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The materials offered in Nephilim Archives are for those unafraid of the dark, who want the truth undiluted, direct.  The ancient past, behind-the-scenes happenings throughout all time periods, censored histories, the academic cover-ups,  real facts about race, religion, subversive societies and even  psi-based predictive  systems of analysis by which future events can be known beforehand are uncovered and explained. 

The publishing world is filled with books on ancient mysteries all citing the same sources and rehashing the same topics.  Breshears' research is deeper and penetrates through the layers of deception and unveils whole new concepts and discoveries about the ancient world, its people, beliefs, civilizations and the catastrophes that ended them.

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Jason M. Breshears
jason breshears

Mysteries of the Old World

PreFlood World research catalogues hundreds of meticulously recorded facts about the civilizations that thrived before the Great Cataclysm commonly known as the Flood.  Technolithic relics and architecture, lost cities, advanced sciences employed,  Anunnaki hybridization schemes manufacturing human racial types by designer-DNA, vapor canopy collapse...Here's an example of what's found in Breshears' books-

The Great Flood: Ancient & Modern Science on the Phoenix Cataclysm

Forgotten histories unearthed

PostFlood World research examines the drastic alterations in continents, sea levels, human cultures, ancient knowledges and records that occurred after humanity began repopulating the planet after the Great Cataclysm of 2239 BCE, the rise of China, Sumer, Elam, Harappa, Egypt, Urumbamba of South America and the giants among them...Here's an example of what's found in Breshears' books-

Mysteries of Easter Island & the Flood of Ogyges 1687 BCE

Annals of Homo Anunna

Anunnaki Chronology: This research concerns mysterious visitors who arrived on our world in the 4th millennium BCE suddenly propelling Neolithic humans into a global maritime technolithic civil-ization and the calendar they employed later passed down to humans, as well as the ORBITS OF NIBIRU posts that detail the mechanism of their past arrivals...Here's an example of what's found in Breshears' books-

6000 Years of Anunnaki NER Epochs of 600 Years Each to 1962 CE

An extinct intruder world...

As early as the year 1900 the identity of the planetary object Nibiru has been a matter of debate.  Zechariah Sitchin did not invent Nibiru and the writings in the British Museum demonstrate the confusion of scholars trying to identify this object in published writings at the turn of the century over 116 years ago.  Breshears demonstrates that this object has a 792 year orbit and will return in November 2046.  Here's an example of what's found in Breshears' books-

Anunnaki Historical Epochs & Gamma Ray Bursts of Nibiru

Strange non-lunar eclipses & quakes

Phoenix Calendar research conveys the heavily censored data on the true nature of the Phoenix object that terrified the Early to Late Bronze Age peoples of the entire world, an object that was known in antiquity to have destroyed the earth on four separate occasions every 552 years.  This data can be found NOWHERE else in the world but in the writings of Breshears, a profound 138 year orbital chronology of an object that terrified the ancients.  Here's an example-

From Thales of Greece to the Olmecs of Ancient America: Phoenix Disasters

Holography in stone...

Pyramids of Giza: Nothing is so misrepresented and misunderstood about the ancient world than the purpose and function of the Great Pyramid of Giza, its age, architects and the global pyramid-building cultures that attempted to replicate it from the Far East to archaic America. Breshears' research contains ORIGINAL materials not found in any other books, new data explaining what Giza is, who built it and why others desperately tried to copy it around the Old World.  Here's an example of what's in Breshears' books-

The Giza Deception & Sphinx Enigma...Architectural Misdirection of Anunnaki

Homo sapiens are not from this world

The antiquity of the human family may go back hundreds of thousands of years on some other planet, but not on this world.  Hominids, neanderthal, cro-magnon, homo gigantea breeds, negroid, mongolid and caucasoid populations all suddenly appeared but at different time periods.  Our history is harrowing and inextricably entwined with an alien presence on this planet that may be far older than humans.   Here's an example of what's found in Breshears' books-

Mysterious Origin and Fate of the Cro-Magnon People: Tragedy of Homo Anunna

Detailed World Chronology Charts

World Chronology Charts personally illustrated by Breshears are well-supported with bibliographic sources demonstrating that these incredible chronological timelines are not products of the imagination, that cycles and epicycles from distant antiquity have continued even until today...that events of old were predicted to occur again and with great accuracy...Breshears' books are packed with many different chronological charts.  Here are some examples-

Examples of amazing chronology charts

Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering

Since 1859 books have been published attempting to demonstrate that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was a monumental calendar in stone containing chronological measurements concerning major events in Earth history.  Using the scientifically-endorsed measurements of Sir Flinders Petrie accepted today by Egyptologists, Breshears corrects the mistakes of those who were before him and PROVES they were right. See the 70 chronometry charts in the book Chronotecture in Chronicon Files.


Nephilim Archives contains rare, unusual and more indepth studies on the nephilim and a variety of other topics.  These archives are in defiance of everything we've been taught, containing the chronologically-ordered findings of world history from 5239 BCE to today, thousands of amazing documented facts and NOT one fact gleaned from an internet source.

Here are only some of the subjects covered in Breshears' books: secrets of Cro-Magnon sophistication...poleshift destruction 3895 BCE...common origin of world's oldest calendars...ancient records of the Great Cataclysm...intruder planets...Dark Star (Nemesis) depopulation in Early Bronze Archaic and again in Late Bronze Age...cities older than the Mediterranean and Black Seas...the 25 Year Winter of 1687-1662 BCE that depopulated the world...Ogygian Deluge of North America in 1687 BCE...sea-going ships entombed in mountains...the Seven Kings of the preflood world...the Ten King Dynasty of antediluvian history...Anunnaki Contact Period I 3439-2647 BCE...Technolithic Period...Abandonment & Shock Period 2647-2239 BCE...Anunnaki-human hybrid peoples...Heliolithic Maritime Empire of the Builders...Cambrian Explosion anomalies...the capture of Luna...mystery of the megafauna...Hunter King & Shepherd King Dynasties...the Children of the Sun, a race of miracle-workers...Civilization X...correcting Atlantis disinformation...nephilim relics & remains...underground & lost cities...the hollow Moon...nuclear destruction of ancient Bronze Age cities...scientific nature of Gnostic records...secrets of the Coffin Texts, Pyramid Texts, Book of the Dead, hieroglyphics, the Sphinx & the Great Pyramid...Sumerian identity of earliest Egyptian kings ...identity of Enoch as the Sumerian ENKI...mysteries of the Valley, Sphinx and Osireion temples, the holographic nature of reality and so much more...

It is unfortunate that as real chance finds are made of gigantic human and humanoid remains around the world, the Establishment infrastructure buries the discoveries in litigation, confiscates relics using municipal laws, cries fraud using professionals or paid lackeys and even manufactures hoaxed "discoveries" to later deliberately discredit the true finds.  But Breshears avoids this trap by sticking to the historical facts and verified archeological remains that PROVE that several races of giants occupied this planet and at different time periods.

Jason M. Breshears is a researcher of occult antiquities.  Seven of his published works are nonfiction with extensive bibliographies concerning fascinating information on ancient civilizations, cataclysms and the modern establishment's attempts to suppress these discoveries from the public today.

The Lost Scriptures of Giza (2006)

When the Sun Darkens (2009)

Anunnaki Homeworld (2011)

Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse (2013)

Awaken the Immortal Within  (2017)

Giants on Ancient Earth (2017)

Shocking Secrets of Antiquity (2017)

Return of the Fallen Ones (2017)

fiction: The Oraclon Chronicles

Dark Tales of Dagothar (2017)

Uprising (2017)


jason M. Breshears
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We are more than we suppose ourselves to be...wake up and live

Living in the same world does not mean we all exist in the same universe.  Some people move beyond the rhythm of the mundane as if attuned to a whole separate reality where things always go right.  Even when they experience setbacks they are temporary lulls from which they then derive even greater benefit.  These people have awakened the immortal within.

This short, deeply poetic, darkly philosophical book was designed to read in one sitting.  Explosive with revelations that will shock you into paying attention, the author unveils how our beliefs create barriers separating us from the very things we want.   What we hold to be true are the very reasons why we rarely receive in life our innermost desires, and the author leads us on  a tour through reality unlike anything you have ever read, showing us what is wrong and how we fix it.

Iconoclastic, masterfully positing the weaknesses of both religionist and scientific positions, the author shows us how to reprogram our lives to Awaken the Immortal Within.

NEW book released in October by book tree of san diego.

Return of the Fallen Ones is a MUST read for anyone wanting to know the true histories of our world and how they relate to a fast-approaching and very dark future.

This book focuses on the little-known events and calendars that have their origin during a preCataclysm era, a world very different than our own, a time referred to by some as the Antediluvian World.

NO OTHER BOOK can be found that so amazingly documents the history of this vague time period.  A masterpiece of investigation filled with new finds, new revelations, new concepts and a totally new understanding of human antiquity.



318 pages packed with astonishing discoveries & reports citing over 2,000 references from over 260 sources available in ebook or print

Deception of Academia Intended...

Over 400 pages...There isn't another book on the market that unveils so much about the enigmas of the Ancient World than Shocking Secrets of Antiquity.  In this packed work citing over 260 sources we discover the mysteries of fossilized jellyfish, fate of the Cro-Magnon people, records and visitations of intruder planets, the capture of Luna and the Pre-Lunar World, the antediluvian memories of a Prior Creation, ancient accounts of the first appearance of Caucasians that shocked the preFlood races, the descent of the Anunna and their amazing technolithic engineering sciences, the Gihon Flood in the days of Enoch, Enoch's reign and identity as the Sumerian Enki, the Nephilim Dynasty, archaic Bronze Age race wars, the true chronology of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the facts that prove it to be the most unique monument on this planet.

Breshears expounds like no other on the origin of the Goddess religions, the Seven Anunnaki Kings, the Old World calendars so misunderstood today, about the holographic nature of reality and the beings capable of entering and exiting this holography, that our world is an ancient prison, facts about the Great Deluge cataclysm that ended the entire global Early Bronze Age and the later Flood of Ogyges that collapsed the Middle Bronze Age world.  He reveals the advanced secrets of the Zodiac, shows the history of the Phoenix Object, an ancient orbiting weapons platform specifically programmed to depopulate humanity at fixed times.  The Anunnaki Great Year of 600 year epochs is explained, amazing discoveries of gigantic human remains, the astonishing Serpent Code in the Bible, explains brilliantly on the mechanics of predictive systems of analysis and ends this incredible work with a breathtaking glimpse into the poison of religious programming and the hidden power within every human that is just waiting to be unleashed.  If you don't want to search for all this material, here it is in one big book and completely organized- Mickey Nicholson, Acquisitions Consultant,

Scholars bury more than they exhume...

giants on ancient earth

An In-Depth Study on the Nephilim

The records of the Old World excavated from the Near East to the western shores of ancient South America are filled with obscure references to a race of giants. Even most biblical scholars are unaware of the over 80 references to giants found in the books of the Old Testament just as historians have overlooked the hundreds of references to gigantic people mentioned by ancient chronographers. The greatest common denominator in the pages of the world's oldest epic texts concern giants. Enormous humanoid skeletons have been unearthed in the past and today, huge weapons and megalithic architecture explainable only by the presence of historic giants. This race in Genesis is called the Nephilim and this stunning research delves deeper into the mysteries of the giants than any other known work on the subject.  Paperback edition is 354 pages, the ebook about the same.

Egypt's Technolithic Secrets...

A PreCataclysm Monument

Startling new revelations and discoveries in this amazing book reveal that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was the first pyramid ever erected, and centuries before a predicted catastrophe.  After this global destruction survivors built pyramids everywhere but none replicated the upper gallery, tunnels and chambers because these were sealed and unknown.  This new research shows that Enoch (ENKI) was the architect of the structure, that the biblical record refers to the Great Pyramid complex, that new discoveries reveal that Abraham visited the Giza site, that the earliest Egyptians excavated the Great Pyramid out of the desert sands not knowing what it was, that the whole Giza Complex was beneath the Mediterranean Sea for centuries, why the Sphinx appears older than the pyramids but is not, historical texts unveiling that the Great Pyramid was specifically designed to survive a cataclysm and preserve knowledge. This book contains new information not found anywhere else. 

The Phoenix Object is ancient...

Over two thousand years ago an ancient body of knowledge concerning an object referred to as the Phoenix was the hot topic of discussion in the halls of Alexandria.  Records from all over the known world were searched and naturalists put together an astounding record of this strange object's historical appearances and the world disasters that occurred when it was seen in the sky.  This book contains totally original research documenting the 138 year orbit of the Phoenix, the devastating Phoenix Cycle (4 orbits) of 552 years, how ancient chronographers used Phoenix appearances as calendrical markers and the stunning associations between this object of destruction and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Homo Anunna AKA Anunnaki

This book is a fully illustrated, astounding testament to the ancient world's knowledge of a broken intruder planet that visits our inner solar system every 792 years.  NIBIRU.  Breshears again stuns us with incredible evidence and facts demonstrating that the Great Pyramid served a calendrical purpose linked to CYCLES OF WORLD DESTRUCTION, that Stonehenge was not a temple, what the secret messages are of the mysterious crop circle formations, how entire human historical periods was specifically due to the repeated appearances of two distinct yet connected intruder worlds that visit our Sol system from the extinct Nemesis system, our ancient lost binary.  Nothing in print on the Anunnaki or NIBIRU compares to this work's precision and layout, not even Sitchin dared to be so detail-specific.  Breshears predicted that the Mayan Long-Count did NOT end in 2012, that the scholars had miscalculated, totally misunderstanding the Mayan system and how the Mayan calendar actually ends in 2046 with the return of NIBIRU.  Thus far Breshears was right.

Nostradamus code is astonishing...

Breshears continues to amaze us with completely new pieces of evidence, proofs and citations from old texts concerning both intruder planets, Phoenix and NIBIRU, demonstrating that they were both known to the ancients and feared.  Here is also documented numerous citations from the prophecies of Nostradamus that the return of both Phoenix and NIBIRU are scheduled to occur in May 2040 and in 2046.  Book also contains a fascinating World Chronology outlining all the historic visitations of Phoenix and NIBIRU. This book is the perfect addition to Breshears' prior works, When the Sun Darkens about Phoenix and Anunnaki Homeworld concerning NIBIRU.