Great Pyramid Holographic Blueprint of World Destructions Past and To Come

The old history books from around the world contain many references to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt like this Arabic tradition preserved by Abou Balkhi once located in the Bodleian Library-

      "The Wise Men previous to the Flood, foreseeing an impending judgment from heaven...built upon the tops of the mountains in Upper Egypt many pyramids of stone...two of these buildings exceeded the rest in well put together that the joints were scarcely perceptible.  Upon the exterior of the building every charm and wonder of physic was inscribed."  (1)

2000 years ago Diodorus Siculus expressed his own amazement at the site of the Great Pyramid, which during his day still has the sheath of white gleaming limestone casing blocks before the Muslims stripped them off to rebuild Cairo-

"It is said that the stone was conveyed over a great distance...they [The Great Pyramids] do not have the appearance of being the slow handiwork of men but look like a sudden creation, as though they had been made by some god and set down bodily in the surrounding sand."  (2)

My book, Lost Scriptures of Giza, is packed with scores of these obscure references to ancient secret knowledges written on the surfaces of the monument or hidden inside its recesses.  The prevailing belief among our ancestors that the Great Pyramid possessed a secret vital to human survival is shown through Lost Scriptures, but what follows herein is NOT found in the book.  I had to research for and write four more books before I learned the following material.

Before the Flood in the period from 2905-2647 BCE architects built fantastic massive structures by carving and boring into living rock, using blocks of immense size of natural hewn stone, sawn rock, quarried and excavations out of basement rock.  But one superstructure was erected before the Deluge, totally unique, constructed of geopolymer manufacture, a discovery that would not be made for 48 centuries when humans were finally able to recognize this species of sophistication.  After the Flood [2239 BCE] this knowledge of geopolymer manufacturing of synthetic stone was lost.  Builders of the post-diluvian Heliolithic Period again produced megalithic masonry, natural boulders of great size cut into polygonal shapes- cyclopean constructions- in their efforts to 'earthquake-proof' their buildings.  Initially after the Deluge stone was quarried for these projects but soon after the cataclysm some cultures began employing kiln-fired mud brick manufacturing in molds to provide their building materials.

great pyramid-giza-Egypt

The blocks of the Great Pyramid in Egypt are made of geopolymers; made through a process in which artificial stone is created that is virtually indistinguishable from natural rock. (3)  The limestone casing blocks of the Giza structure contain opal, CT, hydroxy-apatite, a silico-aluminate not found in the quarries, blocks containing numerous trapped air bubbles. (4)  Organic fibers having accidentally fallen into the mixture have been found in the stone blocks of the Great Pyramid.  (5)

Sir Flinders Petrie found abundant evidence of a drilling and boring technology employed in the structure that was beyond his ability to understand- but a century later Christopher Dunn recognized that these builders used ultrasonic drilling with diamond-tipped bits. (6)  Petrie's measurements are published in his book, The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh.  His measurements are accepted by Egyptologists and especially by Zawi Hawass, head of Egypt's Antiquities Department.  Hawass calls Petrie "The Father of Egyptology."  (7)  To fully appreciate the magnitude of my discovery of the Phoenix holography encoded in the Great Pyramid, a little history leading up to Petrie's analysis of Giza is in order.

In 1646 CE the monumental research of John Greaves was published, titled Pyramidographia, Or, A Description of the Pyramids of Egypt, in England.  He was then made the Professor of Astronomy at Oxford. (8)   This was the scientific world's first true examination of the Egyptian relics and Great Pyramids.  Over two centuries later, in 1859 CE John Taylor completed his work, The Great Pyramid: Why Was It Built and Who Built It?  The book was published and became a sensation in 1860, the first book to theorize that the Great Pyramid was of biblical import, that it was a prophetic calendar erected by the biblical patriarchs.  Unfortunately his work was scoffed at by the Royal Society.  (9)  Because the structure was located near ancient Egypt they assumed it must be Egyptian.  Taylor was the editor of the London Observer.

Inspired by John Taylor's work on the Great Pyramid mysteries, Astronomer Royale for Scotland, Charles Piazzi Smyth, travelled with his wife at his own expense to Egypt where he took careful measurements of the Great Pyramid in late 1864 and early 1865.  During his study of the structure Smyth became convinced of the Great Pyramid's biblical import. His findings were published in 1880 in Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid.  At this same time Robert Menzies developed the theory of the Pyramid Inch and it's length representing a single year in world history, every measurement of the monument made in these pyramid inches.  Smyth adopted this view, even producing evidence to support it, however, Taylor, Smyth, Menzies and those thereafter like Davidson all employed inaccurate chronologies of world history or inaccurate measurements of the Giza structure which caused the Pyramid Inch theory to fall into academic disfavor. In 1883 Richard Proctor, English astronomer, verified ancient claim of Proclus that earlier traditions referred to Great Pyramid's function as an astronomical observatory.  (10)  In 1900 Moses Cotsworth studied the Great Pyramid, finding that its shadow was a marker of time.  From York he was a brilliant scholar interested in calendars who believed that the monuments of antiquity were astronomical in nature, devices for time-keeping, having also studied Avebury for the same reasons.(11)

David Davidson was an English engineer who sought to prove Robert Menzies wrong, that the Great Pyramid was not a prophetic calendar or historical timeline in stone.  He extensively studied and measured the monument and completely changed his mind.  His own mammoth book, The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, ended up supporting Menzies, Smyth and Taylor but added a wealth of new supporting evidence. By 1926 his book was famous.   Adam Rutherford came next releasing his 4-volume work Pyramidology in 1957 CE that also added much more evidence of the pyramid calendar theory.  All these men were correct in their theory but corrupt in their calculations.    The most precise measurements ever made and scientifically accepted by academia and by Egyptologists alike are those of the meticulous analysis of Sir Flinders Petrie whose own instruments made measurements to a thousandths of an inch...and it is ONLY these measurements that exhibit PROOF of the Great Pyramid's rectilinear calendar of world history and the future.  This is the subject matter of my research in Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering.

great pyramid-giza-egypt

The criticism these pioneers of pyramidology received has guaranteed that today's generation of popular pyramid researchers totally avoid the whole Pyramid Inch concept.  Instead they advance the most ridiculous and insupportable theories and the publishing houses mass produce this idiocy.  But what you are about to read is found in NONE of the modern or older books.  ONLY Petrie's measurements are employed.  That's not to say some authors have not come close.  The following two writers have impressed me with their vision [I assure you my compliments are uneasily obtained] though it is obvious they grasp at a shadow from its periphery.

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval in The Message of the Sphinx in Appendix 3 come very close to understanding the purpose of the Great Pyramid's holospheric function [not its engineering purpose].  They wrote that- "...the function of the Giza blueprint is to provide a virtually indestructible 'holographic' apparatus...'living' man is the result of a holographic union between matter and spirit.  It would very much appear that the 'Followers of Horus' understood the cosmic mechanism to somehow re-separate the two...the construction of the amazing 'holographic' star/stone apparatus of Giza."  (12)  The Giza interior is definitely a blueprint, that it is linked to an interface with the holosphere we are immersed inside is true, that it serves a "cosmic mechanism" is correct...but Hancock and Bauval do not even know anything about the Phoenix chronology nor the internal measurements of the Great Pyramid "blueprint" that are scientifically accepted today.  The following data is unknown to them, which only makes me appreciate their observations even more.

The earliest traditions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are not Egyptian and assert that it was designed to endure through a cataclysm...that to provide a basis of knowledge for a future generation was its purpose.  Internal measurements scientifically conducted by Sir Flinders Petrie of the rectilinear subterranean passage widths, chamber heights, passage length in Descendant and Ascendant passages easily provides a uniform unit of measurement that was used by the constructors throughout the monument.  These measurements were discovered over a century ago and were conducted to disprove the wildly popular Pyramid-Inch theories of the time.  These measurements are scientifically acceptable today, absolutely precise, and they are arranged in rectilinear lengths of 138, 552, 1518, 1656, 2070, 3036, 4140 and 5796- EVERY single number is divisible by 138...the orbital period of planet Phoenix.  Petrie knew NOTHING of Phoenix.  These numbers as orbital lengths are proven in my books When the Sun Darkens and in Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse.  On this website go to Chronicon Files and read Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering to see the actual illustrations showing these scientific measurements.  Four meticulously illustrated charts of the interior of the Great Pyramid exhibit precisely multitudes of measurements all divisible by 138, all four found at end of the book.  It's free to look at.

We must conclude that the builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza were aware of the Phoenix Object and this awareness allowed them to know when it would return over and over again.  We also conclude that the world of the Sethites, of Enoch and later Abraham, was not the primitive society we have been led to believe.  The Great Flood of 2239 BCE did not catch them unaware, they prepared for it.  These measurements PROVE the Phoenix Object will return to visit great destruction on our modern world in May 2040 CE...less than 23 years from now.  You can be sure many more posts on the Great Pyramid and Phoenix are coming.

great pyramid-giza-egypt

These numbers encoded again and again suggest a holographic nature of space-time structuring, that the builders or at least the chief architect was aware of the existence of our holosphere.  The following material will demonstrate more evidence of this holographic aspect of the Great Pyramid.

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2815 BCE Date of Great Pyramid Completion Imprinted in Holosphere

2905 BCE was the year 990 Annus Mundi, or Year of the World, the first year of Giza construction, 990 years after a poleshift created a new heavens (star canopy) and new earth (ocean basins dried as urban centers slipped under the seas).  The patterns of today's constellations in the Zodiac do not fit their descriptions at all because the animals and concepts of the Zodiac houses are not of the stars now seen in those places.  When the pole star fell the entire stellasphere moved out of place as well.  This rearrangement of the heavens and earth was Year One, our 3895 BCE, or 1656 years before the Great Flood in 2239 BCE.  Employing technolithic methods and technology Homo Anunna tunneled out several subterranean levels of galleries, corridors and chambers below the Giza plateau.  The four cornerstones were laid first of the Great Pyramid and the distances between their corners, the sides of the monument, were 756 antediluvian feet, or 108x7.  The 203 courses of blocks to its apex platform 481 feet above the plateau were set at a sloping angle of 51.51 degrees for a apothem (sloping distance) of 612 feet (7344 inches, or 108x68).  The sum of 7344 is 2448x3, and 2448 is the ancient number for "cataclysm" in Egypt as well as the year, 2448 Annus Mundi which was 1447 BCE when plagues struck Egypt depopulating the country and the Israelite branch of the Amorites escaped into Canaan as the surviving Egyptians blamed the Semitic gods for the disasters.  The Great Pyramid was completed in the year 2815 BCE, or 1080 Annus Mundi after 90 years of construction, being 1080 months of labor.

great pyramid-giza-enoch-enki-last days

The builders of the Great Pyramid understood that the earth is not entirely spherical and they built this discrepancy into the monument. There are intentional slight variations in the length of side and angle slopes on all four sides of the pyramid. The pyramid's apothem has been measured at 611.7 feet, and 611.8. while others, noting the slopes vary within a few inches, measure the apothem at 612.0 feet. With a height of 480.868 feet to 481.0 feet and an apothem of 612.0 feet the sloping distance of the Great Pyramid is precisely 7344 inches, or 2448x3. The calendrical significance of this structure is astounding. 2448 Annus Mundi [1447 BCE] was the disasters that initiated the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt [Amorites fleeing a collapsed dynasty]. The entire Anunnaki-World Chronology beginning 5239 BCE is 7344 years to the year 6000 Annus Mundi [2106 CE], being three periods of 2448 years. John Mitchell's own calculations have the apothem at 7341.6 inches but he concedes a possible error of about 2.7 inches because of the variant sloping distances. This discrepancy was intended- a geometrically perfect monument can not accurately represent an imperfect planet. See the New View Over Atlantis p. 144-147. From the base of the pyramid to its apex platform the sloping distance is 7344 inches [years] from 5239 BCE to 2106 CE when the Chief Cornerstone descends upon the Monument of Man.

Edgar Cayce, known popularly as the Sleeping Prophet, is accused by many of being a medium, of witchcraft, God-touched, demon-possessed, a formerly illiterate simpleton whose mind is in touch with transdimensional beings that divulge to him secrets...whatever the case he has been right many times and wrong even more.  Concerning the Great Pyramid mysteries he has been uncannily correct.  Quoting Cayce in 1972, Lytle Robinson wrote, "The Great Pyramid of Gizeh is generally believed to have been constructed about 2900 BC."  (1)  Also, was one hundred years in the building."  (2)

"The Great Pyramid is a record in stone of the history and development of the end of the present earth cycle, in 1998.  Its records are written in the language of mathematics, geometry and astronomy, as well as in the kinds of stone used...after the end of the cycle, there is to be another change in the earth's position, with the return of the Great Initiate for the culmination of the prophecies.  All changes that have come and are to come are shown there in the passages from the base to the top.  Changes are signified by the layer of stone..." (3)

Cayce's dating of the Great Pyramid at about 2900 BCE is precise, and about 100 years of construction is accurate too, the 90 years of building being 1080 months of work from 2905 to 2815 BCE.  I demonstrate in my work, Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering, that the monument is indeed a calendar of world history in its internal dimensions and a countdown of years involving the Last Days in its external features, each course of stone representing a year of time from 1902 to 2106 CE.  Additionally, Cayce's notes the import of the year 1998 [666x3], which is exactly 108 years to the END of the Annus Mundi Calendar in 2106 CE.  These dating systems are also detailed in my books When the Sun Darkens, Anunnaki Homeworld and Chronicon.    Of course, we need not take Cayce's word alone for dating the monument.  In 1984 CE a total of sixty-four samples taken from the Great Pyramid were radiocarbon dated to produce a consistent date of about 2900 BCE.  In 1995 another 353 samples were taken and radiocarbon dated to again produce the result of about 2900 BCE. (4)  Also, George G.M. James wrote in 1954 that the Great Pyramid was built around 2800 BCE as found in Stolen Legacy p. 51.

The three-dimensional geometry of a pyramid is of four lower corners and one high corner, or five points to make the solid pyramid.  When the 3D form is rendered in one dimension, a flat plane, the five points form a pentagram.  The pentagram, or five-pointed star, in ancient Sumer was the DIN.GIR, or the symbol not only for a "god," but also the AR.UB, denoting something that falls from the sky to break up the ground.  The five-pointed star in geometry is made up of ten perfect 108 degree angles, comprising of the sum of 1080.

great pyramid-giza-egypt

John Mitchell wrote that 1080 was a unique number representing prophecy and intuition. In Greek the term "fountain of wisdom," has the gematrical value of 1080, as does "realm of the dead." [Tartaros] (5)    Mitchell wrote that 1080 was a lunar number opposite of its solar counterpart, 666.  Though Mitchell did not know it, the completion of the Giza Complex in 1080 AM [2815 BCE] was exactly 666 years to the Great Flood cataclysm in the year 1656 AM/Hebrew Reckoning [2239 BCE] when according to the ancients the SUN WAS BORN, the Water Sun Age began with the collapse of the vapor canopy.  Before this collapse of the marine firmament the whole earth was like a greenhouse and the entire sky was lit up but with no round sun visible.

In the archaic Vedic beliefs of the Aryan people of India there existed a holy place at the center of the earth constructed of 10,800 bricks containing the knowledges of the past, present histories and sciences and the future.  It was the Altar of Agni [Fire deity: pyramid word contains root for FIRE].  In my book Lost Scriptures of Giza I show proofs that the Great Pyramid was considered by the ancients to be a gigantic altar.  In the Vedic traditions the Altar of Agni was drowned in the sea.  The oldest of all Sanskrit texts is the Rig Veda, it is divided in to ten books containing 10,800 stanzas, or 1080 stanzas each. (6)   So many interesting coincidences.  In 2239 BCE the Giza Complex and entire northern coastlands of Africa plunged beneath the newly formed Mediterranean Sea and remained underwater for 340 years till 1899 BCE when another quake uplifted the region, draining it off to create the ONLY Delta in the world emptying a river that runs from south to north making the Great Pyramid to be located 108 miles to the newly formed Mediterranean coast. That the Giza site is associated to cataclysm is all of its traditions is widely acknowledged. Of further coincidence is that Heraclitus taught that the world is destroyed every 10,800 years.  (7)  He was an Ionian scholar of Ephesus about 503 BCE, nicknamed The Obscure, for the difficulty of his writings.  Heraclitus opposed polytheism and idolatry, declaring there to be One Eternal Reality and he believed that the Self in man was a part of the Divine Intelligence.  He is quoted as saying to the men of Ephesus- "Your knowledge of many things does not give you wisdom." (8)

What are we to make of so many parallels?  Egyptian Heliopolitan-influenced Coffin Texts preserve the fact of the presence of something of extreme importance beneath the Great Pyramid plateau according to Andrew Collins. (9)  Amazingly, the Coffin Texts preserve this secret as Spell 1080-

         "This is the sealed thing, which is in darkness...put in Rostau.  It has been hidden since it fell from Him, and it is what came down from Him onto the desert of sand..." (10)

Collins believes that Spell 1080 parallels a portion of the Book of Enoch (11).  The famous Egyptologist Wallis E. Budge wrote that the Egyptians who copied older hieroglyphic texts often did not understand what they were transcribing.  Spell 1080 is a mistake of translation which in its original form meant YEAR 1080.  It was the year 1080 Annus Mundi [2815 BCE] that the Great Pyramid [the Sealed Thing] was finished by the gods [nonEgyptians].   Rostau was a gate-land of the Dead one travelled to get ot the next life.  Later Arab traditions are little different than the Aryan and Egyptian memories.  Arabic pre-Islamic tradition holds that there is a Preserved Tablet from of old, a writing of stone dating from the Beginning of Time that contains all the histories, knowledges and prophecies.  The Angel of Death is there with 1080 eyes searching continually through the records making sure no one dies before their time. (12)

Many have argued, without doing the math, that the Great Pyramids would have taken many centuries to complete. This is wrong. The Great Pyramid was begun in 2905 BCE and required 1080 months to build, or 90 years, to 2815 BCE, which was the year 1080 AM [1080th year of the 1656 years of PreFlood World that ended in cataclysm in 2239 BCE].   Here are scenarios to ponder.

The average block of the Great Pyramid weighs 5000 lbs. [2.5 tons], each being equivalent to 27 men all weighing 185 lbs. But human workers can be reduced when factoring in engineering and technological unknowns-cable/pulley systems, hoists, beasts of burden, hydromancy, vibrational leviation, stone softening, even liquid limestone molds- what aids men possessed in engineering during the Contact Period [3439-2647 BCE] employing technolithic sciences would greatly have reduced the need for large populations of workers.

Great Pyramid construction Scenario 1: quarrying and construction in 90 years taking one day off a week is 27,771 days of labor on a 360-day year. 2.5 million blocks in 90 years required 90 blocks a day quarried, dressed, transported and set in place. If each individual block had 90 men attached to it, then the entire Great Pyramid could have been constructed by a force of 8100 men working together from start to finish for 90 years [1080 months].

Great Pyramid construction Scenario 2: In 90 years, 90 blocks a day were quarried, dressed, transported and emplaced in 27,771 days by a workforce of 27,000 men, this being 300 men to a block- far too many for the Great Pyramid alone. At this rate the entire Giza Complex could have been built in 90 years.

Great Pyramid construction Scenario 3: we now know the blocks of the monument are geopolymer-manufactured, in molds, and by the testimony of the ancients in both hemispheres it was believed that stone building materials before the Flood were "floated" through the air. Scalar boring methods and other evidence of technolithic practices exhibits evidence that the entire Giza Complex could have been tunnelled and erected in weeks using these technologies.


Thousands of books in passed three hundred years have sought to show that the Great Pyramid contains the mysteries of Earth, the Moon and planets, the sun, orbital data, distances, velocities.  People conceive of concepts they ordinarily can not prove, yet the evidence is ever there.  At the Earth's equator, the rotation of the planet is moving at 1080 mph. (13)    Further, because of the distance and velocity of the Moon and Earth's own rotation, the lunar umbra, the Moon's shadow of total darkness during an eclipse, travels across the face of the earth at a mean average of 1080 mph.  Also 1080 pixels is the highest resolution the human eye can perceive, anything advertising more or better clarity is just marketing.  Concerning pixels, one of the most controversial photographs ever taken was satillite photo 70A13 taken of the Mars' surface that depicts the famous sphinxlike face in the Cydonia region, a monument staring upward into the sky positioned close to the unique pentahedral pyramid known as the D & M Pyramid.  Perhaps coincidentally this amazing photograph happened to have been taken when the satellite  camera was exactly 1080 miles away.

The search for synchronicity will never end.  We exist submerged in a flowing hologram governed by initiatives and protocols that serve to keep humanity ignorant, enslaved and depopulated.  Our existence is the desert and all perceptions are mirage.  The coding for apocalypse was preserved in stone inside the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.  All of the Phoenix data is found therein.  We are pawns in someone else's game, made to believe in fictions to keep our minds away from facts.

If the Phoenix phenomenon is something that interests you, read When the Sun Darkens and Nostradamus and Planets of Apocalypse.

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