentia.  Further, creativity and imagination possess powers of their own.  Creativity builds reality while acceptance merely continues it.  Universal holospheric reflection is shown in that-

> it maintains the magical property of confirming most of the interpretations placed upon it (Liber Kaos p. 191)

> it has an obliging nature, reflexive, providing proof for any cosmological scheme, scientific or mystical, foisted upon it (Mann & Sutton, Giants of Gaia)

> theories tend to attract their own proof (the Secrets of the Stones p. 18)

> it has the property of intending to provide evidence for, and confirmation of, whatever paradigm one chooses to believe in (Liber Kaos p. 56)

Thousands of hours of Ophis development has only served to confirm the existence of the twelve potentia, identify their future timing, and design filters and subroutines that aid in isolating the more probable path(s) nature/events will take.

Ophis employs real physics principles using multiple dimensions of space at time coordinates folded over a curvature to isolate the twelve potentia- more sorcery than science, a species of divination so advanced it allows its user to not merely discover the when but also influence the what.

Pi, phi, curvature equations, palindromes, decimal analysis are used in different methods as filters in perceiving a moving holosphere from within it.  As aspects of an intricate programmed illusion, Ophis is psi-based, meaning, the highest precision of predictive analysis of any measureable phenomena is-

  1. causal [creative]
  2. and best performed by its developer or those who really comprehend the system.

Ophis is textbook sorcery employing known physics principles with unknown applications to divine the WHEN of future events and INFLUENCE their outcome, easily within the realm of possibility because our holospheric medium is stimulated into activity by the new waveforms constructed by merging the REAL with the IMAGINED.

Such science-supported sorcery is a window into the magical architecture of reality so plastic in receptivity that it will always produce effects in proportion to its operator's belief not only in divining future dates of sought-for events, but also in the causing of the events themselves.   For this reason Ophis will produce astounding results for its developer and those fully understanding its applications but hardly none at all for one unfamiliar with the system's concepts and not at all for an operator who actively disbelieves the system's ability.

Weathermen, casino managers, intelligence agencies and sports analysts are familiar with the pitfalls of pattern recognition systems- inventive methods that attempt to achieve effects beyond their means.  Their designers are rich in theories but poor in proofs, upholding their techniques beyond their means to defend them.  This is why Ophis offers a free trial period with no obligation.

By definition, Ophis is not pattern recognition.  The Ophis algorithms unveil a paradox in the transdimensional fabric of causal reality: the determinist mathematician sees what he believes is random but the quantum lens shows the Ophis operator that the events and their timing that are not fixed are easily influenced.

Future events are wholly contained in preceding ones, and if we could know the force and direction of all events which have happened up to the present moment, i.e. if we knew all the past, by this we could know the future.   -P.D. Ouspensky

Jason M. Breshears, Ophis developer, August 25th, 2017



The Ophis software is now finished.  Breshears' 10th book was released August 15th and his 11th will be released by Book Tree of San Diego in September, 2017.  He is currently designing the protocols for Ophis company operations and seeking an investor/or partnership.  Contact Breshears at Venture capitalists or those able to fund/provide micro loans contact via to schedule a personal interview.


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