Dark Realities

We humans are trapped at the intersect between two inifinities...saturated by a seemingly infinite matrix of times and places, thoughts and feelings.  Something, or  someone, seeks that we live our lives blindly following the protocols laid out for us...that we stay asleep.  

The following information is for the minority, the enlightened 1%, the public majority are not ready for these revelations nor capable of processing the shocking evidences and proofs I document in my research- 

>  Material reality maintains observable and measureable properties   of a hologram; henceforth referred to as the holosphere

>  This holosphere maintains programming protocols designed to deceive human sense-perceptions

>  The holospheric matrix is imperfect; there are historic instances     when programming errors have occurred, when humans witnessed     these glitches and even when the actions of humans have induced a hurried correction in the holography

>  The holosphere is an advanced psi-based medium programmed to reflect back as phenomena what is projected into it

>  Projections altering, creating or continuing "reality" steadily feed the holospheric generation of personal and collective conditions

>  The holosphere is not  reality; it is a sentient biogram containment field quarantined away from the real Universe

>  There exist intelligences that can and do enter and exit this holofield,   even removing men and materials from the holosphere

>  The historical record exhibits evidence that humans are not the only victims of past holospheric imprisonment

>  Homo inferior breeds were created for slave labor by an Enemy that is still today trapped in this holography; their activity against mankind continues today but is governed (i.e. restricted)

>  The original holosphere was a DNA development preserve able to   generate complex biospheres to study the ancient and mysterious coding of DNA under controlled conditions; in the holosphere new life forms could not contaminate the real  Universe

>  The fossil record contains proof that explosions of life forms in the tens of thousands have appeared on earth suddenly with no traces of preexisting transitional forms

>  Homo inferior was later modified by a benefactor who deliberately committed the ultimate trespass; the introduction of the benefactor's own genetic material was a prohibited act of cross contamination between the holospheric containment area (our reality) and the real Universe that resulted in the creation of homo sapiens

>  The benefactor race, Homo Anunna {i.e.Anunnaki} were trapped in the holospheric medium because of the violation- the containment holography became locked down. With no escape out of the programming, the holosphere became home

>  Humans were not a part of the Original Design, our existence and   potential is a threat.  But this threat cannot be edited out due to a most unforseen development.  Immortal spirits from outside the containment apparatus have found freedom in residing inside humans as they are conceived

>  This new spiritual development of a prohibited sentient species has created a rift between opposing factions of Homo Anunna both inside and outside the containment field

>  The multidimensional spatial charactoristics of the holosphere are convincingly generated from multiple sources both outside and inside the holofield

>  Only after genetic manufacturing of homo sapiens did new  programming and subroutines infiltrate the biogram.  Mechanisms were set in place to depopulate humanity, to impede development, to deter the influx of uncontainable immortal souls

>  These cataclysm protocols occur at fixed dates; their timing is governed and therefore predictable. Despite earth's altered orbit, decelleration around the sun, the supposed loss of mass of intruder planets Phoenix, NIBIRU and the Dark Satillite, these objects have all been viewed in historical times on the very ancient fixed date timelines- ONLY AS PROGRAMMING could this precision be possible in linear time though the qualities of spatial properties have changed

>  The core programming of the exact past and future dates of the holofield's Cataclysm Protocols are encoded and easily seen in numerous rectilinear dimensions in the scientifically-verified measurements inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and in NO OTHER PYRAMIDS

>  Some of the oldest records in the world were written from the perspective of nonhuman beings who conveyed their accounts to humans who later committed them to writing

>  The holospheric containment apparatus is an interactive three-tiered mechanism of fantastically advanced technological hardware and biogram software operating from outside and inside the holosphere:

  1. a) observers outside the holofield manipulate the holography through nodal apertures disguised among the stellar canopy as variable stars.  These apertures between dimensions bathe earth with energy to create terrestrial phenomena.  Variable stars are rare, not even .01% of the visible luminaries are variable stars
  2. b) Governors are spread throughout the solar system that perform different functions, all disguised as lunar bodies, planetoids and astroids.  These immense vehicles are stations/ machines still performing according to fixed protocols though the advanced, ancient  civilization that constructed them may no longer exist; our Moon...one moon of Mars...planetoid Ceres...one moon of Jupiter...one moon of Saturn...the Phoenix Orbiter...the NIBIRU waystation...the Dark Satillite

>  The older Homo Anunna civilization trapped in this holography with homo sapiens currently reside in vast interconnected underground bases and Deep Earth Biospheres, complexes that antedate the existence of homo sapiens on the surface.  The vast amount of energy expended throughout antiquity to convince humans that "gods" came from the heavens and modern UFO culture are programs that serve to misdirect all attention to the thriving Homo Anunna civilization in our underworld.

The cosmological concept from distant antiquity of an inaccessible heavens above, a Middle Earth (Midgard) where humans dwelt on the surface, and an underworld that was home to fallen gods, the origin of today's Heaven, Earth and Hell model, ultimately derived from the historic understanding of the holospheric containment field's function of separating the Sol system from the rest of the Universe, where humans dwelt unprotected on the surface as an older, more advanced race occupied Deep Earth Biospheres, a fallen species unable to escape the holosphere.

The heavens lie...the beautiful stellasphere you behold in the night sky is a fantastically sophisticated holography of luminaries that when highly magnified turns out to be mere oscillating fields of light; a dome, an ancient shell preventing us from seeing the REAL universe beyond...almost NOTHING we have been taught about our planet is true.

My name is Jason.  I do not endeavor to pull the world from its slumber, to awaken souls that have served themselves only.  No, I seek to pluck a few from the mire so they can share the sight I now enjoy.  My research is unlike anything in the publishing industry.  So many popular authors- Andrew Collins, Robert Schoch, Robert Temple, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Colin Wilson and so many others-all building off one another's writings, adding to this architecture of ancient chronology pieces of their own construction.  For not one of these penetrating researchers to have made the astounding well-documented discoveries in my own books hints darkly that there is a pervasive veil of censorship over the topics of Giza chronometry, of the ancient alien weapons orbital platform called the Phoenix Object, of the true orbital chronology of the intruder planet Nibiru which maintains a fixed 792 year orbit, about the PROOFS of our holographic containment field surrounding Earth showing us a false heavens.  It is embarressing that these learned men have not themselves come to the obvious conclusions I have uncovered in the books I've had published.   This site, www.nephilimarchives.com, is packed with free material for you to begin your journey of discovery...to remove the veil.   

Jason M. Breshears is a researcher of occult antiquities. Seven of his published works are nonfiction with extensive bibliographies concerning fascinating information on ancient civilizations, cataclysms and the modern establishment's attempts to suppress these discoveries from the public today.

The Lost Scriptures of Giza (2006)

When the Sun Darkens (2009)

Anunnaki Homeworld (2011)

Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse (2013)

Secret to Changing Your Life (2017)

Giants on Ancient Earth (2017)

Arcane Secrets Our Scholars Conceal (2017)

Return of the Fallen Ones (scheduled September 2017)

fiction: The Oraclon Chronicles

Beyond Dagothar (2017)

The Cragly of Cindereach (2017)

Greric and the Witch of Dimwood (2017)

jason M. BreshearsJason M. Breshears



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