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Anunnaki Chronology

These posts concern mysterious visitors who arrived on our world in the 4th millennium BCE suddenly propelling Neolithic humans into a global maritime technolithic civil-ization and the calendar they employed later passed down to humans, as well as the ORBITS OF NIBIRU posts that detail the mechanism of their past arrivals.

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Phoenix Calendar

Phoenix Calendar posts convey the heavily censored data on the true nature of the Phoenix object that terrified the Early to Late Bronze Age peoples of the entire world, an object that was known in antiquity to have destroyed the earth on four separate occasions every 552 years.  This data can be found nowhere else in the world but Nephilim Archives.

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Pyramids of Giza

Nothing is so misrepresented and misunderstood about the ancient world than the purpose and function of the Great Pyramid of Giza, its age, architects and the global pyramid-building cultures that attempted to replicate it from the Far East to archaic America. These posts contain ORIGINAL materials not found in any other books, new data explaining what Giza is, who built it and why others desperately tried to copy it around the Old World.

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PreFlood World

PreFlood World posts catalogue hundreds of meticulously recorded facts about the civilizations that thrived before the Great Cataclysm known as the Flood.  Technolithic relics and architecture, lost cities, advanced sciences employed,  Anunnaki hybridization schemes manufacturing human racial types by designer-DNA, vapor canopy collapse...

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PostFlood World

PostFlood World posts examine the drastic alterations in continents, sea levels, human cultures, ancient knowledges and records that occurred after humanity began repopulating the planet after the Great Cataclysm of 2239 BCE, the rise of China, Sumer, Elam, Harappa, Egypt, Urumbamba of South America and the giants among them

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Nephilim Archives

Nephilim Archives contains rare, unusual and more indepth studies on the nephilim and a variety of other topics.  These archives are in defiance of everything we've been taught, containing the chronologically-ordered findings of world history from 5239 BCE to today, thousands of amazing documented facts and NOT one fact gleaned from an internet source

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Arcanum Bookstore

Arcanum Bookstore provides not only those works by Breshears published by Book Tree of San Diego, but also other nephilim and occult antiquities publications that contribute to our understanding of the Anunnaki, the Phoenix chronology, the orbit of NIBIRU, the worlds before and after the Great Cataclysm, the existence of technology and giants in the Old World...

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World Chronology Charts

World Chronology Charts personally illustrated by Breshears are well-supported with bibliographic sources demonstrating that these incredible chronological timelines are not products of the imagination, that cycles and epicycles from distant antiquity have continued even until today...that events of old were predicted to occur again and with great accuracy...


Chronotecture Charts

Chronotecture is a forgotten science, one used in the architecural features of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, in the geometry of Stonehenge and a few other antediluvian relic sites around the world.  Many have published theories regarding this and fell short of evidence, guided more by intuition.  Breshears resurrects this theory with solid proofs...

Here are only some of the subjects covered in Nephilim Archives: secrets of Cro-Magnon sophistication...poleshift destruction 3895 BCE...common origin of world's oldest calendars...ancient records of the Great Cataclysm...intruder planets...Dark Star (Nemesis) Theory...global depopulation in Early Bronze Archaic and again in Late Bronze Age...cities older than the Mediterranean and Black Seas...the 25 Year Winter of 1687-1662 BCE that depopulated the world...Ogygian Deluge of North America in 1687 BCE...sea-going ships entombed in mountains...the Seven Kings of the preflood world...the Ten King Dynasty of antediluvian history...Anunnaki Contact Period I 3439-2647 BCE...Technolithic Period...Abandonment & Shock Period 2647-2239 BCE...Anunnaki-human hybrid peoples...Heliolithic Maritime Empire of the Builders...Cambrian Explosion anomalies...the capture of Luna...mystery of the megafauna...Hunter King & Shepherd King Dynasties...the Children of the Sun, a race of miracle-workers...Civilization X...correcting Atlantis disinformation...nephilim relics & remains...underground & lost cities...the hollow Moon...nuclear destruction of ancient Bronze Age cities...scientific nature of Gnostic records...secrets of the Coffin Texts, Pyramid Texts, Book of the Dead, hieroglyphics, the Sphinx & the Great Pyramid...Sumerian identity of earliest Egyptian kings ...identity of Enoch as the Sumerian ENKI...mysteries of the Valley, Sphinx and Osireion temples and so much more...
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