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This summer has been a busy one.  Though I'm a dedicated researcher and writer with 10 works published I still have to work hard to guarantee a couple income streams.  Writers don't make a lot these days.  I work at Phils Roadhouse five days a week, in the evenings, and do pressure washing jobs in my company Woodlands Residential Pressure Wash in the mornings when I have contracts.  Weekends and some mornings I continue my research and writing.

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My publisher, Book Tree of San Diego, just released my work, Return of the Fallen Ones.  I do hope you check it out.

Return of the Fallen Ones is a MUST read for anyone wanting to know the true histories of our world and how they relate to a fast-approaching and very dark future.

This book focuses on the little-known events and calendars that have their origin during a preCataclysm era, a world very different than our own, a time referred to by some as the Antediluvian World.

NO OTHER BOOK can be found that so amazingly documents the history of this vague time period.  A masterpiece of investigation filled with new finds, new revelations, new concepts and a totally new understanding of human antiquity.

318 pages packed with astonishing discoveries & reports citing over 2,000 references from over 260 sources available in ebook or print.

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For those who enjoy a good ride, who like being immersed in another world, I have just released two other books on Amazon.  Though most of my books are nonfiction with extensive bibliographies, I do have two fiction works available.  Epic fantasy.  The Oraclon Chronicles.

Dark Tales of Dagothar

They came by night while they were away on patrol. Taking away his two boys, they ate his wife. His was not the only family destroyed. Several men unwisely pursued the foul beasts back to their tower lair in the swamp bordering Dimwood. They did not survive. The ancient witch had lured many to their deaths throughout antiquity. She was a scion of a brood from the Old World before the Scattering, long prior to the Cataclysm and even before the Age of Shadowed Ice. She once called the underworld her home. The witch of Yald'bok plants children in pots to harvest monsters...but on this day she stole the wrong seed.

This is a story of The Oraclon Chronicles. The witch's history with the Minions and her wars against Dagothar are further detailed in Chronicle of Dagothar.

The Greric and the Witch of Dimwood story already received a pretty good review by  

If I wanted to use one word to describe the story though, it would be atmospheric: you can feel the chill from the page, and the suspense as he approaches. The sheer amount of atmosphere and tension makes what could have been yet another quest story stand out. The writing is, I would have to say, unobtrusive. I couldn't tell you anything about the author's writing style because I was too lost in the images it evoked. The action scenes are well laid out and absolutely gripping, and it cuts back and forth between flashback and real fluidly and without losing either the flow or the reader. The plot is tight, and makes sense, and absolutely no punches are pulled. None.  A very dark fantasy that kept me turning pages right to the end. This one's for fantasy fans, but horror readers should give it a look as well.
Rating: 4
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 nephilim archivesThe second story in Dark Tales is The Cragly of Cindereach.  

He has walked the roads of Dagothar for ages. His people mastered war long before Men invented swords. Haunted by loss, driven by convictions deeper than humans can feel, he wanders through kingdoms on his journey fulfilling an ancient oath. Chief of the First People, of the blood of Ha'akathrals from before the Age of Shadowed Ice, he walks through civilizations in the Old World to the domains of men. Known to the feylorn, to the faeries of the great forests of Dimwood, Splinterdark, Treehelm, Enchandrus, Everleaf and Harrowood and across the wilds by those almost as old as he, Tal-Nik of the Beasthorn walks to a place where he had suffered the greatest anguish of his long life. He is thousands of years old by the time he went back to Cindereach...they should have left him alone.

Tal-Nik and the Kindread are featured in The Oraclon Chronicles.

This story too has received a good review.

I've been gaming 35 years, RPG- GURPS, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder and I know fantasy.  Obviously so does Breshears.  All I had to read was The Cragly of Cindereach and I was in!  With the Archaix Project guys I got my own copies of The Oraclon Chronicles novels and Greric and the Witch of Dimwood story.  Having met Rich at the Fat Ogre in Conroe I found out that the series was written by a local guy.  I'm from Philadelphia but that the King of Fantasy is a Texan don't matter to me because The Oraclon Chronicles is the BEST S--T I have ever read.  I want to don my weapons and armor and explore Darkfrost Peaks,  Dimwood and Blackmar Deeps, the ruins of Talan Dathar and Sigils Arch.  Explore Splinterdark, Titan Oaks, Treehelm, Enchandrus, Feyknot-on-the-Water, Arborealm and Everleaf Pines.  I've got to check out ancient Daethalon.  You got to read about the dwarves of Red Anvil, the Tunnel Kings, Muzzle Lords called Magrar, Craniax the giant of Deep Ore Peaks and Mount Talisman.  There's nothing more wicked than those orc axemasters, garbolgs and Aelvatchi headhunter elves.  Sarthaldon City in Hollowrealm is awesome, and that evil-turned-good thornmaiden vixen is a goddess of war!   Breshears needs to GET THE GAMES MADE!  Mickey Fuqua, Archaix Project 2016.

 These stories are set in the world of Dagothar when my new novel, Uprising, takes place.

An unusual warlord has united the underworld.  The lead ranger has vanished.  Josiah Arrowloft races across kingdoms with enemies close behind spilling forth in a new Uprising.  Far below the world of Dagothar a Barad-ai ranger and his steed traverse the underworld on a quest to find the surface. Liam is one of the Deep Men and with the dragon Sibilan Stonescales he embarks on an unforgettable journey for the Council of Sages and Seers. Urick Arcanacraft is a 13th degree knight-scholar who leads his crew on a voyage through alien waters filled with perils aboard the ship Seeker of the Ancient Lost. This blademagus possesses a secret deciphered from an old tablet. Dax Clovenheart is a hulking blue-skinned rhinotar. He claims to be a ranger, uses unspeakably powerful weapons and is from a place very far away. He has been to where the others go but must return in what will prove to be his most important assignment ever.

These four heroes and their friends will meet amidst a holocaust of war and carnage, dark sorceries and curses, prophecies fulfilled, tragedies unforeseen, unbelievable heroics and a shocking faery apocalypse...disasters culminating with the cataclysmic return of the Broken Moon.  In an epic struggle where offworld interference endangers all the inhabitants across Dagothar, mankind will get help from the most unlikely place...the realms of Hell.

Thus begins The Oraclon Chronicles.

Maybe I'll see you at Phils Roadhouse.  Or I might run into you pressure washing.  Or you might get an email from me if you drop me a line at  Either, way, I'm always busy.  Right now I'm finishing up the next fantasy book in my series as well as organizing the notes for my next nonfiction book on ancient mysteries.  You can bet that I'm never bored.  Even when I'm still I'm avid reader.nephilim archives

On Amazon you can check out my Dark Tales of Dagothar, or my 356 page epic fantasy novel, Uprising.   

If you're interested in some amazing findings on the preFlood world and ancient Sumeriance Early Bronze Age histories, check out Return of the Fallen Ones. 

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Jason M. Breshears is a researcher of the occult, chronology and antiquities.  Eight of his published works are nonfiction with extensive bibliographies concerning fascinating information on ancient civilizations, cataclysms and the modern establishment's attempts to suppress these discoveries from the public today.  Five of these works are published by Book Tree in San Diego.

The Lost Scriptures of Giza (2006, 2017 updated version) Kindle & paperback
When the Sun Darkens (2009) paperback
Anunnaki Homeworld (2011) paperback
Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse (2013) Kindle & paperback

Giants on Ancient Earth (2017) Kindle & paperback
Awaken the Immortal Within (2017) Kindle & paperback

Shocking Secrets of Antiquity (2017) Kindle & paperback

Return of the Fallen Ones (2017) paperback

Fiction (The Oraclon Chronicles)

Dark Tales of Dagothar  (2017) Kindle & paperback
Uprising (2017) Part 1 of The Oraclon Chronicles (Kindle & paperback)

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