NFL Experiment A Huge Success…Ophis Predictive Programming Overcomes Challenge

Those of you who have read my books and articles/blogs know that it is my deep belief that the world we live in is not the universe we have been taught it is...that the architecture of reality maintains a fixed geometry in the collective while on a personal level we each have great freedom to be what we want and where we want within this confluence of events we are immersed within.

I spent years studying thousands of historical events as they related to other events mathematically, a claim no one can contest who has reviewed my ten published books, three unpublished works on this site and extensive blog and article collection.  My research bibliography now contains about 1200 nonfiction books I have studied and data-mined.  With this background of research I developed a mathematical construct designed to measure the relativity of events against other events of the same nature, a system of event prediction unlike anything yet designed.

Disbelief, doubt, criticism, these I expected despite the fact I have openly challenged others to put it to the test.  My website is public, detailing what the Ophis algorithms can do at and explaining how they work.   I did not have long to wait for a challenge.

Several individuals at the same time had the same idea- If Ophis is able to run predictions on anything, then why not run NFL game predictions?   Hmmm.  Though the system was not designed for this, I did as requested with fantastic results.  The following is documented and conclusions are authenticated.

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With 32 teams, 30 of them playing every week, running Ophis on so many back-histories of participants was very time-consuming.  But it was done.  The following ten individuals all received my NFL predictions for Week 17 BEFORE the ten ESPN and Vegas NFL expert predictors released their own predictions, all date-stamped in their text logs:

Shelly Morgan, Artumus Villereal, Kirk Stewart, Mickey Nicholson, Larry Stevens, Michelle Hanks, Danny Breshears, Lewis Breshears, D. Sanders & Jonathon Harrison. publishes the NFL expert predictions.  Here is their Week 17 predictions, which was published AFTER I sent the predictions to the ten listed people above.  On 6 games all 11 experts were in agreement as to who were losers and who were winners.   I ignored those games and instead chose to run the Ophis system on the remaining 9 games that the experts disagreed on.  It was only after Week 17's NFL games did I realized why ESPN removes the expert predictions charts...pathetic.


Out of the 9 games I ran Ophis predictions on, 7 of them were correct.  Not a single ESPN or Vegas expert matched this.  The closest runner up was Kerney, Wingo, Kimes & Riddick with 3 losses each.  The other 7 experts all had 4 through 7 losses.  Remember- Ophis released its predictions FIRST.

Week 17 was followed by Week 1 of the NFL Playoffs.  All ten people above received the Ophis predictions before the experts published their picks.  Of the 4 games predicted, Ophis was wrong once.  This 1 loss was matched by Kerney and Golic, who lost 4 games the previous week in the 9 that Ophis made predictions on.  So in the 2nd week of the experiment Ophis had 3 losses, Golic had 5.  Almost all other experts lost 2 games in the first week of the Playoffs, except Kimes who lost 3.   The third week of the experiment Ophis sent its Playoffs Week 2 predictions to the ten people listed above before the experts posted their own predictions.  Eight teams playing four games, again, Ophis got three correct and was wrong on one.

And here is where Ophis increased its already significant lead over the "experts."  EVERY expert had 2 or 3 losses in Week 2 of the Playoffs.  Three of them, Kimes, Golic and Wickersham, had 3 losses each.  By this time it is virtually impossible for the experts to catch up with Ophis which has 4 games wrong, the runner up, Kerney, has 6 wrong.

In Week 4 of the experiment, the NFL Conference Championships, only two games are played and Kerney got BOTH of them wrong.  Ophis and EVERY other expert got 1 game wrong.   The findings of the 4 week experiment are intriguing.

Ophis algorithms do not consider NFL team/player statistics, which are relied upon by the NFL experts in the making of their predictions.  Ophis posted its predictions days before ESPN posted the picks of the experts.

Of the 17 games predicted by the experts and Ophis, Ophis was correct 12 times for an accuracy of 70.5%, ranking at No. 1 with 5 losses.
Ranking at No. 2 with 8 losses each was Kerney, Wingo and Riddick for an accuracy of 52.9%.  Most of the experts had 9 losses, with two of them having 10 losses and Wickersham lost 13 games out of the 17 predicted.
In this four week experiment Ophis was 17.6% MORE ACCURATE than the top three NFL experts.

As a systems developer the most beautiful aspect of this entire experiment is my ability to see what I did wrong in the interpretation of my Ophis data.  This was the first time I had used Ophis in this manner, however, I have already isolated better methods of analysis.  This has been a learning experience and I have no doubt that in future sports predictions Ophis will exceed the 70.5% accuracy it demonstrated here.

For any interested in the uses and technical mechanics of the Ophis system, go to

-Jason Breshears, January 25th, 2018

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  1. I was skeptical at first, but as one of the people Jason sent his predictions to four week in a row, I fully endorse Ophis and know that with more research and development it will exceed the already staggering predictions made in this experiment.

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