Miracles Happen ONLY for Those Who THINK Them

We are a species in love with our illusions, deigning to admit realities that only exist within ourselves.

Physics calculations have long shown us the mathematical echoes of a higher dimension (beyond our holosphere) but these same models blind us to the holospheric nature of reality.  As intellectual subroutines embedded into a complex interactive program, a data cloud, we humans do not have the sensorial apparatus necessary to perceive the actual unreality of our existence.  It is with great difficulty for subjective sentience to objectively analyze an environment that it is suspended within.  We are malleable software immersed in to a vastly more intricate programmed illusion.  Unable to distinguish the real from the imagined, the imaginary becomes real to us.  What we accept as true becomes one with our programming and all "facts" and phenomena experienced afterwards tend to reinforce what we have accepted as true.  It is with the greatest difficulty to break away, to question or disbelieve something that we formerly held as true.  With religion it is devastating.

Belief in any religion reinforces the hold of the prison matrix, faith in any science or discovery as absolutes, trust in human institutions, thought of racial disparities or national differences all serve to strengthen the believability of the holospheric programs modified anciently by a wicked mind but now reinforced moment-by-moment by the billions of people trapped in this persuasive reality matrix.  Once we are programmed to believe in any faith all information received through sense-perception is filtered through a worldview that supports the religious model.  A disturbing fact of the religionist mindset tends to regard persons of variant belief systems no longer as individuals but rather as parts of their environment, less real, heathens inhuman.  All too often peaceful religionists-turned-homicidal fanatics have justified murder as holy right.

The stunning achievement of one who recognizes his own programming flaws finds that in disbelieving what he formerly held as true now affects many other areas of his worldview.  Absolutes now blur into uncertainties.  His belief had fundamentally altered the way he processed information and the holosphere modified what it brought in contact with him because it only reflects what is projected in to it.  Reality reinforces belief no matter if the programming is right or wrong.  This is why so few who are devout religionists have ever broke free of their thought-model.  To the faithful, to doubt is to backslide, belief is a moral issue, apostasy, heresy, their program has become a trap but to resist it is to threaten their very afterlife- to disbelieve formerly accepted religious programming is to shake the very foundations of a person's psyche.

Herein lies a profound secret, a truth largely unknown and ignored.  A property of reality that can be exploited to our benefit.  In nature, that which harms can also heal.  Religionist projections induce reality to reflect back expected conditions.  The holosphere responds to beliefs projected upon it.  Not mere thoughts which are fleeting, but convictions.  Convictions affect behavior, habits, conduct and speech which form probability molds that echo through space-time to reflect back as circumstances.  Thoughts of themselves are insufficient-changing what is to what one wants to be requires belief.  It has been said that a belief is not merely as idea the mind possesses, but an idea that possesses the mind.  We always think, we are mental creatures.  This common denominator is what unifies the religionist to the magi.  Both have their unique beliefs and both see the results of their faith operative in reality.

The same confinement programming used to direct and control our trajectory through the holosphere can be employed to our advantage-and with astonishing results.  Acceptance of a belief system by an individual frames the holosphere into circumstances conforming to expected norms.  But for every new thing learned, the acceptance of a new vantage point, all previously known frames of reference shift to align with the new data.  Not only does the acceptance of something alter one's reality, but the changing also affects the individual.  There is an interface between perceiver and perceived.  An exchange of information.  An element of sentience pervades reality; we exist as both pawn and player.

miracles other worlds other dimension

The bonds that deceive us are our bounty as well.  In a world full of victims the victor is rare.  Most people live their lives in a reactive mindset, recognizing conditions, conforming to obvious probabilities and totally experiencing an existence of effects all stimulated by external causes.  In the holospheric probability cloud we are ghosts immersed in a fog, the substance of possibilities just as real as the cloud that contains us.  Flowing with a current, the fish suddenly turns out of the stream, changes direction, and water (the world of the fish) is moved.  But people are conditioned to follow, to obey programming dictates, conform.  Few come to the awareness of the power of human actions to create conditions because of the holosphere's perpetuity programming.

Our every day mundane reality has a way of perpetuating its routine continuity.  When the abnormal is not expected the normal continues.  The cycle is powerful because the victim-perceiver of the world observes no change in present circumstances so accepts reality as it is, and thus continues it.  Accepting present conditions as they are he receives these same present conditions in his future.  This is bondage. Existing is not the same as living.  To be free of undesirable circumstances one must imagine life without them.  To have wealth one must see himself enjoying activities that require it.  To have discretion one must imagine himself exercising it.  Fortune favors the bold because to be bold is to know one possesses strength for what is necessary.  The bold change their environment because they are NOT bound by circumstance.  To be bold one must have vision and this inner mental picture is then projected onto the screen of the holosphere to become reality reflected back as the conditions and circumstances of one's life.  Though the meek may inherit the earth it is always the bold who rule it.

Accept this singular tenet and your world will change.  You will become a concentration of vast creative potential, an auric field saturated with all of the knowledge and power acquired in life ready to be drawn upon at will, a vortex that pulls people and favored circumstances to you through the illusionary barriers of time-space.  Nothing can be beyond the reach of your will.  No boundaries exist because all is connected.  Your power will be magnified in patience and trust, knowing that events, circumstances and things are instantly moved by your thoughts, aligning toward you by repetitive thinking in the positive...drawn more and more into your life through daily streams of thought and expectation.  As your daily behavior reflects these thoughts, what you want begins manifesting in your life.  The holospheric Oversoul will both obey the master or afflict the slave; the master has all he wants and builds his own life, the slave remains adrift in a chaotic sea of thought-constructs belonging to others.

By observation and sense-perception we interact with the holospheric environment and it is strengthened around us by our awareness.  Indeed, our own biology is a part of the bonds that confine us.  As a mental construct, the holosphere is influenced mentally by the individuals within it.  We write our own code, all too often prejudiced by circumstance.  But in living out our own program, authors of our own fate, none can blame God.  The problem we must address is our own reaction to external stimuli, a surrounding world saturated with negativity.

We rage, bitter and resentful, observing our environs and recognizing that things are out of order, that the undeserving are promoted, the worthy unrewarded, innocents are condemned and the mighty are subdued.  Those with acuity are cursed while halfwits are happiest.  In constant contact with reality's inequities a conditioning molds us into accepting the world as an environment where this is the norm, the expected.  This is the greatest aspect of the holospheric Law of Attraction operable in our every day lives, the Law of Reflection in its most potent form.  Recognition of its operation will be necessary to the complete reversal of the negative circumstances of one's life.  Every time we are a angry, sad, unhappy, discontent, impatient or destitute over a condition in our life we are reinforcing its continuance...the PRESENT mental output molds present conditions onto the architecture of the future.  We are SO POWERFUL and too blind to see that we walk roads of our own construction.

Remember always- we receive not what we want but what we are, a truth misunderstood by the religionists who break themselves on the rack of prayer.  By being patient, content, hopeful, aware that our wants are possible, we strongly attract those conditions.  By keeping a firm mental picture of what you want to experience, your positive attitude will begin altering the circumstances of your life, the holosphere shifting reality to align with your thought and emotions.  Negative expectations produce negative results.  This phenomenon is observed all the time.  Such a law must have its counterpart- positive expectations produce positive results.

The notion that our fears are reflected back upon us is merely an example of the Law of Reality at work, not a law in and of itself.  Fears weigh heavily on the mind penetrating the very fabric of our personality.  Fears occupy our mental life with a steady stream of thought, amplified by biological reactions of anxiety.  The reality matrix we are immersed in is not our enemy, it is our own programming.  We are conditioned to doubt, fear, disbelieve and 99% of humanity are enslaved in an intricate sphere of overlapping reflections that harmonize to reinforce what is doubted, feared or believed.  What is true of fear and anxiety is equally true of a positive mind- a calm, excited expectation draws mental desires into physical experience, just as terrible things are attracted to the one who fears them.  We are the Law, an insignificant piece of vast potential, a creative spark able to illuminate its own path because where there exists even a tiny amount of creative force we are assured that we are always immersed in an infinite medium of transformative power so plastic that it is mentally moved.

So in changing your attitude you change your world.  You will know when your frequency has changed.  After a spell of suppressing negativity in your thinking, things will occur that should upset you, but do not.  You are no longer in resonance with the negative and VERY QUICKLY your positive attitude then causes positive things to manifest out of negative situations.

The power of the mind to manipulate reality, to induce change, has been noted in various ways by many famous and lesser known people.  It is important to know what others have said on this topic.

> Emotion unveils in the soul of man the development of powers so deeply hidden that by the majority of men their very existence is denied.  P.D. Ouspensky

> The man who can sincerely thank God for the things which as yet he owns only in imagination, has the real faith.  Wallace D. Wattles, 1910

> Expect the best to happen...one who has learned to trust will not be surprised even when he finds things coming from the most unexpected sources.  Ernest Holmes, 1919

> Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.  Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.  Baltasar Gracian

> This is our divine birthright-nothing hinders but ourselves.  Ernest Holmes, 1919

> Man himself in part creates the conditions under which he lives, and is not merely the impotent prisoner of circumstance.  Lewis Mumford

> The world is as we imagine it.  The world is as we perceive it because we have been created by the world for the purpose of observing and understanding it.  Gerhard Staguhn

> What one thinks continually, he becomes.  Edgar Cayce

> Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right.  Henry Ford

> A person who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will some day experience in the outer what he so faithfully sees within. Ernest Holmes, 1919

> We receive not what we want but what we are.  James Allen

> When you look at your current state of affairs and define yourself by that, then you doom yourself to have nothing more than the same in the future.  James Ray

> The divine man knows that faith itself is not conceived and known, but lived and enacted.  Anonymous

> Because we are what we are, we may become what we will.  James Allen

> Fate is in our hands...the whole trouble has been that we reason as men and not as gods.  Ernest Holmes, 1919

> A change of world view can change the world viewed.  Joseph Chilton Pierce

> The man who does not believe in miracles makes it certain that he will never partake in one.  William Blake

> Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.  James Allen

> One cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that gave rise to the problem.  Ervin Laslo

> The answer to prayer is not according to your faith while you are talking, but according to your faith while you are working.  Wallace D. Wattles 1910

> If the end is already secured, then it follows that all the steps leading to it are secured also.  Thomas Troward

> No one is powerless, ordinary or insignificant.  To claim so is to claim that divine infinity is all of those things.  If we change our imagination of ourselves we can live as the incarnate ocean and not as the disconnected droplet; as infinity and not only as far as the eyes can see.  David Icke

> It is shameful to be alive and not live.  Victor Hugo

> People don't see the world as it really is, even if they had the intelligence, they don't have the desire.  C.W. Dalton

> Most men occasionally stumble over the truth, but they pick themselves back up and continue on as if nothing happened.  Winston Churchill

> The search for reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings for it destroys the world in which you live.  Nisargadatta Maharaj

> Reality remains unknowable to us while we cling to our illusions.  Helen D. Vandman

> Look at your world and your life and you are looking at what you think of yourself at the very core of your being...the subconscious creates a physical replica of itself before our eyes, in people, places and experiences which reflect its sense of self.  At any moment in any day, we are casting around us a magnetic image of what we think of ourselves. It is this which creates our reality by magnetically attracting to us experiences which correspond with that pattern.  David Icke

> Reality is veiled...we are prisoners of an inner world, of a machine that produces a virtual reality.  So it ends that the senses- our only means of contact with the external world, keep us separated from it through representations that are not real.  Massimo Citro

> All the major thinkers have rightly perceived that bodies are illusions, representations of something else and what we call existence is rather like a dream.  But this secret has been hidden, transmitted only to those able to accept the terrible truth that we live in a fiction.  Massimo Citro

> If anybody's a wizard, everybody is, to some degree, a wizard.  Charles Fort, 1932

> What the mind has created only the mind can undo.  Buddha

> The truth is to know that everything is an illusion.  Professor John Wu

> Where the cause is, there is the remedy.  James Allen

> People who live in fear of disease are the people who get it.  James Allen

> Thoughts are things...and each thing creates its kind.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox

> Faith or fear...where one is found, the other cannot exist.  Napolean Hill

> The victim mentality creates the victim reality.  David Icke

> I receive that God and I are one...I am then an immovable cause that moves all things.  Meister Ekhart, 13th cent. Dominican

> If you think there is opposition, then opposition will appear.  Anonymous

magic faith law of attraction

An above listed quote of the erudite Charles Fort on wizards provides us a totally unique vantage point by which to reanalyze this data.  The believer in a faith attributes the answering of prayer to their deity, or, as I presume, the Infinite Oversoul merely reflects back in the physical what we project mentally.  That material reality is actually an illusion of physicality I term the holosphere seems to be the idea behind ancient and more contemporary magical systems.

What separates the magus from the breadth of humanity is the knowledge of a single secret...awareness of the existence of the ether, an invisible essence permeating all things in space and time.  Even spanning beyond the past and after the future.

As the Absolute, the ether is an infinitely impressionable medium, a mirror reflecting what is known and believed, a purely impersonal force amenable to suggestion that instantly begins modifying reality to conform to expectations projected in to it.

The magus knows that the Absolute is the source of all we want, therefore, in knowing this, the Absolute becomes the source of all we want because this etheric reality is actually a magical construction so baffling to scientists they mask it under the descriptions of quantum camouflage.

There have always been magi, seers and oracles of old, prophets and sages separated from the sea of humanity by their acute intuition that the unseen is clearly evident in those things we can see.

The learned magus knows-

> present reality does not actually exist- it is a shadow of something else that is real

> nothing is absolutely true and everything is permitted

> good and evil are irrelevant, neither can be an absolute

> LIVING is the purpose of life

> belief is a tool for achieving effects

> we are the Law and life's conditions are effects

> in the ether there is no distance between we and what we desire

> reality reflects the personality impressed upon it- if this personality is a wizard then wizardry will result

> we are more than we suppose ourselves to be

> we are more than anything that can happen to us

> in creating new conditions the magus is in no way limited by precedent

> the positive mind produces power just as the negative one negates it

> all potential lies in our insignificance

> the best way to predict the future is to invent it (Alan Kay)

The magi knows what the religionist does not, that AWARENESS of power CREATES power. Also-

> to be free of unwanted circumstances, one must imagine life without them

> reality reflects what we are, not what we deceive ourselves to be

> life is an echo...what is sent out comes back as a copy of what was sent out.

The religionist prays to God and then claims it is "God's will," when prayers go unanswered despite it being written- "Ask and ye shall receive..."  This is not the way of the magus.  The magus lives out his desires and by expecting his word fulfilled, he acts accordingly.  His maxims-

> act as though you are, and you will be

> you are what you repeatedly do

The religionist is imbued with slave programming, in submitting to deity he denies his own divinity.  The religionist is ensnared, not realizing that-

> thinking with restrictions, restricts us

> thinking there are limitations, limits us

> negative thinking reinforces negative conditions

> to think of opposition causes opposition to manifest

> our fears tend to follow us

> waiting is anxiety, serving to push away the very thing waited for

> active pursuit causes active flight; waiting causes avoidance; only when we halt do we attract things to us

> the prayer of desperation admits a situation for what it is, and thus CONTINUES IT.  This is the singular greatest tragedy of the human condition.  For thousands of years the religious paradigms have trained generation after generation of the faithful to take their burdens to God in fervent prayer, a old scheme designed to harm humanity.  These billions of people have inadvertently strengthened the negative influences by admitting they existed and that they had no power to alter them.  The delusional religionists are trapped in a perpetual cycle of self-destruction.  If prayers admitting one's powerlessness truly worked  then the world would be a very different place than it is today.  Cancer, crime, hunger, natural disasters, disease, poverty- these continue unabated into the twenty-first century because the many through belief continue their empowerment.  But this  was not written for them.  This was written for those who dare to choose their own reality tunnel, to forge their own path through holospheric reality.  You DO NOT HAVE TO CONFORM.  This is not a world of absolutes.  You are not a wolf just because you refuse to be a sheep.  Let the lemmings run while you stop to get your bearings.  Let them fill the sea while you stand on firm ground seeing your terrain more clearly.

This has been an excerpt from my book, Awaken the Immortal Within.

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