Knowing the Future: Technics of a Psi-Based System

 The future cannot be predicted with a total degree of certainty.  But it can be influenced.    Imagine that future events exist as a superimposed series of templates, potentia, and that an AWARENESS of the existence of these possibilities coupled with ACTION now allows us to influence which template solidifies into experience as the others dissolve into the architecture of OTHER EVENTS.  All this model would require is a system that can approximate when these potential templates are at their PEAK.

As a relativity-based system, one who utilized a system to predict outcomes for a client would by participation become a part of the algorithmic structure.  This means, as a psi-interfacing mathematical construct, the very act of contacting someone to perform the predictions somewhat empowers the predictive ability.  If something is going to occur it can be seen from several mathematical vantage points.  If our arithmetic is unable to afford us a definitive outcome then the timing and outcome of an event can be influenced.

Performing projections employing various systems of predictive analysis have shown proof of Benoit Mandelbrot's fractal geometry theory in the existence of an underlying aesthetic order to seemingly chaotic manifestations.  When an event occurs again we are confronted with the reemergence of a patterned whole that in our dimension is perceived only in part.  In a multidimensional hologram events are all connected- discontinuities are illusory.  We become aware of phenomena as it collapses back in to another order of existence.  Patterns are whole from beginning to end but our perception is in fragments, collapse discontinuities giving us our flow of events.  The pattern is whole and complete but desiccated as it flows through dimensions, governed by arithmetic that accurately measures its trajectory.  In the mental realm this same phenomenon is referred to as cognitive drift.   Despite even intense concentration our thoughts collapse out of our conscious state as others reemerge from our sub/unconscious or from a totally external source.

P.D. Ouspensky notes that since time is the measure of the Earth through space, time itself is structured as a spiral.

Pattern recognition systems relying on mechanical time- seconds, minutes, hours are wholly unreliable; artificiality only produces the arbitrary.  A method of measuring the distance in time between two very similar events as a predictive system  differs fundamentally from typical pattern recognition because it relies solely on the user-selected controls.  These controls are two or more similar events in time-space that provide a quantum signature, a nonlocal wavelength marking the distance through the medium of space to the timing of its/their quantum echo [a similar event].

Ordinary pattern recognition systems explain what is and what has been but never with any degree of consistency, what is to be.  Ordinary pattern recognition models cannot see beyond the barrier of quantum collapse, the sudden emergences in all systems measureable of discontinuities that fracture patterns like glass.  But even in the most chaotic manifestations of nature there is still a patterned order.

The geometrical architecture of our space-time continuum is entirely patterned but due to quantum collapse of all things observable/perceivable, discontinuities arise collapsing a pattern back into randomness.  Our systems rely on rectilinear models inconsistent with our perception of all things in material existence being immersed within,  or subject to, a curve.   Our awareness is tantamount to photographing surface ice fractures on a frozen river unmindful of the rapidly flowing water beneath [continuum of events].

Our perception of time is based solely on our planet's axial rotation of 360 degrees roughly 1000 mph  providing us day time and night while our spinning world also travels 33,000 mph (20 miles per second) around the sun in an elliptical orbit taking 365.25 days to give us our year all the while as the sun we orbit is also moving through space.  These facts demonstrate that the Golden Section [phi] of the spiral [1.618], 360 degrees of a full circle, the length of the day and the cycle of 365.25 days are integral parts to time-space phenomena.  As Earth, the sun and interconnected macro and microcosmic structuring is fundamentally spherical, curvatures in motion, the universal constant pi [3.1416], the periphery of a circle or sphere, likewise is of paramount import in any successful event-prediction model.

We tend to forget that everything in nature is moving, and each object of our environment or perceived phenomena is moving in accordance with mathematical principles.  We are on a thin skin of a giant rock spinning like a top maintaining an obliquity of 23.5 degrees moving in a circle that never closes.  This trajectory is reflected in the movement of a hurricane, a draining funnel of water and even the growing petals of a flower.   This motion of our environment on a cosmic scale affects each of us on a mental level.  The forces of nature progress with activity followed by inactivity, a flow followed by a cessation.  The greatest metaphor for this spiraling cycle of GROWTH and STASIS is day and night.  The key is to isolate your growth days and navigate around your stasis dates- to target future dates when nature is no barrier to your actions, when nature is moving with you.

We don't know how gravity works but we provide explanations for its existence.

For successful predictions projections one must recognize that time is but the reflection of an illusion, an illusory matrix that is structured of discernable properties, a series of fundamental constants that govern the vast realm of unobservable probabilities.  Successful predictors  confirm the Anthropic Principle, that there is a link between the overall design of the universe and the human mind, which can recognize the design and mathematical constants to both the quantum and cosmological planes, identifying that reality is built on a framework of probabilities, structures of potentia that are not exact certainties; as potentia they can be influenced.  

As a psi-based system this method of predicting analyzes the mathematical subquantum substrate of reality, a living, interactive medium of fixed probabilities that react to processes empowered strictly by the intent of an operator's interpretation of the algorithmic projections and the desired outcome of the client.  It is active interpretation of meticulously constructed information that allows the operator to predict the behavior of physical and psychological constructs.  Successful operations are strong evidence for Paul LaViolettes's theory of subquantum kinetics, for projections induce order from disorder, conceiving process, not structure, to be the very basis of physical existence.  Projections involve active interpretation of patterns, not passive re-actions, but actual creative transactions.

This method is thus a reality-construction technology; its awesome complexity deconstructs numerous probabilities in to a simplified reality-tunnel that eliminates other possibilities from happening- projections become events.  It is similar in effect to the consciousness-assisted technology of Dr. Steven Greer but very different in execution, being a cerebral-interface system where search algorithms based on precise mathematical physics constants construct new reality-tunnels.  This system first intuits the probable time-space coordinates of what is being analyzed before sophisticated filters narrow down the more probable outcomes so that a future date is accurately discovered by the inverse process of interpretation being projected.

The system of algorithms interface between the participants of a projection.  The question of the location of the mind as an aspect of event-construction must be taken into account [see Transcending the Speed of Light p. 117].  In an operation the date a client contacts a predictions analyst and the date the operator performs the projection is a part of the whole algorithmic construct.

Whether men know it or not, their actions, reinforced by thought, cast waveforms of information on trajectories into the future.  Every day we are immersed in a deceitful medium bent on forging fantasy into reality.  The blind live subjectively under conditions caused by others but the knowing observer builds his own world through want and imagination, for the holosphere best propagates truths through lies...absorbing fictions to reflect back in to physical reality as facts.   

The majority spend their lives lost in the mirrored maze, but there are few who move beyond its confines through different corridors.  A knowledge of these unseen paths affords one the ability to not only predict an outcome, but also cause a future event.

The future on a personal level is not fixed, however, quantum pathways of information relative to past events ARE FIXED.  These pathways, or evoked potentia, are time-space coordinates targeting the future dates when developments will occur concerning a past event.   Example:  Event A is very similar to Event B.  The distance between A and B is FIXED, measureable, this distance between two instants in our linear perception are moored to a dimensional architecture that connects these two events to EVERY future event that is also very similar to A and B.  This spatial holography OBEYS FIXED LAWS but our scientists have mistaken them as phenomena unrelated to A and B unaware that they perceive, measure and interpret a mere shell (physics) without penetrating the interior.   Our spatial holography maintains the structure of a pentagonal dodecahedron and as such EVERY two perceivable events in our "universe" that are similar in nature/effect instantly cast forth 12 pathways into the future; evoked potential time-space coordinates.  There are multiple electron streams in a storm but at a single instant of time lightning manifests through only one or two of these paths.  All existed as potentia but collapsed into improbability once nature chose a conduit (the lightning) that bridged the nonexistent (fiction) to actual existence (fact).

The principle message of quantum mechanics is that the world is NOT determined by initial conditions, once and for all; every event of measurement is potentially creative and may open new possibilities.  Quantum nonlocality, the existence of a thing suspended outside of time-space, reveals that the fundamental process of nature lies outside space -time but generates events that can BE LOCATED in space-time [physicist Henry Stapp].

The quantum nature of brainwave activity and our cerebral interfacing with the not-real-becoming-real reality is the reason events are generated along pathways that only appear random to those who are unaware of the space-time mathematics of potentia.  The twelve pathways of information stemming from two measured events are governed by fixed arithmetic though which potentia will manifest into physical reflection of the measured past events is controlled by-

  1. conditions relative to each potentia's ability to appear at the coordinates and remain relative; or
  2. the fixed intention, expectation of one who is aware of potential presence of what he wants and its ability to occur at that time.

The problem for scientists is that they are observing and trying to describe effects due to something which they refuse to believe can exist [magical structure of reality] and the problem for magicians is that they refuse to believe that the effects they create or observe could be due to something for which EQUATIONS COULD BE WRITTEN. (Liber Kaos p. 40)

The etheric medium encourages events similar in nature to follow certain paths [potentia].  By intent and desire with an AWARENESS of what we are doing we can easily influence events BEFORE nature has made up her mind.  Paths of potentia are time-space gates influenced by the mental to the material.  Knowing this operation affords one great power in selecting the most favored timing/outcome.  Two or more minds in agreement can-

  1. modify/alter future activity of systems and individuals, and/or
  2. create new circumstances/conditions WHERE NONE EXISTED BEFORE.

Performing informed projections well in advance allows a greater chance of influencing favored potentia.  Further, creativity and imagination possess powers of their own.  Creativity builds reality while acceptance merely continues it.  Universal holospheric reflection is shown in that-

> it maintains the magical property of confirming most of the interpretations placed upon it (Liber Kaos p. 191)

> it has an obliging nature, reflexive, providing proof for any cosmological scheme, scientific or mystical, foisted upon it (Mann & Sutton, Giants of Gaia)

> theories tend to attract their own proof (the Secrets of the Stones p. 18)

> it has the property of intending to provide evidence for, and confirmation of, whatever paradigm one chooses to believe in (Liber Kaos p. 56)

Thousands of hours of systems development has only served to confirm the existence of the twelve potentia, identify their future timing, and design filters and subroutines that aid in isolating the more probable path(s) nature/events will take.  The successful program employs real physics principles using multiple dimensions of space at time coordinates folded over a curvature to isolate the twelve potentia- more sorcery than science, a species of divination so advanced it allows its user to not merely discover the when but also influence the what.

Pi, phi, curvature equations, palindromes, decimal analysis are used in different methods as filters in perceiving a moving holosphere from within it.  As aspects of an intricate programmed illusion, no matter the level of technology employed, event-prediction is essentially psi-based, meaning, the highest precision of predictive analysis of any measureable phenomena is-

  1. causal [creative]
  2. and best performed by its developer or those who really comprehend the system.

Such science-supported sorcery is a window into the magical architecture of reality so plastic in receptivity that it will always produce effects in proportion to its operator's belief not only in divining future dates of sought-for events, but also in the causing of the events themselves.   For this reason the event-prediction model will produce astounding results for its developer and those fully understanding its applications but hardly none at all for one unfamiliar with the system's concepts and not at all for an operator who actively disbelieves the system's ability.

Weathermen, casino managers, intelligence agencies and sports analysts are familiar with the pitfalls of pattern recognition systems- inventive methods that attempt to achieve effects beyond their means.  Their designers are rich in theories but poor in proofs, upholding their techniques beyond their means to defend them.

By definition, event-prediction by the measurement of distance between similar events is not pattern recognition.  The algorithmic construct described herein unveils a paradox in the transdimensional fabric of causal reality: the determinist mathematician sees what he believes is random but the quantum lens shows the operator that the events and their timing that are not fixed are easily influenced.

Future events are wholly contained in preceding ones, and if we could know the force and direction of all events which have happened up to the present moment, i.e. if we knew all the past, by this we could know the future.   -P.D. Ouspensky

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