NIBIRU Named in 3000 Year Old Texts But Scholars Conceal Them By Inserting “Jupiter” Instead

Zechariah Sitchin has sold millions of books.  His Earth Chronicles series is a hit and the subject matter, the Anunnaki and Nibiru, are highly controversial.  Though well-researched Sitchin's works are heavily criticized.  I too am a critic, but in the particulars, not in the overall concepts of our world having been visited, a technological infrastructure established in the Early Bronze Age (3439-2239 BCE) and a vast broken planet that repeatedly visits the inner solar system.  But there are some who claim, without merit, that Nibiru, the homeworld of the Anunnaki, is a figment of Sitchin's imagination, that he made it up and that the records of the Old World make no mention of this planet.

They are wrong.

Before we get into proving them wrong let me walk you through a visual chronological history of Nibiru and associated data.

nephilim archivesAn engineer in the early 1920s named David Davidson was convinced that the Great Pyramid of Giza recorded geometrically an orbital history of our planet, a record of our journey through time marked by circles around the sun.  His monumental work is vast and packed with references, measurements and calculations and his core conclusion was that that chief message of the Great Pyramid's architect's was that the END of our own Orbital History for our planet would be in 2045 Anno Domini...a mere 28 years from now.  Davidson's hundreds of pages of research never mention Anunnaki, Nibiru or even any model of history that you are about to see.  His conclusion derived entirely independent of the data you are about to review.

nephilim archives     Biblical chronologist Stephen Jones published a book titled The Secrets of Time.     His work is a meticulous chronology of the events of the Old Testament using the biblical record, the books of Jubilees, Jasher and the Assyrian Eponyms.  We are familiar with the famous story of the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah- in fact, in the New Testament these historic cities are used to illustrate the FUTURE fate of civilization in the Last Days.  In Stephen Jones' research, as well as the conclusions of other chronologists, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire from the sky was in the year 2046 Annus Mundi, the Old World calendar (1849 BCE).  If the past is a predicate for the future, then we can see that 2046 AM of one calendar is reflected in the future to be 2046 AD of our calendar.   If you think the future is not a reflection of the past, keep reading.
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Davidson suspected a connection between the calendars of the world and the design of the Great Pyramid, but here's one he missed.  The structure at Giza was built of 203 courses to the top, which is a square and flat platform which geometrically requires an apex stone exactly 1.6 courses because of the 51 degree angles of the structures.  This means that geometrically the Great Pyramid is 204.6 levels high [2046].   Of further significance is that fact that mathematicians and engineers have long concluded that the exterior white limestone casing blocks that covered the Great Pyramid numbered precisely 144,000.  This sum is also linked to a few of the oldest calendars in the world: Sumerian, Vedic and Mayan.

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All of my books on the ancient world demonstrate that the earliest calendars we know of counted history in epicycles of 144,000 days, which was 400 years of Draconian Orbits, or 360 days.  The origin of the 365.25 day was by cataclysm in the year 713 BCE and remembered by the shadow retrogading 10 degrees in the days of Hezekiah.  From the beginning of the mysteries Mayan Long Count calendar in 3113 BCE to 713 BCE passed 864,000 days, or six epicycles of 144,000 days each.  But Earth was pushed slightly into an elliptical orbit adding 5.25 days to our travel around the sun.  My works document this and how all the records of the Old World attest to how calendars around the world all changed to 365 days a year at the same time.  The original Mayan Calendar was prophetic and concerned the COLLAPSE OF TIME, a period of 1,872,000 days, which is precisely 5200 Draconian Orbits of 360 days each.  Draconian is in reference to the ancient pole star of stellar reckoning, Alpha Draconis.

nephilim archivesThe 144,000 days under the ancient Vedic system was a Yuga, or a World Age signifying the pass of one world into the next, usually through the agency of disasters.  In thew Mayan calendar the 144,000 days was a baktun, and 13 baktuns would conclude the 1,872,000 days until that day when Time Would Collapse.  The hype of 2012 was a ridiculous mistake made a century ago.  Scholars calculated the Mayan Long Count's 1,872,000 days on a system of 365.25 days a year and because of this EVERY Mayan historical date calculated from 3113 BCE is WRONG.  This is because the 365.25 year did not exist until 6 whole baktuns of 144,000 days had already passed.  The first 6 baktuns ended at 713 BCE when the year changed to 365.25 days, thus all calculations MUST only use the 365.25 day year AFTER 713 BCE.  Three baktuns is 432,000 days, these before the Great Flood of 2239 BCE being the 432,000 "shars" of the Sumerian King-Lists concerning the descent of the Anunnaki 432,000 shars before the Flood.  Sitchin thought this was 432,000 actual "years" and this conclusion corrupted a lot of his research and conclusions, when 432,000 shars is actually just 1200 years of 360 days each (3439-2239 BCE).

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David's idea that the Great Pyramid was somehow linked to human calendar systems was accurate more than he knew.  The interior rectilinear measurments of the structure have proven to be precise chronometrical arrangements of calendars and distances in time between major historical events, the subject matter of my free research, Chronotecture found in Chronicon Files.   Not only does the year 2046 CE (Anno Domini) surface several times in the measurements of the Great Pyramid's interior passage and chamber system, but totally unrelated is the fact that when the Mayan Long Count is accurately calculated 360 days till 713 BCE and then 365.25 ever afterward the END of the Mayan Calendar's 1,872,000 days occurs in 2046 CE...28 years from now.

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The Mayan Long Count system, Vedic and Sumerian calendars, their associations, Nibiru orbital histories and the chronometry of the Great Pyramid supporting the many end-dates of 2046 AD is the subject matter of my books Anunnaki Homeworld and Return of the Fallen Ones.   Sitchin never took his research in to a serious chronological venture, he couldn't after making the error of the 432,000 "shars."  He turned 1200 years into 432,000 actual solar years which led him into corridors of research forcing him to attempt synchronizing Anunnaki history with Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal theoretical time lines passed off as fact by Establishment historians.  I have two informative posts on the orbital history of Nibiru as well.

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As readers of my Anunnaki Homeworld know, it was after years of exhaustive chronological research that I discovered a series of disastrous events that all occurred on a 792 year time line and that the start of this series was perfectly aligned with the year 3439 BCE which was by totally independent sources the 1200th year before the Great Flood in 2239 BCE, or 432,000 days.  It was in 3439 BCE that that the Anunnaki appeared on earth just hours after a great cataclysm that killed a THIRD of mankind...the Gihon Flood.  Looking through the lens of eschatology, the BEGINNING and the END are ONE, and this is what we find in the Revelation text of the apocalypse which reads that a THIRD of mankind are killed in the Last Days.

nephilim archivesI have documented Nibiru's aphelions and perihelions, historical witness accounts as late as 1314 CE and found its 792 year orbit perfect.  Further, Nibiru in this orbital model returns to the inner solar system in 2046 CE.  There comes a point when too many coincidences exhibits no coincidence at all.   In fact, "coincidence" should be a key word search term that pulls up my Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse, which contains numerous uncanny parallels and synchronicities concerning the year 2046.

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nephilim archivesThe late Sitchin popularized the Anunnaki and also brought Nibiru to the attention of the public, however, now that the man is gone there are those who have emerged accusing him of having made it all up, that the Anunnaki and even the object Nibiru were mere inventions...creative license.  It is time to shut these morons up.

My own writings criticize Sitchin for some of his mistakes, but I am a very well-read individual, aware of the heated controversy that raged between translators and scholars in the 1890s to about 1901 concerning the identity of the object that several 3000 year old cuneiform texts referred to as "NIBIRU."

In 1900 in the translations of Thomas Campbell of the old Akkadian and Babylonian texts the scholars of the day arbitrarily inserted Jupiter in their translations, admitting that Jupiter was known by other names.  But in their explanatory notes they concede that the actual three thousand year old texts read Nibiru and Sagmigar, which was also Nibiru according to the ancient and modern translators.  (The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon p. lxvi).   Here is the text with Nibiru where it belongs instead of the interpolated Jupiter references- "When Nibiru grows bright, the king of Akkad will go to pre-eminence.  When Nibiru grows bright, there will be foods and rains...When Nibiru culminates, the gods will give peace, troubles will be cleared up, and complications will be unravelled.  Rains and foods will come; the amount of crops with regard to the cold, will be out of all proportions to the amount of cold on the crops.  The lands will dwell securely.  Hostile kings will be at peace...From Nirgal-itir."  (The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon p. lxvi)  This is clearly a prophecy of a future time of peace and prosperity caused by the appearance of Nibiru.  Nor is this the only reference to appearance of Nibiru bringing plenty and peace. (p. lxvi, No. 187)    In Campbell's work of 117 years ago we are confronted with the scholarly practice of arbitrariness, the deliberate inserting of the word "Jupiter" where in fact the word NIBIRU was found in the texts over and over again because the translators of the 1890s to 1901 did not know the identity of Nibiru and never once thought it could be an unknown planet.

A planetary object called Marduk at its appearance is called Umunpauddu but after it has arisen for three hours or so it then called Sagmigar but once it reaches the meridian of the sky is becomes Nibiru. (The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers p. lii)   It is admitted that even the Babylonians changed Nibiru to Marduk, their patron deity.  Inserting what we understand in place of what we do not is an age-old custom.

"When a halo surrounds the Moon and Nibiru stands within it, there will be a slaughter of cattle and beasts of the field." (The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers...lii.  Note: translator thought Nibiru might be ref. to Jupiter though Jupiter's names were already well known).

Sitchin missed several references to Nibiru because he relied on the published and peer-reviewed translations of academia not knowing that arbitrarily "Jupiter" and "Mars" appeared in place of the original Nibiru references.   Here we have direct evidence that the origin of Nibiru and its mysterious identity as a planet was known to scholarship long before Zechariah Sitchin was born.  Yes, Sitchin got some things wrong but our differences are matters of degree rather than substance.

nephilim archivesI hope you enjoyed this post.  If the Anunnaki, Nibiru and strange historical parallels take your fancy, check out my books, Anunnaki Homeworld, Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse or Return of the Fallen Ones, all being about the fateful year 2046 CE and what it means for our civilization.


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