How to Predict the Future: Deconstructing Our Dimensional Architecture

The horror comes in reality from the mathematical aspect of the code of ethics are justifiable a priori in the face of the cruel mathematics than command our condition.

Albert Camus (1)

In 1973 the World Trade Center towers were completed in New York City.  At that time, standing 110 stories each, these were the tallest buildings in the world.  On February 21st of the same year an Israeli jet shot down a Libyan passenger airliner killing 103 people.  These two events would appear to be unconnected, occurring in opposite hemispheres, to be separated in both time and space.  But were they?

The destruction of the World Trade Center towers in 2001 popularly remembered as 911 is a day not easily erased from the minds of Americans.  It is the one day in our collective pasts that we all recall perfectly what it was we were doing on that day.  In the complex geometrical matrix of our lives we know precisely the TIME and LOCATION of our experiences as 911 unfolded.

But was this a predictable event?  Is there a correlation between the World Trade Center destruction and the destruction of the Libyan passenger jet 28 years earlier?  Is there a definite method by which anyone could predict a future event?  Could it be possible that the future of any thing is hewn from its history?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

The information detailed in this article will alter your perception of reality, for once the human mind is stretched by a new idea it can never go back to its original dimensions. (2)  In order to fully comprehend how easy it is for one to perceive the future we must first understand the findings of some of the greatest minds who have ever pondered the subject.

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Albert Einstein believed that time itself was a geometrical concept.  (3)  The world-famous physicist said that, "The every whit as necessary and determined as the past," (4) and that, "People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinctions between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." (5)  Einstein's opinion was not dissimilar from other great scientific minds.

The Russian physicist P.D. Ouspensky in the early 20th century in his epic work Tertium Organum wrote, "Future events are wholly contained in preceding ones, and if one could know the force and direction of all events which have happened up to the present, i.e. if we knew all the past, by this we could know all the future." (6)  He too believed that time was a geometrical construction embedded within the human psyche.  He further wrote, "The past and future are existing simultaneously on the lines perpendicular to our plane, and the past is identical with the future because phenomena come from both sides and go in both directions." (7)

If this is true then this concept must be demonstrated.  If demonstration can be replicated many times then a fundamental aspect of our existence has been discovered.  If the phenomena of an event is moving in two directions in time and space at the same time then we can perceive our space-time structure as acting similar to the ripples on the surface of a pool of water.  An event happening right now in the present would correspond to the epicenter of a concentric pattern of wave-rings rippling up the surface of the pool after a drop of water fell upon the smooth surface.  The ripples travelling to the left would symbolize past events while those moving toward the right were future occurrences.  No matter how far the ripples travel they will always be equidistant from the epicenter of the ring formation.  Each wave ring is the SAME distance from the center as the corresponding wave ring on the other side of the pool.

If this thesis is to be demonstrated and explained then we need to apply fixed terms to the particulars of this phenomenon.  For our purposes here the drop [event] that creates the space-time structure [wave-rings] that issue out in both directions [past and future] is the center of the entire pattern.  Thus, this is the Isometric Epicenter.  This word, isometric, denotes something that goes in two directions at the same time, and in this case, we are referring to timelines [wave rings].  The epicenter is any event in history that one would want to know the future of.

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The future of an event is represented by the wave-rings that travel to the right.  but as these are merely the geometrical reflections of the same events that travelled to the left [past], then to understand the future events we must compare them with those that are equidistant from the Isometric Epicenter.  For example, the third wave-ring to the right [future] is a reflection of the third wave-ring to the left [past]; around the perimeter of the rings all the way around the pool the rings are ONE AND THE SAME...only from the epicenter are they of any distance from one another.   This is an Isometric Projection, the comparative analysis of an observer (historian or prophet) of two events, one in the past and one in the future both connected to a central event geometrically.  This is Calendrical Isometrics.  No further terms will be introduced in the exposition of this thesis.

We take for our Isometric Epicenter the year 1973 when the World Trade Center was completed in New York City as the tallest buildings in the world (in that year), the year Israelis shot down a passenger jet.  In retrospect we see easily that 911 was 28 years after 1973, passenger jets destroying the WTC towers in 2001, skyscrapers wherein worked many thousands of people, a rather high centration of them being Jewish and Israeli.   Studying the end of the WTC we are reminded of their beginning, in 1973, the isometric epicentral year.  When looking backward to the geometrical space-time reflection of 2001 from 1973 we are taken back that same 28 years to the year 1945 and to a most remarkable and little-remembered event in American history that was NEVER mentioned by the media when the events of 911 were unfolding in 2001.

In 1945 a US B-25 bomber piloted by Lt. Col. William Smith crashed right through the 78-79th floors of the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building, in New York City.  The pilot was flying through low fog clouds and lost his bearings.  The space-time reflection is hauntingly precise.  It was United Airlines Flight 175 that slammed into the South Tower's 79-80th floors, a wing even striking the 78th floor according to David Icke in Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster.

Had an observer taken in to consideration this 1945 bomber accident involving the tallest building on earth in the city of New York when New York erected taller buildings, the WTC in 1973 which were the tallest structures in that year (a taller building was erected in 1974) he would have been able to predict that a plane or planes would strike the WTC in 2001.  Another example can be made of the assassination of archduke Ferdinand that catapulted Europe into World War I.  This assassination was carried out exactly 49 years  after another high-level assassination in 1865, that of Abraham Lincoln.  A researcher seeing the parallels between Lincoln and Ferdinand would quickly see that the two shared things in common.  They both opposed the Banking cartel of the Rothschilds and were enemies of the internationalist Cryptocracy that now runs the entire world.  The truth of both of their assassinations has been officially declared, but the truth is that they were carried out by the agents of the world banks.  This researcher would then count 49 years into the future from the second assassination and find the third murder, this being the November assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Whole books, documentaries and articles have been written showing the uncanny parallels between Lincoln and Kennedy but what is largely unknown is that Kennedy was about to issue an Executive Order that would critically damage Rothschild control over American banks.

Every event of every second in space and time is geometrically connected isometrically to both past and future times and events.  By analogy, our space-time structure is like this same pool of water, but instead of a single drop disturbing the smooth surface in to a pattern of ever-growing rings, every fraction of our own existence is permeated with wave-ripples from countless events from innumerous times that create interference patterns that slightly alter the future wave-rings [events] so that they never quite mirror exactly their past counterparts.

This is why there are slight deviations and that no future event can totally replicate a similar event in the past.  But the phenomenon is real.  It is demonstrable and the concept was understood by the ancients.  To continue with our analogy, the fabric of reality is this pool of water as it would appear as thousands of raindrops slammed into its already rippling surface forming patterns within patterns.  The ripples [events] do not hinder one another as they transect.  They flow through one another.  The space-time interface of multitudes of timelines all operating simultaneously is the cause for the effect we erroneously call coincidence.

Our predecessors believed that the knowledge of the future was accessible by the study of the past.  A golden inscription discovered in the famous tomb of King Tutankhamen of Egypt reads, "I have seen the past; I know the future."  (8)   King Esarhaddon of Assyria in the 7th century BCE left behind a tablet inscription saying, "The future shall be like the past."  (9)  King Jedidyiah, better known as Solomon, author of Ecclesiastes, wrote, "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."

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Because the phenomenon of the passage of events through the space-time structure has the quality of being isometric, travelling both into the past and future at the same time, scholars five centuries ago like Firmicus Maternus were able to understand that "...the beginning of anything was to be found out by the unfolding of historical events."  (10)  More contemporary philosophers and historians have not deviated from this tenet.  In his Discourses, Niccolo Machiavelli made two statements that capture our attention: "If one examines with diligence the past, it is easy to foresee the future."  Then he goes on to remark- "He who would foresee what has to be, should reflect on what has been, for everything that happens in the world at any time has a genuine resemblance to what happened in ancient times.  (11)

There are few men alive who can boast of having researched more on our world's ancient beliefs and histories than Gerald Massey, author of the huge volumes titled Ancient Egypt Light of the World and The Natural Genesis.  These immense tomes are packed with historical, anthropological and mythological data.  Massey's Lectures book from the 1880s contains these statements he made- "The past is a region to is impossible to understand the present without the profoundest knowledge of the past."  And, "Our past deeds must and will make our future fate."  (12)

A contemporary of Massey was the occultist Franz Hartmann, who, in 1888 published a work on magic.  Hartmann perceived that the entire universe is made up of matter that vibrates at different frequencies which gives different physical materials the densities they have.   This is now a know fact about all physical objects, this illusory world that still mystifies even the quantum physicist.  The number of vibrations at a given interval is what identified something from something else.  What interests us here is that Hartmann wrote- "If everything has a certian number of vibrations, and if these vibrations increase or diminish at a certain ratio and in regular periods, a knowledge of these numbers will enable us to PREDICT A FUTURE EVENT."  (13)

Calendrical Isometrics is the science of the future.  Instead of counting vibrations the historian or prophet counts days or years as his numbers which are represented by the wave-rings upon the surface of the pool.  A very relevant statement was uttered in 1902 by Judge Thomas Troward when he said, "The more deeply we investigate the world we live in, the more clear it must become to us that all our science is the translation into words or numerical symbols of that order which already exists."  (14)  Oswald Spengler agreed, writing in The Decline of the West, "...the most valuable thing in the classical mathematic is its proposition that number is the essence of all things perceptible to the senses."  (15)  Numbers serve as the alphabet in this system of analyzing history and the future, but it is the forward and backward isometric timelines that construct sentences out of these numerical letters we employ.  And multiple isometric projections all linked to the same year form for us entire paragraphs, pages and even a whole book of knowledge about a future event.

Our present blindness to this phenomenon is partly because we have been duped by historians and chronologists over and again in to accepting that any particular calendar is of any importance, that the artificial strictures of mechanical time governs our existence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The historian Lewis Mumford summed it up perfectly in his monumental work titled Technics and Civilization when he wrote- "Time is measured not by the calendar but by the events that occupy it." (16)

That 1973 was our epicentral year in our study of the World Trade Center does not in any way restrict 1973 from being a part of other isometric projections.  Many events occurred in 1973 and for every single individual event there are isometric projections connecting those events with both past and future events and times.  This forward and backward pulse of the space-time continuum forms our every day reality.  At 20 miles per second our planet moves around the sun immersed in an incomprehensible vast space-time structure virtually saturated with unseen events in motion.  Current events are the space-time reflections of future phenomena not yet passed through.

In the year 1054 CE the entire world witnessed a stunning supernova in the Crab Nebula.  Many Europeans and others named their children after the bright star explosion.  Also in 1054 Pope Leo IX excommunicated the Patriarch of Constantinople which resulted in the great rift between the Eastern and Western Christian Church.  This division was a loss of power for Italy, headed by the Papacy.  Christianity emerged out of the roots of Judaism and Greek belief (Constantinople headed the Greek Church) and the two elements that stand out in 1054 are religious division and the appearance of a bright star.  At this time in Europe the Jews were spread throughout the nations because the Romans had completely obliterated their nation and Jerusalem in the year 135 CE.  All of the European powers at this time distrusted the Jewish people because of their conspiracies in the Muslim invasions of southern Europe when Jews opened the gates of several cities to allow the Moors and Saracens to invade.  Christian peoples of Europe were offended because it was they who had taken the Jewish exiles in after their flight from Rome.

If we compare 135 CE to the year 1054 we find that they are 919 years apart.  In 1054 the Roman power was weakened from a religious-political conflict, but in 135 CE the Romans were empowered and crushed the Jewish nation in the Bar Kochba Rebellion, which in Hebrew means son of a star.

Now when we search isometrically beyond 1054 in to the future this same 919 years we arrive at 1973 when Israel was attacked by an alliance of Islamic nations in the Yom Kippur War.  This religious-political war found Israel surrounded but totally victorious as they saved Jerusalem, the circumstances the same but only the outcome differing.

That every future is an echo of its past is demonstrated by this peculiar forward and backward trait embedded within the geometrical framework of history.  Could it be possible that some men are influenced by a future that exists in space but has not yet transpired in time?  Every second we spend in the present we are held together by an infinite amount of pasts as well as futures, we as sentient beings literally trapped at the intersect between two infinities.  If the future did not yet exist somewhere we could not exist either.  The space-time sequence of events is moored to something, be it a property of our collective psyche or an Eternal Mind (if there is a difference), somewhere, the future exists in space though unrealized in time.  This was the belief 15 centuries ago by Augustine of Hippo-

 Where did those who sang prophecies see these events if they do not yet exist?  To see what has no existence is impossible.  And those who narrate past history would surely not be telling the truth if they did not discern events by their soul's insight.  If the past were nonexistent, it could not be discerned at all.  Therefore, both future and path exist.  (17)

And because it exists, interwoven into the matrix of the present and past, it is accessible.  Our minds are open to every impression that touches us as we flow through our environments.  We traverse our lives through a medium of innumerable contacts, immersed in an unfathomable multitude of places that remain nonlocal because physically we can only experience one time at a time.  For this reason we are sometimes overcome with the sensation that we already know something that we also understand that we had never come in contact with, that we have seen or experienced something before though we have no memory of it.  Or the feeling that we are being watched takes over us, that we have performed certain acts exactly in the same way we had done in the unremembered past.   The sensations of deja vu, occurrences of retrocognition, synchronicity and coincidence are reminders that the world around us that we perceive through the agency of our limited senses is far greater than we are able to grasp.

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Because the past can be attained by the agency of memory then this necessarily implies that the future can also be experienced, through imagination.  Poetically, with the past as memory and the future perceived through imagination, then our present reality is the ever-fleeting passage of what's imagined in to what is remembered.

That prophets have foretold many recorded events long prior to their unfolding in the human drama is well attested in the literature of nations around the world spanning back millennia.  What is not known is how they do it.  We are given the answer that these men were touched by the Divine, and this could be so.  We are created beings, the question being only the identity of our makers.   Encoded within the structure of our own biological programs are precise geometrical informations.  There appears to be a direct connection between our external space-time structural existence in material reality and our internal geometrical DNA makeup.  The forward and backward property expounded upon in this work concerning historical timelines is scientifically referred to as a palindrome.  This is a sequence of numbers that count both forward and backward from an epicentral point.

Intriguingly, it has been discovered that much of our DNA is structured in the form of palindromes, as yet "undeciphered sentences" that read both forward and backward mystifying the geneticists.  In fact, perhaps as much as 95% of our DNA remains undeciphered according to Sol Luckman in Conscious Healing. (18)  If this is the foundation of our body in the microscopic realm in which our psyche seems to be moored then naturally this is also a property of the universe we are suspended within.  The macrocosm merely reflects the microcosm.

Isometric projections are real and measurable in the outer world of experiences because they reflect the inner world of man.

The famous critical thinker Rene Descartes wrote, "It were far better to never think of investigating  truth at all, than to do so without a method."  (19)   Our method is to study what occurred during certain years, then to examine the past for events that were very similar in nature.   The distance in time between these two events allows us to perceive when a similar event will occur in the future.  When isometric patterns are detected we are afforded a window into the past to events preceding that molded the conditions in time and space to events that follow.

Through the study of calendrical isometrics we see more clearly who we are and where we came from...two requirements necessary when considering where we are going.

{note: this material is published in Breshears' book, Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse, which contains two entire chapters full of isometric projection examples}

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