Amazing Chronometry of Great Pyramid Dates the Flood Cataclysm at 2239 BCE

The Great Deluge disaster made popular by the scriptures is actually a cataclysm well-documented in the ancient Early Bronze Age.  By several species of analysis and by the calculations of many, this global catastrophe occurred in the year 2239 BCE, or 4257 years ago.   Because several archaic chronographers wrote that the preflood world endured for a period of 1656 years, and the genealogies for the ten patriarchs of Genesis also add up to 1656 years, we easily locate Year One of the ancient world's calendar at 3895 BCE.  This is simply done by adding 1656 years to 2239 BCE.    These numbers, 1656 and 3895, will prove to be most interesting in this post as I give you a tour through history unlike any you've ever experienced before.

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Whether one believes the biblical record or not, it is the chronological markers 1656 years and 3895 BCE that we are to pay close attention to here.   While my works cite dozens of references from antiquity and modern chronological studies published by others on the Flood date of 2239 BCE and Year One 1656 years earlier at 3895 BCE, in the interest of fairness here are the other Deluge tradition and preflood traditional chronologies.

In the Sumerian King-List the ruler Etana who disappeared into the sky ruled before the Flood 1560 years, a period 96 years short of all antediluvian history.  Etana to many researchers is the figure later to be known as Enoch, the architect-prophet who lived before the Flood.  Another figured often associated to Enoch, scribe of God and the Watchers, in the Egyptian tradition was Thoth.  Thoth was the writer of the gods and ruled 1570 years before Egyptian history began, a period 86 years short of 1656 preflood years.  The Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics and another similar culture who wrote using this picture writing was the Chinese and in their ancient Shu-King text the Deluge disaster is dated to our 2254 BCE.  A 13 year difference from 2239 BCE, or the Hebrew Year 1656 [not the Jewish Calendar which was corrupted intentionally by 133 years by rabbinical conspiracy to disclaim the coming of the Messiah who they thought was Bar Kochba].

As the western world of Macedonia and Rome came into contact with the very aged libraries of the Near East they preserved for us accounts of the dating of the Great Flood that survived to this day.  When Alexander of Macedon conquered Babylon his chief scribe and naturalist, Callisthenes, studied the chronological records the Babylonian priests showed him and found that the people of Babylon counted the very beginning of their calendar at the Flood which Callisthenes wrote occurred in our 2233 BCE...a 6 year variance from the actual 2239 BCE.   The prestigious chronicler Marcus Varro wrote that the Flood was dated 2200 BCE, an approximate only 39 years off.

The Dutch Oera Linde manuscript is a harrowing history of European people, very detailed and with a textually-related chain of custody covering over a thousand years.  In this record of their ancestors is a very explicit description of the Great Flood cataclysm dated by the manuscript as having occurred equal to our 2184 BCE, or 55 years from 2239 BCE.   Equally fascinating is the fact that the bearded Toltec strangers of ancient Mexico on the other side of the world also maintained Flood traditions and dated the disaster to have transpired in the year 1716, which tell the chronologist two things: (1) because 1716 was the END of a period then its beginning was Year One of that period, a close approximate to 3895 BCE; (2) as 1716 is 33x52 and we know that 52 is the MOST prominent of all chronological markers in ancient American time-keeping systems [Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Aztec], then the true number here to pay attention to is 33.

The number 33 is a source of mystery throughout antiquity and a standard in the occult literature of the world.  In the chronology of the Hebrew Book of Jasher and in the Book of Jubilees which divides world history into 50-year segments, we find that the 1656 years of the preflood world's duration was precisely 33.3 Jubilees [50-year periods of time-keeping].  This is the origin of the 1716 years of the Toltecs...somewhere in their past they had accurate chronological records that the Great Flood [end of Water Sun Age] happened in the 33rd period of their calendar but as they had moved in among foreign American cultures who counted by factors of 52 the bearded Toltecs soon forgot their 50-year jubilees to replace it with the smooth-faced indigenous people's 52 year cycle.

The 1656 years is important here because it is exactly twelve orbits of Phoenix [138x12], the object that I have documented extensively that passed close to Earth in 3895 BCE [Year One Annus Mundi] and again in 2239 BCE [Year 1656: Great Flood].  The study of calendrical systems uncovers some rather astonishing things, as we will find.

Here is a chart beginning at Year One [3895 BCE] and ending at 2239 BCE [Year 1656], or the Flood date.  This chart covers the 1656 years of antediluvian history.  Using the Genesis genealogy and the chronology provided in the Book of Jasher, which both place Enoch's reign at 300 years from 3208 BCE to 2908 BCE we find that five major chronological systems from the Old World all had their Year One dates during Enoch's rule.  Recall that many historical traditional records claim Enoch was a chronologist as well as an architect.   The Maya Itza Temple of the Cross calendar began 3121 BCE and is only 7.5 years before the start-date for the controversial Mayan Long-Count calendar which was NEVER intended to end in 2012 CE.  My own work, Anunnaki Homeworld, was released by Book Tree in 2011 and in it I provided an entire explanation how it was mathematically impossible for the 13th baktun of 144,000 days to end in 2012 and that the entire 1,872,000 days of the Mayan calendar actually ends in 2046 CE....less that 28 years from today and coincidentally, of course, the same 2046 CE year that NIBIRU returns it was last seen as a Great Black Darkness by Europeans all over the northern hemisphere in the year 1314 CE.

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The Mayan calendars are not unique in the factoring of days instead of years by time-keeping systems of venerable antiquity.  The biblical researcher will remember that the "evening and the morning was the first day," that the book of Genesis mentions the most important duration of time as being the DAY in history before the Flood.  Histories were retold as "...the days of Seth," or " in the days of Noah."   In the days of Enoch it was the counting of days not years that was of paramount import.  This is also reflected in the ancient Vedic Kali Yuga calendar which had its Year One date at 3102 BCE.  Further, the Sumerian Etana history began 3100 BCE [2 years off from Vedic] and the Sumerian counting of days was passed down to us as shars, which represent two different units of time.  A Sumerian shar was a single turning, or a day, but the shar also signified a 120 year period.  This is another prominent number in the Genesis narrative concerning the Great Flood- how Noah was warned 120 years in advance.  The Sumerian King-Lists have separate histories for the Great Deluge that have caused so much confusian among academia.  Even Zechariah Sitchin made a gross error in this reckoning that severely crippled his research.

One record tells how the Anunnaki [Those Who From Heaven Came: Nephilim/ Fallen Ones/ Watchers] descended 432,000 shars before the Deluge, and this record is EXACT.  The Flood was 2239 BCE and I show in my books how 432,000 DAYS is precisely 1200 years of annual periods of 360 days each called Draconian Years.  Draco was the circumpolar constellation and Alpha Draconis [Eye of the Dragon] was the polestar that the stars revolved around because before the Flood the Vapor Canopy of the daytime was not in the sky at night as a cloud but as a clear magnifier of the heavens.  Antediluvian histories were all LUNAR and STELLAR systems of counting.  SOLAR years did not come into existence until the COLLAPSE of the vapor canopy which we know of as the Great Flood of 2239 BCE.

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The second shar system of the Sumerian King-List reads that the Anunnaki descended in the 10th shar before the Flood.  This too is true, for the Great Shar was 120 years, and 120x10 is 1200 years from 3439 BCE descent of the Anunnaki/Watchers to the 2239 BCE Flood cataclysm.  The antediluvian year in Genesis was 360 days and EVERY good biblical chronologist knows this because the Flood account specifically counts five months as 150 days, meaning 12 months before the Flood was 360 days.  Additionally, ALL the older calendars [Mayan, Sumerian, Vedic] maintained ages, epochs, periods and baktuns divisible NOT by 365 or 365.25 but only divisible by 360.   A catastrophe is the reason our annual duration is now 365.25 days.

Had people listened to me before 2012 they would have saved their money instead buying all that hype.

The fifth calendar concerns the mysterious Seven Kings before the Flood, all Anunnaki on the Sumerian King-List, who ruled five preflood cities in a dynasty or succession that endured 670 years until it was ended by the Great Deluge in 2239 BCE.  This means the dynasty started in 2909 BCE, also during the 300 year reign of Enoch according to Genesis and Jasher.

What we derive from this analysis is that the time-keeping systems of the world that began before the Deluge catastrophe all seem to align with Enoch's reign, who I have provided much evidence is the Sumerian ENKI, ancient Anunnaki rebel who was mankind's chief friend and benefactor often operating against his own people [Homo Anunna].  These calendars appear to align with Enoch's 108th year of rule.  The themes and concepts attached to these calendars concern World Ages and cataclysm.  That the Mayan Long-Count ends actually in 2046 CE we find that the Mayan Itza Temple of the Cross calendar ends in 2039 CE, and just may have originally intended to target 2040 CE return of the Phoenix Destroyer which throughout antiquity was represented in temples as a black sun with a cross over it.

A lot happened between 3895 BCE [Year One] and the year 1656 Annus Mundi [2239 BCE] when the Deluge disaster ended the preflood civilizations.

By two separate methods of calculation I have documented over and again throughout my works that the Flood cataclysm occurred in the 1656th year of the Old World's calendar, which translates in to out own reckoning as the year 2239 BCE.  Here's some more intriguing testimonies from antiquity and more recent times.

The ancient Jewish text Seder Olam of the 1st century CE dates the birth of Abraham at our 1947 BCE.  Later the chronologist Moses Maimonides of the 10th century CE also dated his birth at 1947 BCE.  Eliezer Shulman in his Sequence of Events in Old Testament has his birth at 1948 BCE.  Christian chronologist Stephen Jones in his The Secrets of Time used the biblical record, Books of Jubilees and Jasher and the Assyrian Eponyms and dated Abraham's birth at 1947 BCE.  These are only a few citations- enough to get to our point.  Over 19 centuries ago Flavius Josephus wrote in his monumental books that Abraham was "...born 292 years after the Flood."   Now, by simply adding 292 years to the 1947 BCE birth of Abraham we date the Flood according to Josephus' chronology at precisely 2239 BCE...or the year 1656 AM.  This analysis is of import because the dating of Abraham's [Vedic Brahma] birth identifies that Year One of the original uncorrupted Hebrew Calendar was 3895 BCE.  

You were asked to remember these numbers: 1656, 2239 and 3895 and this is why- The historical concepts and fragments concerning the Phoenix, the Great Pyramid, cycles of time, ancient calendars, Enoch and ENKI as antediluvian chronologists and architects, the Great Flood, prophecies of destruction and the Last Days are all woven together throughout ancient texts, traditions and mythology.  My own books and posts demonstrate that the Phoenix Object appeared in the year 3895 BCE and caused a poleshift that moved our planet's lithosphere causing a New Heavens and New Earth to appear as some landmasses went under the oceans and ocean beds dried to become new continents.  This was Year One of the Old World that began the 1656 year countdown to a second global Phoenix cataclysm known as the Flood in 2239 BCE.

That these same numbers appear in the rectilinear measurements of the Great Pyramid should not come as a surprise.  What is surprising is that they are found in the scientifically validated measurements of Sir Flinders Petrie that are endorsed by Egyptologists today.  The measurements of Petrie are published and can be verified by anyone.  These measurements were those also used by the famous engineer David Davidson.

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For those interested in the old scholarly controversy of the Pyramid Timeline Theory going back 150 years I provide an overview and a free book titled Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering on this site.  The theory lost weight because all those who supported it did so using unscientific measurements and arbitrary dating methods.  What you see below is a cross-section of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the actual scientific measurements showing that not only are 1656 [2239 BCE] and 3895 found in Sir Flinders Petrie's measurements, but these two findings are located in proximity to one another just as they were historically in space-time.   The interior of the Great Pyramid's arrangements is a holographic blueprint of timelines past and future as I've demonstrated in my posts and books.

nephilim archivesWhile I was excited by my discoveries I have to temper this with the revelation that these dates reinforce the findings of my published books that this same object anciently called Phoenix that destroyed whole hemispheres in 3895 and 2239 BCE will return in May of 2040...22 years from now.

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