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A Call for Help

I have thousands of pages of notes, references, observations, discoveries and conclusions in the Chronicon Files, a vast archive of unpublished works on the mysteries of the Old World.  I have exhausted my own resources acquiring the 1157 nonfiction reference books in my bibliography (I NEVER cite the internet as a source).  Additionally, I have new research, about 925 packed pages in my home office that are not on this website.
Truth seekers should not be denied access to profound information but the truth of the matter is that the finishing, editing, formatting of such data-packed works requires resources. Publishing is no longer lucrative.  So much free material is available online the sales of books are few.  It may be years before I am able to submit the following works to my publisher, Book Tree of San Diego.  In the mean time I'll continue writing.
For 21 years I've done this alone, studying the oldest writings on this planet, the scientific journals, occult and comparative religious studies.  I have a passion for unveiling knowledge wrestled forth from the pieces of the past but unfortunately my finances do not match my ability to spend them.

For those serious about their education with the desire and ability to financially help me with nephilimarchives.com, contact me, Jason, at ophisys@gmail.com


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Jason M. Breshears