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Jason M. Breshears is a researcher of the occult, chronology and antiquities.  Eight of his published works are nonfiction with extensive bibliographies concerning fascinating information on ancient civilizations, cataclysms and the modern establishment's attempts to suppress these discoveries from the public today.  Five of these works are published by Book Tree in San Diego.

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The Lost Scriptures of Giza (2006, 2017 updated version) Kindle & paperback
When the Sun Darkens (2009) paperback
Anunnaki Homeworld (2011) paperback
Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse (2013) Kindle & paperback

Giants on Ancient Earth (2017) Kindle & paperback
Awaken the Immortal Within (2017) Kindle & paperback

Shocking Secrets of Antiquity (2017) Kindle & paperback

Return of the Fallen Ones (2017) paperback

Fiction (The Oraclon Chronicles)

Dark Tales of Dagothar  (2017) Kindle & paperback
Uprising (2017) Part 1 of The Oraclon Chronicles (Kindle & paperback)

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