Anunnaki Manipulation: Creating Historical Events Out of Nothing

Charles Fort had a theory almost a century ago that Earth was being watched, observed by intelligent overseers, that mankind was considered as property.  My research as published in several books seems to bear this out, none more than Descent of the Seven Kings where I detail and analyze the 600 year epochs of world history from 5239 BCE to 1962 CE that make up the Anunnaki NER Great Year Chronology.

In prior posts we have examined the 3439 BCE descent of the Watchers/Anunnaki  and the person of ENKI/Enoch that occurred 600 years after the appearance of the Moon to orbit the Earth, or Capture of Luna.  3439 BCE appearance of the Anunna was also 600 years before the birth of Noah and the 1st regnal year of a dynasty of Nephilim Kings over Egypt.  Noah's own birth was in the biblical narrative 600 years before the Great Flood of 2239 BCE, a Phoenix-caused cataclysm.  This disaster that largely depopulated the planet was 600 years before the death of Jacob in 1639 BCE and introduction of the Egyptian-Josephite peoples into the family of Israel (Hyksos Amorites).  Jacob (Israel) died 600 years before the 1039 BCE birth of David, the Nephilim-slayer, killer of Goliath and other Anakim-Philistine giants who became King of Israel.

That some of these events NEVER happened does not matter, that David was borrowed from a Canaanite epic about a giant-slayer does not make a difference.  That Noah was born at the beginning of a 600 year period and was still alive 600 years later when the Great Flood occurred, whether true or not, does not matter.  The veracity of these accounts has little to do with what is occurring.  The individual stories come from source materials from widely separated texts.  When studied and put into their chronologies they all fit perfectly within the 600-year framework.  How?  The dates were derived from different authors and chronological studies, the biblical narratives, Book of Jasher, Enochian can real and fictive events thousands of years after they are said to have occurred, be put together in a perfectly sequential timeline of 600-year intervals?

Everything we perceive in our reality is the echo of something actually thought of or implemented at a higher dimension.  Charles Fort was not wrong- we are owned.  Deceived.  Even our histories are manufactured because these designs are control mechanisms and that allow offworld manipulators to guide the flow of modern events.  The 600 year Anunnaki epochs are nodal points where religious programming is patterned, where actual governments are toppled and set backs designed so progress and development is impeded,  and where humanity experiences tragic exterminations, whole populations decimated that are at peace and show signs of impending progress.  Remember, our own modern technological, information-based civilization is less than 150 years old.  If our owners only have a 600-year window of opportunity to base their projections on our progress to keep us at Ground Zero Development then they must have a continuous stream of data from observation posts (many lunar craters are such devices) as well as Earth-based agents.

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The manipulation is ancient and quite revealing, demonstrating that (A) something wants to keep humans miseducated, ignorant and primitive,  often introducing accusations against Group B; (B) something seeks to be mankind's benefactor but has been severely demonized throughout history.  The Great Deluge story became the most prolific piece of propaganda ever.   All variations of the idea attribute the blame for the Great Flood on earth to MAN for his rebellions against God and because of the wicked children of the angels who taught humans forbidden secrets- all lies being the opposite of the truth.  The friendly Anunna who taught humans how to live were demonized by those Anunna seeking to keep mankind enslaved.  After the Deluge in 2239 BCE the slavery continued in the form of religious programming.  The priesthoods took the reins of public education and soon had all people believing they were born in sin.  History repeated itself when the spiritually free movements of Gnosticism were stamped out by the official Roman Church that continued to perpetuate a religious institution inducing men to blame themselves for their physical and spiritual plight.

The 600 year intervals are curious because of the events that transpired and how those events shaped the histories that followed.  Remember, our reality construct maintains the architecture of a hologram, events are not random but serve as reflections of prior events just as new events that unfold are actually ghosted reflections from a future already set in stone in the collective though we as individuals have great freedom to decide what, where we want to be.  This is better covered in my work, Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse.  The underlying theme of the 600 year Anunnaki NER date-events is that of religious programming, not any particular religion for they all have their use in population control.  The second theme evident is change of government.  The third is widespread depopulations.

Continuing into more relative history, 600 years after the 1039 BCE birth of David was 439 BCE when the Parthenon Temple atop the Acropolis at Athens completed, exactly 3000 years after the Anunnaki/Watchers descended in 3439 BCE.  1800 years after the Deluge in 2239 BCE and 1200 years after the death of Jacob in 1639 BCE, 600 years after the birth of David.   The Parthenon was adorned in fantastic reliefs of the War of the Titans and Giants with a depiction of Nereus, the ancient Achaean Noah who survived the Flood and whose Greek name preserved the Sumerian NER (=600) in NER-eus.  This temple was the center of the Greek world and was built to commemorate a goddess, Athena, who epitomized the Virgin [parthenonos is Virgin Chamber].  This concept was born in the Near East when virgins were placed in opulent temple bedrooms to entice gods to descend.

Moving another 600 years we arrive at 162 CE when a pandemic disease afflicted China for eleven years and spread throughout the east to the west infecting the Roman Empire for 16 years.   Entire provinces belonging to Rome were depopulated.  Amidst the massive loss of life the Han Dynasty fell initiating an Asian Dark Age that lasted over four centuries until the emergence of the Tang Dynasty.  (1)

last days-apocalypse-great pyramid-giza

Readers of my published works will know that 1902 was the end of the Cursed Earth system known in antiquity, a Phoenix calendar.  1902 CE began the Giza Course Countdown of pyramid levels to the final year when the Chief Cornerstone descends to finalize the monument, whatever or whomever this chief cornerstone is.  In 1902 a farmer plowing a field near La Majorra in the mountains of Veracruz State discovered the Tuxtla Statuette, later acquired by the Smithsonian Institute.  It was a squat, bullet-shaped headed human with a duck bill and wings covered in 75 Epi-Olmec glyphs.  Its own inscribed Long-Calendar date is March 162 CE which in 1902 made it the oldest Long-Count calendar found. (2)   Curious how this date of 162 CE marks a further end to an old culture that met a cataclysmic end toppling their civilization in 31 BCE at transit of Phoenix, now found in 1902 CE when Phoenix again transited bathing the planet in hundreds of millions of tons of red dust.  This is exactly what you would expect in a holofield.  Separate calendrical systems often intersect at key nodal points.

We move forward through history another 600 years.  The Observers find humanity rising in population levels but most of the world suffers in a widespread Dark Age.  Literacy is virtually nonexistent save for the quills of the priesthoods.  The year is 762 CE.   The Jewish Exilarch Solomon died, leader over foreign Jewish activities in Persia and throughout the Islamic world.  His hereditary successor, his nephew Anan ben David Hassini, was rejected by the elders who opted instead to install his younger brother Chanaya as Exilarch.  Anan fled to Palestine founding his own synagogue, calling upon Jews everywhere to abandon the corrupt Talmud and obey only the inspired Word of God in the Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy).  His sect became influential, known as the Karaites, or Followers of the Text, and Anan's view and teachings about Jesus was much more positive than the Talmudic one.  He urged Jews to resist the Rabbinate, for he thoroughly believed that the rabbis were modern Pharisees bents on propagating the traditions of men rather than the will of heaven. (3)    This Kairite movement still exists today.  This event of 762 CE caused a major rift in Judaism still extant today.  The value of such division between groups of the same faith is that it perpetuates the belief system by both groups supporting it but differing only in minor issues.  A control mechanism.

This year of 762 CE marked the first year of the Abbasid Dynasty in Baghdad.  The region of ancient Babylon, Baghdad is thoroughly planned out and would remain a Muslim center even today.

On the other side of the planet 762 CE marked an important event.    The Mayan conclave met at Copan to correct the calendar.  The skywatchers served as the culture's chronologists.   Altar Q at Copan depicts these 16 skywatchers.  The following year in 763 CE the decision of the Copan skywatchers was published on monuments throughout the realm of the Maya.(4)  Interestingly, 762 CE is the 6000th year of the Anunnaki NER chronology of 600 year epochs from its start in 5239 BCE.

Continuing along the 600 year periods we get to 1362 CE.    England, long under French influence, in this year began opening Parliament in English rather than in French and English began in the language of the law courts as well. (5)   This marks a major awakening among the English and French peoples as other nations in Europe begin to stir.  Global depopulations occurred from 1314 CE passage of NIBIRU on through 1348 CE when the Great Black Death plague run its course.  1362 CE marks the beginning of exploration and awareness, the foundation of Western Civilization of post-Dark Age antiquity.  In fact, in 1362 the Norse-Goth expedition of King Magnus of Norway surveyed North America and left behind the Kensington Stone inscription discovered in 1898 as proof of their presence across the interior.  (6)   This region later to become Canada and the United States of America.

The final 600 year epoch ends in 1962 CE but the events of that year require an entire post unto themselves.  If the Anunnaki NER Chronology of 600 year periods interest you, see even more data and chronological charts in Descent of the Seven King (released by Book Tree in Fall of 2017)

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1962 CE...The Final Year of Anunnaki NER Chronology

The 600 year Anunnaki NER Chronology throughout history has consistently visited upon us at those key nodal dates the themes of the Moon, of visitors from the Deep of space, of calendar systems and of religious programming. What exactly occurred in 5239 and 4639 BCE is purely conjectural, but the dates from 4039 BCE to 1962 CE, or 6000 years evenly, are not unknown. 1962 CE marks the end of the 600 year NER calendar of the Anunnaki so we should find that many events that transpired in this year directly reflect these same themes carried on through these epochs of human history.nephilim-anunnaki-jason breshears-great flood-preflood

1962 CE was the final year the astonishing underground cities of Turkey remained unknown and hidden. In 1963 the entrance to a vast subterranean metropolis called Derinkuyu was accidentally discovered, covering an estimated 2.5 square miles. It has between 18-20 underground levels though only 8 of them are open to the public. Advanced drainage, ventilation shafts have evidence of drilling- thousands of chambers to support a population between 100,000 and 200,000. Amazingly, underground tunnel systems connect Derinkuyu to other subterranean cities and a total of 36 such underworld cities have already been found by 2004. Derinkuyu is pre-Hittite, probably antediluvian or even PreAdamite (pre-4039 BCE) . Great planning was required and Andrew Collins theory is most plausible- these cities were designed by a population seeking protection from a coming force of nature, to avoid dying out in some foreseen cataclysmic episode. (1) In 1962 CE Arizona Cavalcade was published, written by Joseph Miller, which cites a 1909 Phoenix Gazette news article about the amazing discovery of a mysterious underground city complex in the Grand Canyon. (2) Underground facilities were built extensively at Giza in Egypt below the Great Pyramid but are closed off from pulic inspection today.

Such underground projects are not only on Earth. In 1962 CE meticulous observations of an anomalous bulge at the Martian equator by nine respected astronomers resulted with astrophysicist, Dr. E. J. Opik, concluding that such a bulge may be hollow, an artificial construction, like a shelter. (3) Vladimir Terziski, a Bulgarian-born engineer and physicist, claims there to be a joint U.S.-Russian base on Mars since 1962. Dr. Richard Boylan holds that we have had military bases on the Moon and Mars since 1962. (4) In 1962 CEs scientific examination of the Moon found that its interior was less dense than its interior; NASA scientist Gordon MacDonald concluded that " would seem that the Moon is more like a hollow than a homogenous sphere." (5) Jim Marrs quotes MIT's Sean C. Solomon concerning new findings by the lunar orbiter, "...indicating the frightening possibility that the Moon might be hollow." (Our Occult History p. 19) The hollow moon position was supported by Russian scientists Vasin and Shcherbakov, who claim that the Moon is not an artificial satillite but a hollowed-out planetoid fashioned by some advanced civilization. (6) In 1962 CE the U.S. landed Ranger 3 on the moon and John Glenn became first American to orbit the earth, doing it three times in a Mercury capsule called Friendship 7.

Radio telescopes in 1962 began detecting strong xrays coming from the Cygnus region of space, the Cygnus Rift, a great black tear in space. Scientists first detected solar wind in 1962 and on July 8th scientists detonated a megaton atomic weapon 248 miles above the earth. In 1962 the ultra secret Cheyenne Mountain Complex is completed near Colorado Springs, a massive underground facility with tunnel systems leading to other underground bases and underworld cities. Here, underneath the United States, the most intelligent people on the planet manufacture technologies unknown to the private sector. This is also the NORAD Command Center, the Air Force Space Command, the Space Defense Operations Center and the Air Defense Command. This complex provides a day to day picture of precisely what is in space and where it is located. (7) Many researchers are convinced that the Cheyenne Mountain underworld contains a whole human-extraterrestrial joint operations center.  1962 CE was first year of operations for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's Foreign Technology Division. (8) Since 1947 as the T-2 Intelligence of Air Material Command, it was at Wright-Patterson Field that U.S. scientists attempted to reverse-engineer the debris from the Roswell UFO crash. The Naval Ordnance Lab manufactured Nitinol from the "memory metal" in 1962, a titanium-nickel alloy. Titanium was not a human discovery, but developed from the 1947 Roswell debris. Researchers note that prior to 1947 CE there exist no government references to titanium. (9)

1962 CE began the Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind- abductions of unwilling humans for genetic experimentations, fetal extractions and implantation of tracking devices. In 1962 scientists discovered that Venus is hot and rotates in a retrogade motion, both facts predicted by Immanuel Velikovsky. (10) In 1962 Dr. Carl Sagan urged the scientific community at the American Rocket Society in November to reexamine ancient myths and traditions for evidence and clues that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial species in antiquity. (11) In 1962 CE Dr. James D. Watson and Francis Crick awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of the double-helix DNA construction. Crick holds that DNA is too complex and so perfect that it is not the result of evolution, that its origin lies elsewhere. DNA is alien. (12)

aliens-nephilim-anunnaki-last days-jason breshears

Many believe 1962 began a spiritual darkening over America, a curse on the nation. All those material blessings that made America supreme in the past began to wane- crude oil production, coal mining, steel manufacturing, pig iron production, nickel mining, aluminum and zinc, rubber, copper, lead, tin, bauxite, chromite, gold, electricity production. Merchant fleet tonnage diminished as did automobile production, as other nations began out-producing the United States. By 1966 the statistics were alarming, showing a rapid decline in all of these national resources productions. (13)  In 1962 CE U.S. Supreme court on a 6-1 decision ruled it unconstitutional to pray in public schools. (14) The Southern Baptists went the opposite extreme, overwhelmingly passing a resolution concerning absolute faith in the biblical records as the infallible Word of God. (15) Few biblical scholars are Southern Baptists. That much of the biblical material is of proven Babylonian,

Elamite, Egyptian, Ionian and Gnostic origin is ignored. Even the Vatican was feeling it in 1962. Rome held a council of 3000 men under Pope John XXIII to consider ways it can relate to the 20th century world. (16) By 1962 the Vatican was losing the battle against Protestantism concerning the making available of the Holy Writ to the public which Rome refused to do for centuries. In 1962 the Christian Gideon's Association celebrated its 50,000,000th freely distributed King James Bible in hotels and other public places. (17)

The year 1962 CE is the 6000th year since the Capture of Luna, or Moon, once an inhabited world, which was 144 years before 3895 BCE when the lithospheric displacement virtually created a new heavens and new earth as ocean beds dried becoming new landmasses after populated continents became oceans beds. The year 1962 CE is also 144 years before 2106 CE, which is the 6000th year from the poleshift of 3895 BCE which began Year One of the 1656 years before the Great Flood in 2239 BCE. The Revelation prophecy of the coming of a new heavens and new earth is precise, but NOT as the religionists believe. It will occur in 2106 CE...a population-eradicating poleshift.

If the Anunnaki, their ancient-to-modern 600 year epochs or Nibiru interests you, read Anunnaki Homeworld: Orbital History and 2046 AD Return of Planet Nibiru and its sequel containing even MORE data on Nibiru's past and future appearances found in Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse.  On the calendars and chronological histories of the Anunnaki, read Return of the Fallen Ones.

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