Planned Apocalypse is Fulfillment of 33rd Degree of Freemasonry

ELITIST CENSORSHIP IS the reason you know nothing about the phoenix

In May 2040 the Phoenix Weapon will perform what it was designed to do...depopulate the world through a series of catastrophic measures, ancient protocols that have been executed against humanity several times in the past 63 centuries.  The research has been conducted and it is irrefutable.  Like so many civilizations before, our cities will be destroyed, topography drastically changed, disease will kill what starvation does not.  Our calendars will suffer the same fate as their precedessors...a return to Year 0.  So much free information is offered in Nephilim Archives that you have no excuse for not knowing these things.  Here is provided for you a pictorial synopsis of the Phoenix history.

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These ancient secrets are known by a few.  The devastation will be so complete that the world will be forced to start over without an infrastructure.  Survival of the fittest will be the norm and pockets of survivors will be clannish and violent.  Within 50 years literacy will be lost, books used for fuel.

Prehistory is full of proofs of prior cataclysms.  Our planetary landscape exhibits all the evidence of a world destroyed many times over, of entire oceans slipping out of their basins and altering the topography, carving mountains and leaving behind deserts.

All over the world have been found the artifacts of a pre-archaic advanced civilization.  Not aliens.  Humans.  Their civilization was abruptly ended by the Phoenix Weapon in 4309 BCE, about 6055 years ago.  At this time in history the skies were obscurred by a thick vapor canopy by day that hid the sun but magnified the heavens at night.

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Fifteen centuries later the descendants of those survivors were again at a high level of achievement.  From this period we find the technolithic laser-precision monuments of Puma Punka and the Great Pyramid of Giza, the most misunderstood and censored archeological subject ever.  The interior measurements of the Great Pyramid contain rectilinear distances of 138, 276, 414, 552, 690, 1380, 1518, 1656, 2070, 2484, 2760, 3036, 3312, 3864, and 4140 all made by Sir Flinders Petrie.  His measurements are endorsed by the scientific community and Egyptologists.  EVERY distance of measurement here is divisible by 138...the exact distance in time Phoenix travels in years between visitations.

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In 2653 BCE this civilization of humans employing advanced stone machine engineering was destroyed by the Phoenix Orbiter.  A vast North American civilization was buried abruptly and a series of impacts left their scars across the Northern hemisphere.  This began the Post-Technolithic Period [2653-2239 BCE].

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The Post-Technolithic Period was a 414 year period before another major global world-destroying cataclysm known popularly as the Great Flood in 2239 BCE when in the month of May the Phoenix Orbiter laid waste to both hemispheres.  During this period humans practiced with an advanced technology that was NOT of their own manufacture, but belonging to the civilization that built the earlier technolithic structures like Giza and Puma Punka.  In fact, archeologists are baffled at the thousands of practice molds found all over ancient South America sites.  Many examples appear to be replicas in stone of what priorly was made of metal.

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After the Great Cataclysm of 2239 BCE [The Deluge] the topography of the world took on the continental shapes we find today.  Theflood story was so universal because it was this Phoenix disaster that collapsed the vapor canopy, raining water down on the surface.  Across the globe people in antiquity claimed this was the birth of the sun, claiming the moon to be older.  In the vapor canopy world the thick mesosphere dimmed sunlight to a sky glow with no sun but at night the atmospheric moisture magnified the heavens and the moon showed prominent.

This new Sun Age began the Heliolithic Period; people worked together to build fantastic and enormous monuments to induce the return of the "gods," like the sky-facing Nazca agriglyphs, Stonehenge II and the Easter Island busts in a Bronze Age attempt at sympathetic magic.

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It was during this Heliolithic period that the descendants of the Post-Technolithic civilization used the old engineering sciences and built earthquake -proof walls and structures.  Cyclopean masory of odd polygonal sides.  Because the "gods" of the Old World that passed down these technologies and knowledges were much taller and bearded than the indigenous peoples, during the Heliolithic Bronze Age the leaders of cities and civilizations wore artificial beards and practiced skull-lengthening techniques, efforts to instill confidence in the people that their sovereigns were in good standing with their ancestral "gods."

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Another major feature of the Heliolithic Period [2239-1687 BCE] was the worldwide campaign of pyramid building, attempting to replicate the monument of the "gods" from the Technolithic Period [3439-2653 BCE].  From China, Cambodia, Sumer and Babylonia, Egypt, the Yucatan across the Atlantic, Central America and South America the people all built the pyramids in the hope that the "gods" would return.

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In the year 1687 BCE the Phoenix struck again, in the month of May.  From Xian in China across the Near East, Baalbek and several megalithic sites in the Mediterranean were toppled in global quakes.  The Great Lakes copper mining came to an end, tools dropped as men fled, just as they dropped their tools in ancient Greece, Baalbek and Easter Island in the Pacific and Tiahuanacu in Bolivia.  By this time men had been employing the art of writing for about four centuries and we have the records of this cataclysm, known anciently as the Ogygian Flood.

The gigantic stone spheres used by the Heliolithic builders as earth resonators for earthquake detection that baffle archeologists were after the destruction used by conquerors for their busts.  In the wake of the destruction a negroid race controlled the Yucatan region and had their faces carved out of the ancient stone spheres.  Reliefs in Central and South America show indigenous Amerindians fighting and executing caucasian and negroid captives.

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Phoenix was one of the most celebrated concepts of the ancient Mystery Schools and Oracles.  The knowledge of its orbit was the theme of the Atreus tradition, the science of the Tuatha de Danaan, it is the meaning behind the Perseus myth when the hero battled the Kraken when the city of Joppa suffered a flood catastrophe as the sun blackened and the Phoenix knowledge was known to Thales who predicted in 585 BCE that the sun would darken in two years (583 BCE).

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The knowledge of the Phoenix was hidden by priests and secular secret societies and passed down through the centuries to become the greatest of all the Ancient and Modern degrees of Freemasonry, degrees that address the histories of Enoch, the architect before the Deluge, of the Great Pyramid's mysteries and the cycles of time.  Albert Pike's famous book Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is a huge monumental work detailing the first 32 degrees of masonry but remains completely silent on the meaning of the 33rd degree.  The symbol for the 33rd degree is the Phoenix.  The meaning of the 33rd degree is clear- Those who know what is coming can prepare to make a New World out of the ashes of the old.  nephilim archives

The records of Phoenix visitations are thoroughly documented in Breshears' books and posts in Nephilim Archives.  The Phoenix destroyed isolated civilizations and sometimes whole hemispheres after 1687 BCE, passing close to earth in 1549, 1411, 1273, 1135, 721, 583 and 31 BCE.  It was also observed and visited in 384 and 522 CE. It then reappeared in 798 and again in 936 CE and destroyed the Mayan civilization, passed over China in 1626 and was observed by millions of Europeans in 1764 CE and by astronomer Hoffman through a telescope as it obscurred a fifth of the sun's surface.  Then in 1902 it passed, was observed, even bringing a new comet [Morehouse] and hundreds of thousands of tons of reddish mud and red rains with cosmic dust veils.

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Breshears' research concludes that on May 16th 2040 the Phoenix Orbital destroyer will again induce a global cataclysm, this finding supported by a research bibliography of over a thousand source materials.

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His three books expounding upon the Phoenix history are- When the Sun Darkens, Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse and Shocking Secrets of Antiquity.  See below.

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